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by Pete Wightman




Saturday August 5th saw 60 members send 1145 birds to the second Cheltenham race of the yb programme. to avoid the poor weather including thunderstorms, the birds were released at 08-00 into a light w.s.w. wind, veering more westerly en route. returns were excellent, so well done to Alan Smith and alys for getting the birds away nice and early.

Congratulations to Mick Stone of the Ormiston Park club in Derby, Mick took 1st fed on 1551 with a blue cock, no details but I know mick has been flying really well with the Eric Ceuleman strain, well done Mick, not only on topping the fed, but also on an excellent season. fed secretaries Graham and Eleanor Evans were runners up on 1548 with their winner at castle Gresley, a blue hen.       

Mick Stone


Graham Evans


Alan and Liz Houldsworth of the Etwall club have started their yb season off in terrific style, this week saw them take 5 positions in the fed top twenty, they were 3rd and 4th on 1541; 1540; and had three more in 17th; 18th; and 20th spots. their first two were both cocks, the first a Lambrecht x Rob Pearson Ceuster, then a Rob Pearson, Ceuster another derby loft with their y.b team in tip top form is that of Mr & Mrs Paul Todd of Oakwood, flying at the brackens, they took 5th; 9th; 12th; 13th; and 14th fed on 1539.8; 1538.1; 1534(2) and 1533. John Gilbert of Birch Coppice was 6th and 7th fed on 1539.7; 1538.4; the first a Wildie cock, then a Wildie x Lambrech cock.  Completing the fed top ten were Mr & Mrs John Passey & family of Appleby Magna, they took 8th; 10th; & 11th spots on 1538.3; 1537 (2). Typical y.b result really, dominated by a few lofts, four lofts took 16 of the top 20 prizes, and with the westerly wind, all on the east side of the fed.  the weather patterns are changing, but we can never seem to move the wind out of the west when it comes to the y.b season?

Around the clubs,

results are a bit sparse, and more so details!!

At Stretton, 7 sent 126 and Alan Brassington took 1st & 4th on 1498; 1415.1; the winner a grandson off “Premium Bond” followed by a de Meyer hen. Ray & Jean Grimsdell were 2nd & 3rd on 1420; 1415.4.

At Birch Coppice, 3 sent 69 and John Gilbert took the first three, the winner on 1539 a Wildie cock, followed by two Wildie x Lambrecht cocks on 1538; 1528. Gerald Thorpe was 4th on 1372 with an Elmore & Smith, Ceuster.

At Winshill, 4 sent 62 and Jim Parker & Son took the first three on 1475; 1472; 1372; the winner a Janssen x Heremans cock, then a CWL x Drapa cock and a CWL x Drapa x Heremans cock. Andy Wood was 4th on 1333 with a Wall, Lunt and Green cock.

At The Miners Arms, Hoogendyk & Parker took the first four, Martin and Chris’ winner on 1512 was a Kirkland x de Vadder hen, followed by a Vandenabeele cock on 1507, this cock was also 2nd out of Cheltenham (1). a van den Bosche x Janssen cock took 3rd on 1502 and a van den Bosche x Hereman Ceuster hen 4th on 1434.

At Osmaston Park, 10 sent 188 and Mick Stone took 1st & 4th on 1551; 1510. Dave Glew was runner up on 1523 and Dave Waddington was 3rd on 1515.

At Tutbury, 4 sent 84 and Pete & Jackie Cox took the first 6, the best four on 1411; 1361; 1339; 1338.

At Hill ridware, 7 sent 134 and Mr & Mrs Jim Whitehouse & Sons were 1st and 2nd on 1436.1(2), the winner was bred by Alan Brassington out of his good cock “Wendy”, this y.b was purchased at the federation breeder buyer. runner up was a Staf van Reet out of John Sheasbys “One Eyed Cock” x with a Mark Cauldwell hen.                          Walker & Waite were 3rd & 4th on 1427; 1423; their first a Vandenabeele x Janssen. the Vandenabeele comes from Jack Walker of Cannock out of a son of “Golan Jakk 11”, who is a grandson of the “Super Couple”. the Janssen comes from their I & B Jones stock. their second bird was a Vandenbrouke x Vandenabeele; he was also 4th out of Cheltenham (1). the sire from I & B Jones, the dam off Jack Walkers Golden Gabby “Eisenhower” lines.

At Etwall, 9 sent 156 and Mr & Mrs Alan Houldsworth took the first 7, their best on 1541; 1540; 1520; 1516. their pigeons are the Lambrecht’s and Hereman Ceusters from Rob Pearson. I bet Alan doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry at the moment, he started with 39 but is now down to 12, how can you explain that?

Mr & Mrs Houldsworth with Mick Lennon








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