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Three Borders Federation (Round Up)


Midway through the 2016 racing season and the Esher club are leading for the ‘Federation Points Trophy’, with 111 points, with the Spelthorne club chasing in the runner up spot, on 92 points. Federation members sent 661 birds to race number twelve (Yeovil) and they were liberated at 06.30hrs in to a light westerly wind, and the mighty Esher club recorded its seventh Federation winner of the 2016 season. This week it was the turn of Vic and Lou Emberson of Banstead, recording their second Three Borders Federation winner of the year and they have hit top form in recent weeks taking many prizes in a couple of Federations they compete in. The top two positions in the Federation result has been dominated by two lofts for three weeks on the trot and this week it was Dave and Ben Taylor’s turn to be 2nd Federation. Fantastic pigeon racing by these two premier Surrey lofts over the last three weeks!


The first ten in the Yeovil Federation result were: 1) Vic & Lou Emberson 1799: 2) Dave & Ben Taylor 1784: 3) D, & A. Lebby Brothers 1754: 4) D. Watson & son 1750: 5) D. Watson & son 1750: 6) D. & A. Lebby Brothers 1748: 7) Terry Goodsell 1732: 8) Dave & Ben Taylor 1731: 9) Terry Goodsell 1729: 10) Skeete & Keen 1727.


The following week the Federation had 693 birds away at Taunton for the second to last old birds’ race of the 2016 season. ‘The Lone Ranger’, Dom McCoy, has had another great season convoying the Three Borders Federation pigeons and from Taunton he liberated at 06.45hrs in to a west / south west wind. Kenny Wise of Isleworth clocked a game two year old in just less than 1 hour 50 minutes, at 123 miles to win the Federation! Close up behind Ken was the Federation secretary, Bryan Poulton and it is always nice to see him win a major prize, as he does so much good work for the Federation.


The first ten in the Taunton Federation result were: 1) Ken Wise 1986: 2) Bryan Poulton 1984: 3) R. Levingston 1981: 4) D. & A. Lebby Brothers 1979: 5) Terry Smart 1971: 6) Dave & Ben Taylor 1968: 7) A. Karminski 1966: 8) Skeete & Keen 1964: 9) Skeete & Keen 1960: 10) G. Morris & son 1957.


Ken Wise’s loft is sited in the shadows of Twickenham Rugby Union Stadium and he has been in pigeon racing all his life, coming from a premier Middlesex pigeon family. Ken tells me his father, Vic Wise, is still racing successfully after moving to Wales a few years ago. Ken raced with his dad as A. Wise & Son when he was a lad and their best performance was 11th open NFC Nantes (11,444 birds) in 1982, but his pigeon story really started in 1988 when he purchased some Hermans from Mr & Mrs Basil Beebe of Horncastle and bred a family of sprint pigeons. The loft's record in those early seasons was outstanding and since obtaining Hermans from Basil Beebe and Bill Ward, of Ward Brothers from South Elmsall, he won over 50 x 1sts in sprint racing from 1991 to 1996, lifting many trophies and averages in club and Federation. In 1994 Ken decided to have a go at Channel racing and, on obtaining stock from the very best long distance lofts, has never looked back. In recent seasons the Wise loft has raced the Gaby Vandenabeele pigeons obtained from Mark & Dickie Evans of Doncaster and continued to enjoy outstanding success, winning top position in the Federation National and Classic, including three times 1st open London & South East Classic Club.


Ken’s 32 widowhood cocks are paired up at Christmas and rear one nest of babies before being split from their mates sitting six to eight days on their second round of eggs. They are then on the system being flown out around the loft for one hour every day and are trained two weeks before the first Federation race. They are never trained during the racing season and are raced, including the yearlings, through to Bergerac (458 miles). The cocks are never broken down, being fed twice a day on a first class widowhood mixture and the hens are never shown to the racers on marking nights, just get the nest bowl turned over. The cocks are allowed to go in the nest boxes during the week and perch on the turned over bowl. The time which the cocks get their hens for on their return from the race depends on how hard the fly is and normally this can be fore a long time, as Ken is only really interested in racing from France. Although he likes Federation racing with his young birds, the old birds are mostly lined up for the National and Classic event, and repairs his widowhood cocks for the longer races.


Ken keepĀ  30 pairs of stock birds and these are housed in a separate structure, which is made with two nice spacious lofts with a 12ft aviary in between. The loft is fitted out with the German style up and over nest boxes, with trays for easy cleaning and grilled floors to keep the dreaded dust to a minimum. All the old birds, racers and stock birds are paired up at Christmas and the first round of eggs from the breeders are floated under the race team. The stock birds are fed on a good winter mixture during the rest period and are fed a Natural mixture three times a day when breeding. When bringing in a new stock bird Ken looks for outstanding performance in the parents and their family, but must also conform to the type of pigeon he likes. He likes all round families of pigeons, that win from 80 miles through to 450 miles and is not in to the eye sign method. He was persuaded into trying eye sign once and maintains it was his biggest mistake ever, with his performance going down hill rapidly. He maintains eye sign is rubbish! His method is pair good pigeons to good pigeon and let the basket sort them out. The main families kept are the Willy Thas and Busschaerts from Gerry Clements, Gaby Vandenbeele from M. & D. Evans, Ray Horton and Dave Hawkins, and the old family form Ken’s good friends, Ries and Gerard Schalkwijk of Holland.


Bryan Poulton is one of the sports great workers and has been Secretary of the Three Border Federation for nearly 30 years, and President / Treasurer of the SMT Combine the same length of time. Bryan is always looking for new ways to get some improvement in his birds' performances but finds that even harder, though he took early retirement; lack of time is his biggest problem. He finds it very hard to find the time to race his birds properly these days, with the demands on his time running the Three Borders Federation and it’s great to see him have some good success. The Poulton pigeons are now his own inbred family and he says they have always tended to be better from the longer races. From the Continent, he maintains that his best performance was a few years ago racing from Bergerac in two clubs on the same weekend, taking the first three positions in one club and the first two in the other, all with birds clocked on the day of liberation. The Poulton loft has won the longest old bird race from Bergerac many times over the years and has achieved many premier positions in the Federation and Combine


The 2008 season saw Bryan send to his first NFC race for fifteen year, when he sent a small natural team of birds to the Tarbes Grand National and recorded his good seven year old blue chequer pied hen on the day of liberation, flying 564 miles, to win 1st Section E, 10th Open. This game hen was bred from Bryan’s base families of Cattrysse and Dordin, and being sent to Tarbes sitting14 day old eggs returned in excellent condition. On her build up to the Tarbes National she had two inland races, a Messac race when she scored 4th club and had several good training tosses before going to the National. She has scored many times from France including: 2002 (as a yearling): 1st club, 2nd Three Borders Federation Bergerac, 2003: 3rd club Bergerac, 2005: 2nd club, 11th Three Borders Federation, 24th SMT Combine Poitiers, 2006: 6th club, 20th Three Borders Federation Bergerac. A wonderful hen! It's always great to hear of any premier worker in the sport winning a good prize with his pigeons. It's hard to excel at racing with very limited time in the loft, so I was delighted to hear that Bryan Poulton, the hard-working Secretary of the Three Borders Federation of nearly 30 years in office had won his favourite race from Bergerac again recently.


Well that’s our round up of the recent Three Border Federation races for this week! I can be contacted with any pigeon news on telephone number: 01372 463480.


See yer!



TEXT & PHOTOS BY KEITH MOTT (www.keithmott.com)







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