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The 2017 season has got under way on the Wirral with the West Cheshire and North Wirral AMAL commencing on April 8th at Hereford. The North East Wales & West Wirral Fed also commenced their season from Hereford on the same day with the Wrexham Federation starting their campaign the following week on the 15th.

For those who follow the Port News and would like their results and any information included please forward the information to me at alan@crest-enviro.com or give me a call on 0151 355 2786 Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm. I am grateful to Bernie Davies (Milne & Davies Birkenhead HS) Michael Gough (Birkenhead HS), Morris Thornhill (Victoria HS, Ellesmere Port), John Waters (RPRA Western Region & North Wirral Fed), John Wheadon (Rock Station HS) and Dave Cottrell (Hooton HS) for the information supplied, “keep it coming gents”. On that note if anyone wants a mention please let me have the details etc. at the above contact details. A special thank you to Dave Cottrell for his in depth report of the sparrow and the effects that raptors are having on their population, as and when time allows I will share this with you.

For those who already help a huge thank you from me and to those who are the secretaries of our clubs a huge thank you in advance for the work you will be carrying out through the season.

John and Jo Waters (out-going Western Region Secretary, North Wirral Fed Secretary and AMAL result compiler)

Morris Thornhill (Secretary Victoria HS Ellesmere Port)

C:\Users\alan\Documents\Alan Pigeons\2017 reports\NW & WC AMAL\John Wheadon.jpg

John Wheadon (Secretary of the Rock Station HS)

Mike Gough (Secretary Birkenhead HS)

Dave Cottrell (Hooton HS Secretary)

Mark Croker (Prenton HS Results Secretary)

Jenny Dodd (West Cheshire Fed Secretary and Chester HS secretary)

Mrs Julie Cullen, Hubby Mike Cullen and racing partner Mo Ward (joint secretaries of Wallasey HS)

Mr & Mrs Colin Prance secretary at Thornton Hough HS (AKA the President)

A mention for those secretaries that I don’t have photos for but by no means still do a sterling job for their membership staring with Ned Moreton and Bob Tudor at the Willaston HS, and Stacey Street at the Bebington HS.

The first race can be an extremely nervous affair especially when you are trying to evaluate where you are with your pigeons with regard to fitness and motivation and the elation of a good performance or the deflation of a poor or indifferent performance, for those encountering the latter you have my undivided empathy, what is important is to smile, shake the hand of the winner and whatever your thoughts keep them to yourself and move on, “there’s always next week”.

Also spare a thought for those who are suffering with the raptor attacks, which are becoming more and more prevalent, remember report the attacks on the RPRA website. If nothing else it helps build the overall picture of what’s going on and where. And remember if you don’t help yourself don’t expect others to help you? There are a lot of attacks that are not reported or logged with the RPRA so please report all the attacks here http://www.rpra.org/raptor-alliance/

Due to my lack if time I will have to collate as much information into each report and as such individual races will not get their own space but will have to be blocked together into the same reports as others so I can hopefully get the coverage done.

The first race from Hereford for the West Cheshire and North Wirral AMAL would be quick affair with the 2371 AMAL pigeons liberated at 11.40 into a South West Wind. The anticipation would be for the winners to pile into the North Wirral but it turned out an even event with birds timing early times from Ellesmere Port through to the winner Jimmy Jones in Thornton Hough. With honours split with the North Wirral and West Cheshire both taking 15 positions each in the top 30 of the AMAL

This week’s AMAL winner is Jimmy Jones Thornton Hough HS. Jimmy being a stalwart supporter of all the shows both locally on the Wirral and in North Wales has also been an avid supporter of the local breeder buyer sales and races and is a popular local fancier, congratulations Jimmy on your Club, Federation and AMAL winner. Second federation and second Amal goes to Paul Coombes, with third AMAL and first NW Federation going to Jones & Thomas Prenton, Jones & Thomas also take 7th Amal. In 4th place (3rd WC Fed) we have Mr & Mrs A J (Sue and Archie) Price. 5th and 24th Amal 2nd and 13th NW Fed is Shaun Evans. 6th is R Maudsley with 8th Robbie Gordon. In 9th is Steve Williams and 10th is Gary (Addo) Atherton and Son. Gary Dodd is 11th with Roy & Jean Parkinson in 12th , 14th and 19th.Bateman Bros and Son take 13th, 22nd, and 28th. In 15th and 16th is W H (Dave) Cottrell & Son with T Anderton and Son in 17th. T Walton and Sons take 18th, 20th, and 23rd. 19th is J Barchha with Roy & Robbie Sandland in 21st. James Farnworth takes 25th with Alby Davies and Sons taking 26th. P M Jones is in 27th and closing the top 30 is the partnership of Jones, Lamb and Daughter.

