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Tom Harris

 1st Open Welsh National Carentan 2019


 Sponsored by john Murray (ipigeon uk)

 Derby Arona Tenerife one loft race



Following the success of the first outing from Folkestone ,the welsh national under the control of the welsh north road federation ,were setting their sights on the forthcoming first channel race of 2019 across  the channel at Carentan a few miles inland from the French coast ,and with an unsettled forecast planned for the weekend ahead the team were looking at all avenues in the lead up to basketing from various outlets that were available to assist them to trying to predict a more in-depth weather report,  as concerns were growing as to the weekends weather conditions illustrated no real opportunity forecasted for a liberation and at one stage  and at one point  for the welfare of the pigeons the thought of cancelling the Carentan race and  diverting to the east coast for an inland race also crossed a few minds


However, as the week progressed and with a glimmer of hope that conditions would ease during Saturday into Sunday a liberation at some time would become possible, so it was all systems go with basketing on Thursday evening


With the birds comfortably basketed with just twenty pigeon in crates manufactured to transport thirty-two pigeons, they were soon on their way under the hours of darkness heading for the south coast crossing from Portsmouth


With an estimate 900 to 1000 WNFC and WNRF entries on board and a smooth sea crossing onto French soil the lads reported back to say they had arrived safe by mid-day Friday and were duly accompanied by a further four English organisations awaiting entry on site ,once in position the birds were fed and watered and left to settle after their journey ready for the liberation the following day



Saturday morning and with good weather on site and the boys contacting the home end from first light to receive an update on the plans for the day ,they were sadly informed that due to high winds of 30 mph gusting to 50  mph over the channel and south coast at times there would be a further  update on the situation  at 10am ,to see if the conditions would or were dying  down



A different contrast on the previous days weather (Sunday)off the Dorset shores


By keeping in touch  With the  other federation race control teams and  all the conveyers on site keeping each other updated and clearly  seeing the same forecast as the morning progressed and  aided by  fanciers living on the south coast and the met office and sea forecasts remaining the same ,the decision was made early to call off any possible chance of a liberation today as we deemed conditions were too severe to safely cut and release therefore a holdover was called  ,the decision on this was endorsed by all other federations coming to the same conclusion on the Carentan site and with federations further south also declaring a holdover and deciding to  move back to join us overnight predicting  a liberation was better suited  from  our location in Carentan than from further south as the forecast indicated the following day with lighter winds we looked forward to an early start on Sunday morning






Sunday morning and with the forecast as anticipated, on site and across the channel to the south coast clearly showing a vast improvement with a light 9mph south westerly breeze and clear blue skies liberations commenced from 6am (7 am European time) with the furthest flying organisations being amongst the first to go.



With two other welsh organisations parked alongside our south wales entrants and with all officials from all organisations and the conveyors agreeing,  it was decided that all the welsh pigeons would go up as one liberation as they were all heading in the  same direction at 06.45 the call was made to liberate approx. 2500 pigeons with returning reports indicating  they cleared the site well  as a large batch heading towards the French coastline.



At the home end and with a slight helping wind times of 3 hours 20 min plus was expected as the pigeons made their way over the 180-mile coarse over the channel through Dorset and onwards to the welsh borders



 MR & MRS J WATKINS 1st open Carentan 


Taking the top honours in the 2019 welsh national Carentan race winning the  west country products winner’s trophy and the second entry into this year’s derby Arona Tenerife one loft race we have the newest partnerships to the WNFC joining on the night of basketing in the form of   husband and wife  jimmy and Gillian Watkins with the help of their close friend Trevor Thompson  from Newport   claiming 1st open timing in one of their nine entries a three year old chq cock at 10.07.32 with a vel of 1506,this game pigeon which came under an isolated  heavy down pour is bred around the pigeons of the late Trevor Cooke crossed with Kevin Williams both past and present fanciers from the   Newport area and contains mainly the Romain Legiest and  Wildermeersh x Staf van Reet bloodlines ,




