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by Pete Wightman




Saturday September 16th saw 67 members send 1026 birds to the penultimate race of the 2017 season, from Blandford. At this time of year, the best feathered; fit; healthy; and in form birds always come to the front, and the light NNW wind gave them no problems at all. A lot of the youngsters have now started their moult; even those on the darkness had started shedding the smaller body feathers, and those from around their heads. There’s no doubt those lofts that have their birds on the light system after the darkness are benefiting?               

The birds were released at 09-45 in a light NNW wind, so basically a head wind out of Blandford, no help to the birds at all. Three lofts dominated the result, with Elmore & Smith; Rob Horton and Jim Parker & Son taking 18 out of the top 20 positions. When one looks at results from around the UK, this is a common occurrence, inform lofts taking multiple prizes.

A kit of 7 got their heads down to lead the convoy home; congratulations to Elmore & Smith of the Birch Coppice club in Tamworth, Alan & Dean took 1st; 3rd; 8th; 9th; and 10th fed on 1301.9; 1301.56; 1289.8; 1289.7(2). Their winner was a Sticker Donckers hen, bred by Ant Arnold out of his top pair. This hen was purchased at the club’s breeder buyer sale, but Alan didn’t send her to the breeder buyer race as his ybs had suffered a bout of yb sickness, although they were through it when the race was held, Alan didn’t want to risk sending, waiting for his birds to recover fully, a wise decision, that paid off. Alans’ next arrival was a Hereman Cuester cock, followed by the trio that included two of the birder lofts Stefaan Lambrechts


Rob Horton, also of Birch Coppice, is trying his hardest to top the sheet, this week he takes 2nd; 4th; 5th; 6th; and 7th on 1301.7; 1301.51; 1301.2; 1301.1; 1299; timing his 5 birds in 15 seconds. Rob is racing the Van Den Bulk and Lambrechts. Rob had another in 16th spot on 1280.


Another marvellous performance from the Winshill Lofts of Jim and Matt Parker, flying 16 miles further than the fed topper, and nearly 14 miles further than the runner up, they had seven birds in 90 seconds, the first five at Stretton in 17 seconds. Their Wall, Lunt and Green based Drapa and Heremans taking 11th; 12th; 13th; 14th; 15th; 17th ; and 18th fed on 1288(3); 1287; 1286; 1279; 1278.

Completing the top 20 and worthy of a mention are the two birds to Mr & Mrs John Dowds loft in Heanor, flying over 32 miles further than the fed topper, they took 19th and 20th fed on 1275; 1274.

Around the clubs,

At Stretton, 7 sent 109 and Jim and Matt Parker swept the board, their first four on 1288.9(2); 1288.7; 1287; joint first were a CWL Drapa x Heremans cock, a son off “Thor and Shelby”; and a Macaloney x CWL cock, the sire is inbred to Macaloneys “Dream Pair”, the dam was bred by Derek Flowers and is a granddaughter of “Grey Gem”. Third over the pad was a CWL Drapa x Heremans hen, sister to the winner, then the nestmate to the Macaloney joint winner.

At Birch Coppice, 7 sent 117 and Elmore & Smith and Rob Horton had a right ding dong, taking all the top positions between them. Elmore & Smith came out on top taking 1st & 3rd on 1301.9 and 1301.5, the winner an Ant Arnold bred Stickers Donckers hen, closely followed by a Cuester cock.  Rob Horton took 2nd, 4th; on 1301.7 and 1301.2; and had three more on their tails. This kit of seven were the federation leaders.

At winshill, 4 sent 44 and Jim and Matt Parker took 1st; 2nd and 4th on 1279; 1237; 1194. The winner a CWL Drapa cock out of a grandson of “Grey Gem” and a daughter of “Thor”. Runner up was a CWL Drapa x Heremans hen, a granddaughter of “Grey Gem” and “Thor and Shelby”. Their third was another CWL Drapa x Heremans, this one a grandson of “Miss Magic” and “Thor and Shelby”.  Jim Ottewell was 3rd on 1195 with a red Camphius hen.

Over at Hill Ridware, 4 sent 107 and Mr & Mrs Ken Lycett took the first 6, the winner on 1199 was a niece of champion “Eddy”; runner up was bred by the Gordon Bros, the top Northern Ireland loft. She is a Thijs Peters bird, she is a previous winner of 11th fed and her nestmate has a 2nd fed under his belt. Their third bird was a grandchild of “Portland Bill” their old renowned Vandenabeele family and the fourth off “Eddy” and “Portland Bill” lines.

Into Derby now, at Osmaston Park, 6 sent 79 and John & Steve Hicks took 1st and 2nd on 1245; 1228. Stan & H.W. Hall were 3rd & 4th on 1217(2).

At Etwall, 6 sent 79 and Alan Peach has a great day taking 1st; 3rd; and 4th on 1189 with a Tony Whitehurst Ceuleman that was 2nd club the week previous, then two John Stretton Jansennes on 1177; 1168. Dave Williams & Son were runners up on 1182.

At Tutbury, Pete & Jackie Cox were 1st; 2nd; and 4th on 1227; 1192; 1153; with their blend of Ann Smith Vandenabeeles, Alan Brassington and John Sheasby lines. Ronnie Van De Dakin was 3rd on 1163.   In the club’s breeder buyer, Pete & Jackie Cox had the winner with one bred by John Sheasby. Runner up was Mark Lester with one bred by Mick Sale, and Ronnie Dakin took 3rd with his own bird.

Into South Derbyshire, at The Nelson, 4 sent 63 and Trevor & Gary Collins took 1st; 2nd; and 4th on 1190; 1179.7; 1177. Davis, Wright & Sons were 3rd on 1179.6

At Swadlincote Town, 6 sent 64 and Trevor & Gary Collins took top spot on 1200. C.Murfin was 2nd & 3rd on 1188; 1179; and Davis, Wright & Sons were 4th on 1169.                               





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