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Three Borders Federation (Blandford Race)

Members of the Three Borders Federation sent 732 birds to Blandford for the tenth old bird race of the 2016 season and Federation convoy, Dom McCoy, liberated at 13.00hrs in a no wind situation. The returns were excellent and the membership enjoyed a great race. The Esher & Dist. RPC members were back in their winning ways and had a brilliant race from Blandford, recording: 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th Federation. The premier South Downs racers, Dave ‘Topper’ Taylor and his son Ben, blocked the Esher from taking the first five positions by recording 2nd Federation. Vic and Lou Emberson of Banstead have been ‘knocking at the door’ in several of the early races, but hit the jackpot from Blandford by recording: 1st and 10th Federation. What a great race!


The first ten in the Blandford Federation result were: 1) Vic & Lou Emberson 11377: 2) Dave & Ben Taylor 1371: 3) Bob & Danny Carter 1368: 4) Bob & Danny Carter 1368: 5) Bob & Danny Carter 1359: 6) Kevin Wells 1355: 7) Paul Arnold 1331: 8) Frank & Sue Carson 1328: 9) Paul Arnold 1327: 10) Vic & Lou Emberson 1325.


In the first ten races of the 2016 old bird season, Esher & District RPC members have won the Federation six times in the form of: Bobby & Danny Carter 1st Federation Yeovil (1,462 birds): Bobby & Danny Carter 1st Federation Honiton (1,405 birds): Paul Arnold 1st Federation Exeter (1,197 birds): Allen & Jackie Palmer 1st Federation, 3rd SMT Combine Alencon (1,080 birds): Bobby & Danny Carter 1st Federation Kingsdown (816 birds): Vic & Lou Emberson 1st Federation Blandford (731 birds)



Vic Emberson had pigeons as a child, but really started racing in 1988 at the Banstead lofts. His late uncle is, Fred Emberson, who has been an outstanding channel racer in the London area for many years and he was a great help in getting Vic started in the sport. The Emberson loft has won the Federation countless times through the years and has recoded 1st open National several times, including 1st open NFC Fougeres (old hens) in 2004. Vic and his wife, Lou have won many major prizes in National racing in their years in the sport, but rated highly their performance in the 2005 season by recording 1st open BICC Alencon National. Vic’s recent account of the Alencon race was; “On the day of the BICC Alencon race the wind was strong westerly and we were expecting the winner to be in the East Section. On arrival, the cock came out of the east, confirming our belief that the winner would be in that section, but what a pleasant surprise we had when we were informed we had the leading pigeon, which is now named ‘Valiant Leader’. This cock is half-brother to our 2000: 1st open Alliance of Specialist Clubs Millennium race and car winner, ‘Alliance Leader’ and is also related to ‘Ellie’, our 2004 NFC Fougeres old hens winner”. A great pigeon partnership!


Vic Emberson races 20 cocks on the widowhood system and pairs up in mid-January with the Federation sprint races in mind. The racers are put on the widowhood system after the first round of youngsters and are broken down from Saturday until Tuesday morning during the racing season. Vic mixes his own corn and the main family kept is Staf Van Reet because he likes sprint racing. The widowhood cocks are not trained during the racing season, just exercised around the loft twice a day to keep them fit. The partners have two very smart self-built lofts and the stock birds have a nice wire flight, to get out into the weather. The race team are trapped through ETS traps and sputnik traps. Vic’s wife, Lou, and his sons, Carl and Neil, have been great workers with the pigeons through the years and he says a lot of his success years ago were down to their help, but now races on his own.


Vic’s late uncle was the racing ‘ace’, Fred Emberson, who resided near Canterbury in Kent, but prior to that was one of the leading long distance racers in the London area for a great many years. The origin of Fred’s family of racers were, four birds obtained from A. H. Bennett, including a son of Champion ‘Andre’ and Fred told me all his birds could be traced to these original stock birds. Another good introduction was two late breds, gifted to him by his nephew, Vicky Emberson of Banstead, and these were bred from pigeons obtained from Lol Green.

Fred was in the elite band of long distance specialists who have won the London & South East Classic Club Pau / Tarbes Merit Award, which is awarded to any pigeon that records three positions in the first fifty of the open result of the longest old bird race. This certificate is very hard to win and Fred won it in 2009 with his beautiful six year old blue chequer pied hen, ‘Links Show Girl’, and she recorded: 2007: 23rd open L&SECC Pau, 2008: 22nd open L&SECC Tarbes and 2009: 28th open L&SECC Tarbes. Fred named his champion 550 miler; ‘Show Girl’ and I must say she really was a show girl, being a super hen in the hand with soft feather and beautiful eye. The following 2010 season was very hard andĀ  proved to be a ‘bumper’ time for the L&SECC Merit Award, with three pigeons winning the award at Tarbes that time. FredĀ  told me he had been waiting 25 years to win the Merit Award when he won it in 2009 with his Blue Chequer Pied ‘Links Show Girl’. He has enjoyed another great Tarbes Classic in the 2010 season and won another Merit Award with his Blue Chequer WF hen ‘Links Confidence’, a fantastic long distance racer and winner of 2007: 43rd open L&SECC Pau, 2008: 15th open BICC Tarbes, 2009: 1st SE section, 13th open Tarbes: 2010: 17th open L&SECC Tarbes. Fred waited 25 years to win a Merit Award and then won two in two years!


Fred was very proud of his record racing in long distance events over the years and quite rightly too, it was fantastic! At club level between 1981 and 1999 he won in the longest old bird race, nine times 1st Bergerac, twice 1st Bordeaux, once 1st Marmande and five times only birds on the day. In the L&SECC he had won long list of premier positions, the highlights being: 4th, 6th open Dax, 6th, 14th, 20th, 21st open Pau, 7th, 26th open San Sebastian, 13th, 23rd, 28th open Tarbes, 4th Narbourne Inter Open, 4th, 12th, 15th, 20th, 27th, 30th, 40th, 46th open Bordeaux and Bergerac. Fred had won the L&SECC South East section four times from La Ferte Bernard, Bordeaux, San Sebastian and Tarbes. Other great positions won were: 4th open BICC Dax, 13th open BICC Pau, 15th open BICC Tarbes (twice), 7th open BBC Palamos, 36th open BBC Palamos and 46th open BBC Palamos. A fantastic record in the very best long distance events!


Well that’s our article for this week!

Congratulations to Vic and Lou Emberson on a fantastic performance from Blandford.

I can be contacted with any pigeon ‘banter’ or news on telephone number: 01372 463480

or email: keithmott1@virginmedia.com



TEXT & PHOTOS BY KEITH MOTT (www.keithmott.com)







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