John Newbury 2nd open


For 2nd open we go to the Risca area just north of Newport to the loft of john Newbury timing in a yearling blue hen on 10.13.12 vel 1499.23 bred through the  Leo Herman bloodlines coming from  the Louella stud in Leicester  as part of a team of six purchased a little late in 2018 so therefore only went to one yb drop back race before the end of the season , however has since racing has commenced she has flown   the inland programme during 2019 within the WNRF  coming steady prior to today’s race



For 3rd open we`re moving further up the valley to Abertwyssyg to the partnership of Theo Pulis and Richards flying 190 miles who timed in a 3yr old roundabout grizzle cock  flying its first channel race after previously scoring with 5 x 1st and numerous club and federation positions and bred down through gift birds from Norman Berdet of Swansea  on 10.28.05 recording a vel of 1492, and as such winning the ipigeon nomination of a complete racing system, partnerships 2nd arrival which should come in 6th once the result is confirmed is a yearling cheq hen again flown on roundabout this hen  comes down through the wilf Higgins pigeons from Pontypool crossed Williams bros son and burgham pigeons from Tredegar so with two arrivals in the top flight and a third just behind them and  also winners of todays sponsored  ipigeon clock resulting in  it being a rewarding day for the partnership



The Pontypool trio of Scammel, Peploe & Bromley from Pontypool claim the 4th position with a vel of 1489.0,their arrival being a yearling blue hen coming down from the nearly cock lines of the partnership whilst crossed with the Vandenabeele lines of mark Evans recent achievements for this pigeon include 4th fed Littlehampton and other minor club positions



 Scamell, Peploe & Bromley partnership 4th open


The  husband and wife Abergavenny  partnership of Shane & Kelly Lewis take the 5th open position clocking a yearling .blue cock on 1489.12 which originates from the Newport loft and  partnership of Mr & Mrs K Upham ,and is  bred down through their  2014 WHPU queens cup winner whilst crossed with a pigeon from the   retired partnership of  Morris & Lucus through the Giessen lines which have been dominant here accumulating some outstanding performances for the past years



Shane Lewis of Mr & Mrs Lewis partnership with 5th open winner and Liam happy to see the return of his solo entry



After making  the unfortunate decision to  holdover  and considering the extra night in the basket the final outcome seemed very impressive and yet another successful event for the team and fanciers involved , yes there were a small number away at  clock checking but then there were lofts with 100 % returns so considering three nights in the basket and the channel crossing there was no major concerns.


Our next outing is again under the logistics of the WNRF when we once again cross the channel heading to Fougeres a distance of approx. 240 to 260 miles hopefully the channel conditions will be more considerate  to us for this one and we can get the birds away on time ,one good thing that has come out of it over the past days is we have made contact with federations who will be moving south over the next few weeks in line with us so there’s the opportunity to again make a joint  liberation between us all as without saying birdage numbers will gradually drop as the distance increases.

So, on finishing we congratulate the winners on their performance and members for their patience over the past days and a special thanks to our sponsors for their commitment in aiding us in our ambitions to move the WNFC to greater heights and a growing future

As always, this week’s early times to round off the report


MR&MRS J WATKINS 10.07.32 G POYNER 10.17.28 J NEWBURY 10.13.12
THEOPHILUS & RICHARDS 10.28.05 G SHEARING 10.44.41A KIDD 10.15.48
R HYDE 10.37.40 FRAMPTON & PRICE 10.59.23 HOWELLS & JOHNSON 10.17.06
R POYNER 10.39.34 I C MATTHEWS 10.46.51 T HAWKINS FAMILY 10.20.00
L HOUSE 10.39.48 M J HUGHES 10.44.13 P &s HARES 10.43.38 WILLIAM BROS SON & BURGHAM 10.43.54 K THOMAS & SON 10.49.22 MR&MRS E J DAVID 11.04.37 JONES & PAGETT 10.39 MR&MRS K UPHAM 10.16.12 D TIPPINGS 10.37.09 MR&MRS MURPHY 10.52.51 MR&MRS S LEWIS 10.29.52
LIAM LEWIS 11.23.19 IRELAND & HYNAM 10.30.38 BAINTON & EVANS 10.45.18
D & G BRUTON 10.43.44 P K JONES 10.38.41 WILLIAMS & OWEN 10.41.43



Report Stray Pigeons Here