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by Norman Dixon MBE

The Scottish Central Federation kicked off the 2017 season by sending 1,065 birds to a race from Otterburn in Northumberland. The race started at 10.00 hrs on Saturday 22nd April 2017 when Rab Muir released 1,758 racing pigeons into a North West wind in a joint liberation with the Fauldhouse Club and the Midland Federation. The race proved to be another tough start to the season, but despite that the birds were home a few minutes quicker than from the same race last year. The final result looked like a ‘Back to the Future’ event with Henry Borthwick starting the season in the same devastating form he showed in 2014 &15 by recording the first five pigeons in the Winchburgh Club, Federation and joint liberation.  Henry’s five widowhood Cock pigeons all arrived together with the first four being clocked in under 9 seconds but as Henry checked his clock he saw that one of the birds had not registered. Henry picked up the first bird nearest to him and luckily as he swiped it, it turned out to be the missing bird. Henry’s birds, that are all from the same Janssen based family that he has been racing for the last ten years, arrived in 1 hour 41 minutes after the 72 mile 902 yard flight home to record velocities from 1257 to 1247. Henry’s first three and the fifth pigeon were yearlings and for them and the other yearlings he sent to the race it was only the second race of their lives, after having  good training and one race in 2016.  Henry had fifteen pure widowhood Cocks at the race and as he has retired a few of his older multi winning pigeons to the Stock loft this year, he is very pleased that this new younger team has started the season so well. 6th, 7th and 8th in Winchburgh Club and Federation on 1234, 1233 and 1233 was Henry’s friend, Alistair Hogg who not only had a great result himself, showed that he and his son Argyle really know their pigeons by achieving this result with only seven pigeons at the race. 9th Federation and liberation was Gordon MacKenzie winning at Broxburn on 1228 with 10th Federation and liberation being Pat Ward who won at Bo’ness on a velocity of 1226.


SCF Members Gordon Mackenzie Stewart Rafferty and Pat Ward loading the Otterburn baskets          -          Henry Borthwick 1st Scottish Central Federation Otterburn race with Argyle and Alistair Hogg

Around the Federation Clubs the winning fanciers were:

Bo’ness  - P Ward 1226. J & C Smith 1211 M Sneddon 1203 A Brown 1193

Broxburn  - G MacKenzie 1228 J McNeil 1221.799 1221.602 1214.361

East Calder  - D Jamieson 1198 1196 1158 1140

Newbridge  - N Dixon 1121 M Noble 1086,1061 A Cockburn 1072

Pumpherston  - G & D Kane 1190, 1155, 1150 W & G Russell 1171

Winchburgh  - H Borthwick 1257.332 1257.026 1255.995 1255.377

The Fauldhouse Club members sent 353 birds to Otterburn. The winner was John Mclauchlan on a velocity of 1178 with a 2 year old, Billy Francis was 2nd with a Yearling on 1152 then John Mclauchlan timed a Yearling and another 2 year old on1136 and 1134.

Jim Hendry in the Midland Federation was 1st and 2nd out of 340 birds on 1177 and 1175 3rd was Iain Gibson on 1173

Norman Dixon MBE







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