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Annual Prize Presentation


Saturday evening saw almost 100 members, guests and friends making their way from around West Yorkshire and Lancashire to the Manor House Golf club at Drighlington for the annual dinner and prize presentation of the Dewsbury Federation. A slight delay on the night as fanciers coming across from Manchester were held up in traffic on the motorway. But under way we got with the president Gary Cockshott welcoming everyone to the event. For as far back as I can remember founder member of the Federation Harry Child has got the evening off by saying grace, unfortunately Harry had to miss this one as he is hospitalised in the Pinderfields Hospital, every one sends their regards Harry and hope to see you out and about as soon as possible, stepping in to say grace was one of only two more remaining founder members of the Federation Donald Bird, the other one being Harry Brearley.  Following grace the meal was served and year after year I cannot fault the meal, starters pate, prawn cocktail or soup followed by salmon, beef or lamb shank all with giant Yorkshire puddings, then finished off with cheese cake, Jam roly poly and custard, coffee, tea and after dinner mints.


  Fed President Gary Cockshott & Carol             -            Brian Dearn and Chris Knowles            -           Fed Secretary Matty Nelson & Haley

With the meal over it was down to the business of the night, Gary introduced the chief guests  Chris Knowles and Brian Dearn president and secretary of the Lancashire Social Circle who both give short interesting speeches. Before the presentation for the federation members Gary introduced two representatives from the Pinderfields Children’s Hospital who the Federation donate a cheque to each year made up of the proceeds from the hospital race and a percentage from the sale of a draft of young birds at the presentation, this year once again a cheque for £500 was handed over. Then Chris and Brian joined Gary and fed Secretary Mathew Nelson and the presentation got under way. First up Ross Thackray, what a season this man has had topping the federation no less than three times out of the six federation championship races also topping the federation weekly result sheet no less than nine times this season. Ross picks up £310-00 in prize money, £100-00 breeder buyer prize plus Old Bird Bedhampton trophy, Falaise 1 trophy, Poitiers trophy only two birds on the day when Ross won it, Continental Channel Average trophy, Lowest winning velocity trophy, Winner by most yards per minute (182). Second up S Speight & Son another loft who has had an exceptional season topping the federation at both Le Mans and Falaise 2 both of these races with the same two year old cock, £285-00 prize money plus an array of trophies,  Champion Old Bird, Jim Hainsworth points trophy,  Le Mans trophy,  Falaise 2 trophy and the Combined Average trophy. Members following these were Julian Shaw who topped the fed at the young bird Bedhampton £125-00 plus Bedhampton young bird trophy; Best two bird average Bedhampton trophy.  Mick Holt £100-00 plus £35-00 gold ring prize. N Hepworth £75-00.  H Bellerby & G/Son £65-00 plus 1st yearling at Falaise 1 trophy. R Kitching   £65-00 plus £15-00 breeder- buyer.  D Barraclough £60-00 prize money plus £530-00 breeder buyer prize, £275-00 gold ring prize, Hospital race trophy, Two bird average Hospital race trophy, breeder buyer trophy and gold ring race trophy. S & P Turner & Son £50-00.  J & P Ross & Tom £50-00 plus £250-00 breeder buyer prize,  £95-00 gold ring prize.  In all over forty members picked up prize money on the night. A total of 11 fanciers shared the £2,400 paid out in the breeder buyer and 11 members shared the £955-00 paid out in gold ring prize.  Other members picking up trophies on the night Peacock & Nelson win the 1st yearling at Le Mans.  Andy Holland had the best opp sex at Poitiers.  Hollinger & Gallagher best two bird average Poitiers.  Silverwood & Dyson  Champion Young Bird.


 Ross Thackray 1st Fed O.B.Bedhampton. 1st Fed Falaise 1. 1st Fed Poitiers.           -           Mark Speight  1st Fed Le Mans. 1st Fed Falaise 2.

Julian Shaw 1st Fed Y.B. Bedhampton.

Following the presentation  flowers was presented to the Presidents partner Carol also the secretaries partner Haley. On with stand up sit down bingo, everyone seems to enjoy this every year, the winner was the presidents partner Carol, the prize a meal for two donated by the Manor House Golf club. A small draft of 10, 2020 youngsters was auctioned, this is split between the federation and Pinderfields  Children's Hospital, money raised was £633-00, many thanks to the federation members who donated these birds.


Gerry Clements daughter Allison picking up her breeder buyer prize             -          Diane Bonney with all her raffle prizes

By this time it was almost 11-30pm and the disco came to life inviting all the ladies to come forward and enjoy the dancing. It was a complement to the federation officials which made it a wonderful night, also a credit to the federation secretary Matty Nelson and Haley who is in his first year as secretary presented an excellent evening for all.

Well done Matty!









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Report Stray Pigeons Here