Around the Feds: West Cheshire Federation (58/1181), Thornton Hough (13/298) 1st J Jones, 2nd R Gordon, 3rd Dave Greenhalgh. Victoria HS. (12/277). 1st P Coombes, 2nd Mr & Mrs A J Price, 3rd A Davies & Sons. Hooton HS (10/251) 1st R Maudsley. 2nd & 3rd W H Cottrell & Son. Rock Station HS (9/206) 1st S Williams, 2nd & 3rd Bateman Bros & Son. Willaston HS (6/162) 1st R & R Sandland, 2nd  Stephenson Bros, and 3rd T Hayes. Chester HS (8/137) 1st  and 3rd A Mayers 2nd K Turner.

North Wirral Federation (52/1196). Bebington HS (12/187), 1st Stevenson Bros, 2nd R & R Sandland, 3rd J McLaughlin. Birkenhead HS (21/541) 1st G Atherton & Son, 2nd G Dodd, 3rd R & J Parkinson. Prenton HS (15/325) 1st & 3rd Jones & Thomas. 2nd S Evans. Wallesey HS (4/143) 1st & 3rd J Barchha, 2nd D Roden.

A round the clubs: Victoria HS Ellesmere Port. Paul Coombes starts the year with a winner with Archie & Sue Price a close up 2nd. Alby Davies & Sons take 3rd and 4th with Joey Ellis taking 5th. Arthur Wilde is in 6th with Alan Coombes in 7th. Wesley Ellis takes 8th with Ronnie & Richie Denny taking 9th  Carl Curren takes 10th with Mr& Mrs Blackhall in 11th Kenny Johnson takes 12th and closing the sheet in 13th is Steve Sargent.

Paul Coombes winner of 1st club 2nd fed 2nd Amal.

Rock Station HS Steve Williams takes the first honours of the season winning the opener Steve also takes 8th and 10th place from in 2nd Eddie Bateman Bros & Son starting where they left off last season, also taking 3rd,5th and 11th place. In fourth is James Farnsworth. In 6th and 7th is A McNicholas while in 9th position is club secretary John Wheadon. In 12th we have G Rogers with R Charles in 13th  Trix & Bather taking 14th. Closing this week’s result is G Walton.

Rock Station HS was won by Steve Williams


Prenton HS Robbie Thomas (Jones & Thomas) settles his nerves by getting off the mark from the get go by winning the opening race of the season at Prenton HS, nothing ever surprises anyone with this fancier topping the North Wirral federation for good measure. Robbie also takes third club. In second and fourth place is Sean Evans. Alan Brown and Son takes fifth and eighth with Eddies Bateman and Son splitting Alan to take sixth and seventh. In ninth and tenth we have P Jones and Son, with eleventh and twelfth we have P Heggarty. In 13th and 15th we have J Jones and in 14th and 26th we Rix and Bather.  Harris & Bolton occupy 16th and 17th while Steve Williams takes 18thand 24th  Kenny (J K ) Stenhouse takes 19th and 23rd Mark Croker takes 20th and 22nd. 25th and 28th is L jones. C Smith takes 27th. Closing this week’s result is Clark & McGettrick in 29th and 30th position.

C:\Users\alan\Documents\Alan Pigeons\2017 reports\NW & WC AMAL\Robbie Thomas.JPG

Robbie Thomas (Jones & Thomas) winner of Prenton HS

Birkenhead HS the fast trapping season commenced on the gardens at Bidston this week where it left off in last season’s sprint races. Normally a trapping match on the gardens where some 15 lofts reside it’s not uncommon to watch these two lofts vie for a good trap to take the honours. This week Gary Atherton and son prevail winning the Birkenhead HS by less than a yard from Gary Dodd in second. Gary Atherton also takes fifteenth spot with Gary Dodd also taking 22nd and 24th to mop the rest of the pool money, which incidentally runs to an average of over £200 per week in this the largest and one of the most competitive clubs on the Wirral peninsular.

Roy and Jean Parkinson are bang there taking 3rd 4th and 10th place, while in 5th is T Anderton  & Son. T Walton & Sons take 6th 7th and 8th with P M Jones taking 9th and 11th. Mr & Mrs Derek Hurst rattles in the next three taking 12th 13th 14th 17th & 18th. In 15th in 16this Vincent (Vinny) Levy. With the top sixteen pigeons being covered by just 16 yards per minute the top twenty are closed off with J Johnson 19th and S Farragher & Son 20th.

In 21st is Milne & Davies with Casey & Rainbow in 23rd. Michael Gough takes 25th with R Scarsbrick & Sons in 26th. W Taylor takes 27th with Jimmy Darcy in 28th. Brian Hughes takes 28th with Brian Hughes in 29th. Neville Shakeshaft takes 30th with E Wood & Son in 31st. 32nd place is B Kelly & Son and closing this week’s result is P Barrett in 33rd.

The sprint aces of Birkenhead HS Gary (Addo) Atherton (L) with his close neighbour and friendly rival Gary Dodd




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