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By Pete Wightman



Saturday August 26th saw 95 members send 1891 birds to the first of two Frome races, with low cloud present early morning, then awaiting our turn to cut the strings, the liberation took place at 11-45 into a light West wind, here in Burton when the birds homed the wind was a light WNW. It was a lovely race for our ybs, no doubt glad to see the strong West winds abate; it was no surprise to see the Tamworth lofts come to the front, with the touch of North in the wind when the birds reached home.

Congratulations to John Gilbert of Dordon who flies with the Birch Coppice Club, John timed in a red cock to record 1494 and top the fed, this cock was bred by his friend P.Whale and apparently goes back to John’s old Wildemeersch family?  

John Gilbert

Clubmate Rob Horton took 2nd; 6th; 7th; and 8th fed on 1483; 1468(2) and 1467.  Mr & Mrs John Passey & Family of Appleby Magna took 3rd and 4th fed on 1480(2); no doubt their Geoff Kirkland stock?

Rob Horton

Fed Secretaries Graham and Eleanor Evans have been flying a good bird of late, this week they took 5th fed on 1473 with their winner at Castle Gresley. Mick Harvey & Son took 9th; 10th; 11th; and 12th Fed on 1465(2); 1463; 1460; with their first three miners birds then their winner at the Nelson.

Mick & Neil Harvey


Around the clubs,

Starting at Stretton, where 11 sent 197, and Alan Brassington took the red card on 1414 with a De Meyer x Franz Zwols cock. Tony & Diane Green were runners up on 1402, sire a Tony Mccomish Joop Merck x Hofken, dam off Peter Fox x John Stretton stock. Ray & Jean Grimsdell took 3rd & 4th on 1401; 1400, the first off a Trevor Collins & Son Soontjen x Willy Thas, the second off Brian Denney x Neuleman stock.

At Birch Coppice,7 sent 142 and John Gilbert took top spot with the fed topper on 1494, his timer was a red cock bred by his friend P. Whale, John also won the clubs breeder buyer 4 days earlier with another bred by P.Whale, I believe these birds go back to Johns’ old Wildie family, but I can’t remember John having any red Wildies? Rob Horton took the next three spots on 1483; 1468(2), no details to hand, but rob has some good Van Den Bulks and Lambrechts.

At Etwall, 10 sent 153 and Tony & June Whitehurst make it a hat trick of wins, taking the first three on 1445 (3) with their Eric Ceulemans. Alan Peach was 4th on 1405 with an Ian Axe Delbar.

At Winshill, 6 sent 95 and Jim & Matt Parker took the first four on 1449; 1423; 1374; 1372; all CWL Drapa x Heremans. 1st; 2nd; and 4th all grand children of “Thor” and “Shelby”, the third was a daughter of “Thor” and “Shelby”.

Into South Derbyshire now, at The Nelson, Mick & Neil Harvey were 1st; 2nd & 4th on 1460; 1436; 1414;  the winner off a son off Mick, Jo and Kevin Gaunts RPRA winner who was 2nd MNFC Bordeaux, when paired to a grand daughter off “Max”. Runner up was off a Steve Foster Lambrecht when paired to a grand daughter of “Corky”. Mr & Mrs Trevor Collins & Son were 3rd on 1436 with a Lambrecht x Cuester.

At Swadlincote Town, Trevor & Gary Collins took the first three on 1436; 1406; 1396; the winner a blue pied hen bred by Mickey Lennon and purchased at the clubs prize presentation night. Runner up was a Lambrecht x De Meyer, and third was off their syndicate loft stock.  T & D Fearn was 4th on 1394 with “Pip Squeak” a “Broken Wing” x Vandenabeele x Van Reet cock.

At The Miners Arms, Mick and Neil Harvey took the top four on 1465 (2); 1463; 1435.

Over at Hill Ridware, 8 sent 164 and Mason & Jones had their team on form, Rich and Gordie took the first three on 1458, 1457 (2) and took 7 out of the top 8. The winner bred by Steve Pric of Stourport on Severn, and she is a grand daughter of “Aviator”, “Aviator” is owned by Mike Ganus in the U.S.A. and cost him £75,000 when bought from Peter Fox. The mother off the winner is out of Steve’s best Soontjen hen. The next two were nestmates, bred by Graham Jones from the North East out of a pair of Pieter Veenstra x Mark Vink. Mr & Mrs Jim Whitehouse & Sons were 4th on 1453 with one out of John Sheasby’s “One Eyed Cock” x Mark Cauldwell Van Reet.

At Osmaston Park, 10 sent 141 and Dave Waddington was 1st & 2nd on 1457; 1453.16, the winner a red cock, runner up a black pied cock, wonder if there’s some Lambrecht bloodlines there? Dave Glew was 3rd on 1453.13 and Stan Hall 4th on 1440.

At Tutbury, 4 sent 81 and Pete & Jackie Cox took the first four on 1422; 1384; 1376; 1367; with their mix of Ann Smith Vandenabeeles and Alan Brassington stock.





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