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by Norman Dixon MBE

The second race for the Scottish Central Federation was from Towlaw on 29th April 2017 when 1,328 birds were liberated at 10:00 hrs into a South East wind. For the second week in a row Henry Borthwick took the first FIVE pigeons in the Federation. The first of Henrys super sprinters was timed after a 1 hour 45 min 58 second fly for the 101 miles 1650 yards home to record a velocity of 1742. The Federation winner this week was the bird that was the 2nd Federation prize winner from Otterburn the week before. Henrys birds were closely followed by one for his Club mates Ally Hogg who was 6th with the same pigeon that was also 6th Federation at Otterburn. Henry timed another to be 7th and that was the bird that won the Federation the previous week. Then it was Shanks and Grant from Bo’ness 8th with Ally Hogg timing another for 9th. Martyn Brown from Bo’ness was 10th.

Henry Borthwick 1st to 5th Scottish Central Federation Towlaw with some of the Broxburn fanciers and Mel Noble

Around the Clubs with winners were:

Bo’ness  - 1st Shanks & Grant, 2nd M Brown, 3rd M Sneddon and 4th M Brown

Broxburn - 1st 2nd & 3rd J McNeill and 4th G MacKenzie

East Calder - C McCreight 1st & 3rd, D Jamieson 2nd & 4th

Newbridge - 1st, 2nd & 3rd M Noble with A Cockburn 4th

Pumpherston  - 1st A McLeish G & D Kane 2nd, 3rd and 4th

The 25 members of the Fauldhouse Club had 589 birds in the same liberation from Towlaw. 1st Club and a clear winner was Sam Steel with a 3 year old doing 1608 ypm, 2nd was Dale Renwick with a 2 year old on 1579, 3rd Wilson & Mackie with a yearling on 1571 and 4th was Clark and Margo Smith on1569 with a 3 year old. Although the name Sam Steel was at the top of the sheet for this race Sam actually had a bad fall and broke his hip and it has been his wife who has been looking after the pigeons. Well done Mrs Steel for stepping in and delivering a first class job in such a competitive Club.

The third race of the season for the Scottish Central Federation on Saturday 6th May 2017 should have been from Ripon but due to bad weather and Horses afraid of Pigeons (ask Rab Muir about that one) the birds were eventually brought back to Otterburn. After allowing for the movement of the birds back up the road the 1,522 Federation pigeons were liberated at 15:35 hrs into an East wind. 1st and 2nd Federation was Martyn Brown timing two birds on velocities of 1553 and 1548 for the 78 miles 380 yards home to Bo’ness. The Federation winner was a two year old Hen bred once again from Martyn’s tremendous Willy Thas family. The winner is a direct daughter of Martyn’s original Stock Cock the Sire of his loft. The mother of the winner is a daughter of Kiln Red Bull a 1st National winner. The Hens full sister won from Otterburn last year. The 2nd Federation winner is a Yearling also from the ‘Brown Thas’ family crossed with a Hen Martyn acquired from the Robbie Rome Junior sale last year. The Sire of the bird is a Grandson of the Original Thas Cock that although has been a very good racer has never won a race due to being a bad trapper. He has had six 2nd Clubs and three 2nd Federations. At two of the 2nd Federations he had arrived minutes before a loft mate but he would not go in the trap until he followed in the better trapper that went on to top the Federation. 3rd Federation was Ally Hogg with one of Argyle his sons pigeons, that Argyle races in the loft himself. 4th and 5th was Henry Borthwick still timing top 5 placed Federation pigeons for the third week with the 5th placed bird picking up his 3rd Federation card this year. 6th Shanks & Grant Bo’ness, 7th Peter Keogh Winchburgh, 8th Alan Brown another Bo’ness fancier. 9th Pat Rafferty and Sons winning at Broxburn closely followed for 10th Federation by club mate Gordon MacKenzie.

1st Scottish Central Federation Otterburn 2 for Martyn Brown

Around the Scottish Central Federation Clubs the winners were:

Bo’ness  - 1st & 2nd M Brown,  3rd Shanbks & Grant 4th A Brown

Broxburn  - Pat Rafferty and Sons 2nd & 3rd G MacKenzie 4th J McNeill

East Calder  - 1st to 4th D Jamieson

Newbridge   - 1st & 4th A Cockburn, 2nd & 3rd M Noble

Pumpherston  - G&D Kane 1st & 2nd, 3rd T Adams 4th A Mcleish

Winchburgh   - 1st Argyle Hogg, 2nd & 3rd H Borthwick 4th P Keogh

Argyle Hogg picking up his Trophy from Tom Weir for 1st Winchburgh Club at the Otterburn2 race

The Fauldhouse Club result for the same race, where 580 birds were liberated with the Central pigeons saw John McLauchlan take 1st place on a velocity of 1524 with a Yearling cock bred through Ian Stafford ‘Sumo’ lines. 2nd was Charlie Smillie on 1519 with a 2 year old. 3rd was Johnny Lumsden and Derek Colligan on 1515 with a yearling. 4th was Ronnie Smillie on 1512 with another Yearling.  More information has come to light regarding the John McLauchlan winner from the Otterburn 1 race. The winner was a Chequer hen who’s Sire is ‘Ataboy’ John's Scottish Central Three Bird Club winner from Lilliers that has won over £2,250 in his racing career. ‘Ataboy’ was bred from Allan Bridges, Eddie Wright birds with the Dam of the winner bred again from Ian Stafford ‘Sumo’ lines.






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