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 A Buttigieg & Son (Newport)

Dominates 1st to 14th open


Sponsored by

Top Pigeon Electronic timing systems



The welsh national flying club resumed its 2019 racing programme consisting of three young bird races ,the first being from the Kent town of Maidstone sponsored by John Murray and top pigeon in the form of a complete latest generation clocking system ,for which we charged the members just £2 per pigeon nomination, once again with all dates clashing amongst  the main organisations in wales it resulted in three major events taking place around the principality over the said weekend.  With the convoying team on route overnight Friday and arriving on site in the early hours they sat and waited for the gates to be  opened by the agent allowing the row of transporters which had also arrived onto site to take up their positions for liberation ,with the water applied the Convoyers were informed prior to departure to ensure the birds were sorted and catch a few hours rest as a late morning early afternoon liberation was anticipated due to the hive of activity  between the race point and the home counties with  liberations taking place from first light on or crossing our line of flight as we estimated approx. 75+ organisations were looking to get away as early as possible from the south coastal regions


 Saturday morning and as the sun came up giving a clear morning with high broken cloud and light west north westerly wind on site and as described with so many federations in line it was a daunting task by the race control team with phones going from 6am  to try and contact each liberation site to ascertain who and when federations were planning on releasing to try and avoid clashing thankfully by late morning we seemed to overcome the impossible as only a few remained and with such info and relief we pencilled in a liberation between 12 noon and 12.30.

On contacting the boys on site who had sat patiently watching other federations in their company  release and depart the area ,we were finally able to give them the go ahead to discharge their cargo anytime from midday on as we were confident everything possible had been done to give as clear journey home as possible and with that we were informed that the birds were away at 12 noon and swiftly made their way west.


Taking the top positions with a tremendous team performance we go to the Newport loft of Anthony Buttigieg & son winning the Andy Kidd sponsored winner’s trophy with their team of premier stud pigeons arriving in a group of 14 from his 30 entries to take the top fourteen open positions ,the first over the pad with a vel of 1383.8 was a young blue cock bred by Derek Nichols at the welsh based premier stud being a direct son of Stevie’s girl winner of six first prize-winners including 1st combine ,the sire being  a late bred grandson of Greipel and Kittel ,the winning pigeon has been named as by the stud as “premier victor”  the second arrival on 1383.6 and first nominated and winner of the top pigeon ets system  was a youngster bred at the Buttigieg partnerships racing loft  from two past winners paired originating from a grandson of dark destroyer and a double granddaughter of better than bolt ,close on its tail in third also with the same  vel of 1383.6 is another of the premier dynasty this were  informed as a true blue being a direct son of the infamous “man o Chester “that had recently achieved 1st club Maidstone the week prior 20th fed against close on 3,000 pigeons the Buttigieg’s partnerships 4th arrival was again bred at the premier stud and comes down through a direct son of Eurovision their famous son of the legendary “euro “with a vel of 1382.9 the 5th arrival on 1382.8 was a grandson of the famous Kittel  whilst in 6th and rounding off today top six positions was another Kittel based descendant from Derek at premier stud  being based around a grandson of Kittel direct from Geraint Thomas and kitteltia as most in the area are aware each year the premier stud replenish the loft with a kit of youngster through a joint agreement and today both pigeons and fancier undoubtably proved themselves at the highest level ,with so many arrivals clambering over the pad in such a short space of time at the Buttigieg  loft  taking  the leading open positions  a rare occasion for  the wnfc result when a fancier dominates due to the high level of competition  within any organisation and after speaking to Anthony he was more than happy and sportingly agreed for us to cover his leading six pigeons therefore giving other fanciers the credit they deserved.

The winning pigeon “Premier Victor”




 we go down to 15th open for  the next fancier on the result with the Hawkins family  partnership also of Newport timing in a  young cheq hen with a velocity of 1374 bred down from the Giessen lines of retired fanciers Morris and Lucas crossed with the late Glyn picton pigeons purchased at this clearance sale the same way bred as the picton partnerships  wnfc  battle young bird national winner.



Mr and Mrs K Beresford come in next with a young cheq hen on 1373 bred down through the herman Ceuster lines from Alan maul from the Rhondda, Sam has divided his team of young bird over recent weeks but with sending a respectable team of eighteen this week he was overjoyed as four pigeons arrived together only to be separated by decimals and on clock checking just one entry had failed to return ..which he informs me was there the following morning awaiting entry into the loft.  




Ireland & Hynam partnership


 The partnership of Ireland and Hyman from Tredegar come to the topflight again this week carrying on from their respectable old bird programme and I’m glad to have got hold of their photo as we missed out during the old bird season timing in a young blue hen which is bred down through the G Treharne and son partnerships pigeons of then Abertillery crossed into the kulpa bros pigeons from reading recording a vel today of 1357


So following weeks of uncertain weather and following  the cancellation and re arranging of the yb  programme due to   rain and high winds brought on by the low jet stream over the uk  we are finally underway and in a respectable fashion as fanciers enjoyed the day witnessing there pigeons returning  under clear blue skies something we haven’t been used to for many weeks no more than this week’s recipient of the wnfc fancier recognition of achievement which  goes to Newport’s Bob Bale a novice in his first year flying and joining the wnfc on basketing night flying a small team throughout the early races he picked three ybs out to fly the  160 miles and pleased to see all three in the clock when clocks were checked so we congratulate and welcome him to the welsh national.

Bob Bale


It’s a busy few weeks now within the welsh national as we endure three races on a bounce to successfully get them all In before the autumn weather comes in ,as we move further east next week to Battle  close to the historic town of Hastings which this year is sponsored by Paul and Jayne Newbold (pj lofts & gem supplements ) who have kindly accepted the invitation to sponsor our race with a voucher to the value of £100 ,this will be in the form as a free single bird nomination which  we believe adds that little bit of added interest this free nomination will again repeated in our final race of the year thanks to  rob poyner who has kindly donated six bags of corn to the value of £80 for Folkestone young bird national race.

It’s also that time of year when we plan for the winter and of course the 2019 presentation  evening ,when once again the welsh north road federation have accepted our invitation to join us on the night to reward there federation winner of 2019 this will once again be held at the seaman’s mission club in Newport on Saturday 30th nov ,tickets at £18.50 per head will be available after the final race from Folkestone and is recommended to reserve your requirements asap as we are a sell out each year.


With all young bird racing reports previous performances are hard to come by as they’re in the early stages of their racing career and as such are minimal but hopefully, we’ve covered all that needs addressing for the benefit of the fanciers concerned and their achievements today.



Tom Harris