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Welsh National Flying Club 2016 Presentation


At 10th December and all roads led to Newport for the joint presentation of the welsh national flying club and welsh north road federation for 2016

with 80 guests booked in and seated, the evening opened up with john Humphrys as sec of the wnrf welcoming everyone to the seaman’s mission club Newport to appreciate and congratulate those who would later on be coming forward to receive their rewards for achievements during the 2016 season, and to welcome  two main guests for the evening Mr Edward watts chairman of the seaman’s mission in Newport and Mr Chris Sutton the nationals respected photographer who had made the journey down from Leicester to be with us on the night .

Once again the traditional three course Christmas dinner was swiftly served and with everyone contented, the congregation held a minutes silence in memory of two main figures who were sadly missing and respected by both of the organisations for many years, Glyn Picton and our founder chairman Terry Tremeer who both sadly passed away recently and considered a big loss and characters to us all and the pigeon fraternity in Wales

With the presentations next, the committee of the Welsh North Road Federation were requested to come forward and present their open and section winners with glassware to mark their achievements ,and as they will no doubt be reporting on the night through their press officer I will leave the list of winners and recipients to them to write upon ,however one trophy that was presented at the end of their presentation was the federations club points winners shield which in 2016 was retained  by the pill club ,the members of the pill r.p.c duly stood and invited the Picton family who where present to go forward and receive the shield on the clubs behalf to acknowledge the work and commitment that Glyn had done for the club and its members over the many years ,as the family made their way forward they where greeted by a heart felt  standing ovation from everyone present .

WNFC photo winners

Onto the Welsh National winners for 2016 and in a familiar role Mr Edward Watts was asked to come forward to present the trophies on their behalf of the national as each recipient collected the sponsorship trophy, a silver salver as a keep sake and a framed certificate of the 1st open position, as our fellow guest Chris Sutton captured the moment in his familiar role as cameraman ,first to the table for winning 1st open Maidstone old birds was A. Kidd who won the Malcolm gibbons sponsored trophy regrettably Andy was way on holiday with the family at the time, however in his absence  Tommy Lamsdale came forward to collect the awards on Andy’s behalf and wishes  as its Tommy who does a lot of work around the loft in looking after the birds week in week out ,next up was the Caldicot partnership of Evans and Delap who came forward to receive the west country products trophy for the Coutances old bird race ,Mr Mrs Shane Lewis were next to the table collecting the first of two podium finishes the first was from Fougeres and by doing so received the proff sport and Dutch spring exchange winners trophy ,we then moved onto the Saintes race when once again yet another 1st open national winners Scammel and Peploe from Pontypool came forward to receive the R.G. Davies corn supplies  sponsored trophy, and whilst making their way back to the table they were recalled to receive the Versele Laga winners trophy for 1st open Bergerac ,the final and longest old bird race in 2016 was once again Pau ,and this in the past has been a dramatic race as only the toughest get through and 2016 wasn’t any different as only two game pigeons returned in race time , b walker & son from Caerleon timed in on the 2nd day to win 1st open and were duly called to come forward to receive  the welsh north road federation longest race winners sponsored trophy ,I believe its fitting to also mention john Gauvain from Meardy who timed in the second pigeon on the third day.


Scammel and Peploe 1st open Bergerac and 1st open Saintes   -    WNFC, B. Walker and Son 1st Open Pau


WNFC, D Thomas 1st Open Ramsgate and YB Average winner     -     WNFC, A. Buttigieg and Sons 1st Open Maidstone YBs


WNFC, Evans and Delap 1st Open Coutance     -     WNFC, Mr and Mrs A. Davies 2 bird average winner Bergerac


WNFC, Mr and Mrs Humphrys and son     -     WNFC, Mr Mrs S. Lewis 1st Open Fourgeres and 1st Open Battle YBs

WNFC, T. Lamsdale receiving A. Kidd's awards for 1st Open Maidstone OBs

Moving swiftly on to the young birds and the first of three young bird races was held from Maidstone in Kent ,with A. Buttigieg & sons claiming the top spot and receiving the Andy Kidd gardening services sponsored trophy ,followed by the  battle race winners a week later Mr & Mrs Shane Lewis returned to the table to collect the Jack Jenkins memorial trophy for 1st open from this race, this  lead us into the last race of the year when the 2016 open winner from Ramsgate saw David (Dai) Thomas came out on top and received the Mr & Mrs T Tremeer sponsored trophy

with the open winners, receiving their race awards each were then in turn recalled front and centre  into a group to receive the Chris Sutton sponsorship of a photo of each of the winning pigeons, which is a support the national have had from Chris over the  past years and hope it continues into the future

the averages winners were next to the table, the first of two trophies sponsored by Versele Laga from Bergerac, with Mr & Mrs Alvin Davies receiving the two bird average trophy followed by the best opposite sex to the winner trophy winners presented to by Mr & Mrs Humphrys & son the final trophy of the night was the secretaries sponsored young bird average trophy which was presented

to this years winner David Thomas.

Chris Sutton and Linda Harris guests at the WNFC Presentation eveningĀ 

Following the awards there were two more presentations and these were to the women behind the scenes who have to put up with a lot during the year first up was Mrs Rosemary Humphrys as race sheet auditor and Mrs Gaynor Harris assistant secretary were both personated with bouquets of flowers as a thank you from the wnfc .

so that was it all the 2016 winners rewarded and everyone thanked for their support once again by being present on the night  ,and considering we lost the attendance of three  winners this year as one fancier was away on holidays and two double national winners ,we still  consider ourselves as one of the most attended presentations within the principality .

With that the lights were lowered as the disco came to light entertaining everyone on the dance floor until the early hours

So all that remains, on behalf of the Welsh National Flying Club and Welsh North Road Federation is to wish our members a happy Christmas and a successful year during 2017.


Tom Harris





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