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Keith Mott


The President and Committee of the L&SECC are very proud to present this our third ever Grand Phone-In Squeaker Auction Sale in aid of our newly formed transporter fund. Although we have a good ageing working vehicle, at the moment, the committee have been looking too the future of our Classic Club and realise that in a few seasons time it will need replacing. Pigeon Transporters are not cheap equipment to purchase these days and the Committee feel now is the time to start building a fund, with the view to purchasing our new vehicle when needed. Classic life vice president, Keith Mott, has obtained a wonderful draft of top class 2009 youngsters to have a phone in auction, to help raise funds to purchase our future transporter. We think it’s fair to say that this is one of the best drafts of youngsters ever put together for auction. This is a once in a life time opportunity for the general fancy to obtain young birds from some of the very best lofts in the world of pigeon racing, sprint and long distance.

Lot 1. Mark Gilbert of Windsor: Bernard de Weerdt and Eric Cannon bloodlines. Mark has become a legend in National and Classic racing in recent seasons, and his loft must rate as one of the very best in the sport. 1st International Dax, 1st NFC Saintes / Pau, 1st L&SECC Bergerac, 1st L&SECC Guernsey and so on. A brilliant fancier!

Lot 2. Keith & Sue Arnold of Leamington Spa: Keith has probably the best loft of sprinting Staf Van Reets in Europe today, winning in 2008: 1st Federation ten times in twelve old bird races, also winning the Federation twice with the same bird in the only two young bird races competed in and 1st & 2nd Gold Ring. Keith Arnold has won the RPRA Region Sprint Award three years on the trot and was 1st RPRA UK Sprint Champion in 2006 / 2007 and 2nd RPRA UK Sprint Champion in 2008. A brilliant fancier with fantastic pigeons!

Lot 3. Ced & Clive Allwright of Ashford: Frank Tasker / Haelterman bloodlines. Ced & Clive have one of the best all round lofts in the UK, winning from 60 to 600 miles, three times 1st open NFC and BBC Palamos Spanish Diploma winners. Wonderful fanciers and winners of 3rd open NFC in 2008.

Lot 4. Mike Staddon of Crewkerne: Mikes a good friend and in my opinion one of the best fanciers in the pigeon world today! Twice 1st open NFC, seven times 1st open CSCFC (a record), 51 times 1st open West of England SR Combine, 2nd open BBC Palamos 2003 and 3rd open NFC Tarbes 2008. Another one you must have a bid for to try and have the privilege of receiving a youngster from Mike Staddon next spring. A great pigeon racer!

Lot 5. Tom Gilbertson of Carlisle: What can say about Tom Gilbertson that hasn’t been said before! World famous in long distance pigeon racing and the ‘Master’ of racing and breeding long distance champions.

Lot 6. Brian & Angela Goodwin of Hanworth: The very best of the Belgian bloodlines. Brian is a brilliant all round fancier winning Federations at all distances, including twice 1st Federation in 2007 and 1st Federation in 2008. The Goodwin loft has won 1st Combine five times, from Penzance, Melle and Bergerac (three times). A great pigeon racer!

Lot 7. Alan Mark of Sanderstead: A good friend and one of the best fanciers I’ve ever met! 1st open NFC Pau 1974, 1st SMT Combine Bergerac 2002 and 4th open SMT Combine Bergerac 2003. Alan Mark and the late Eric Cannon are the only fanciers to win the longest old bird race in the Surrey Federation three times and record the only bird on the day in the SMT Combine longest old bird race.

Lot 8. Ken & Richard O’Connor of Croydon: The O’Connor brother’s record speaks for it’s self: 80 times 1st Federation, 1st open L&SECC Bergerac, three times 2nd open L&SECC, several premier NFC performances and seven times 1st open Combine. One of the very best lofts of winning pigeon in the UK. I will say no more!

Lot 9. Gary Inkley of Hillingdon: Another premier loft in the Classic in recent years, winning top positions every season, including 1st and 2nd open L&SECC Dax in 2003 with his wonderful hens, ‘Festival Enigma’ and ‘Rathen Echo’ and 1st open L&SECC Alencon in 2008. Gary has won the L&SECC ‘Amtrak Trophy’ for fancier of the year. A lot you must bid for!

Lot 10. Darran & Des McFadden of Cranleigh: Put up some great performances in recent seasons including 1st Federation and 1st open SMT Combine (three times). Darren put up one of the best loft performances in the UK in 2008, winning twice 1st open SMT Combine and 1st open L&SECC Tarbes (550 miles). Darren is a wonderful fancier and is always the man to beat in premier racing or showing. Another youngster you must bid for!

Lot 11. Crammond & Langstaff of Fontwell: A loft full of quality and several premier wins in National and Classic races to back it up. Winners of 1st open BICC, 1st open L&SECC (three times) in recent seasons and several Section A winners in the NFC. Another 2008 L&SECC winning loft from Bergerac, with ‘Crackerjack’ which went on to be an RPRA Award winner. Another squeaker to defiantly bid for!

Lot 12: Chitty Brothers of Kings Langley: One the best lofts in the south of England and winners of countless 1st Federations, six times 1st open Combine and twice 1st open L&SECC. Brian and Dick won 1st open L&SECC Guernsey in the 2008 season.

Lot 13. Mike Armitage of Ash: Another wonderful fancier and winner of 1st open L&SECC (three times) and 1st open BICC (twice). Mike has kindly donated a 2009 youngster off his champion Janssen cock, ‘Boy Wonder’ winner of five firsts and 1st open L&SECC Alencon. The ‘Lion Brewery’ loft won 1st open L&SECC Guernsey (old hens) in 2008.

Lot 14. Fred Hall & Daughters of Worthing: An outstanding south coast loft that has won Classic and National races in recent seasons. Fred has won 1st NFC Pau, 1st and 2nd BICC La Ferte Bernard, and in 2007 won 1st open NFC Alencon. Another great all round loft, winning short and long in the very best competition.

Lot 15. Alasdair Muir of Dorking: Another of our best long distance fanciers! 1st open L&SECC Pau, 1st open L&SECC Bordeaux, 1st open L&SECC Angers and has been five times in the first 50 open NFC Pau in recent seasons, plus 2nd open BICC Dax in 2003. Alasdair is a fancier who I have always respected for his great skills at long distance pigeon racing.

Lot 16. John Puddephatt of Ferring: Again one the best long distance fanciers in the UK ever! John has been at the top in National and Classic competition for many years and has won many premier positions including 2nd open NFC Pau (twice), the ‘Langstone Gold Cup’ and the ‘NFC Trophy’ best average all NFC races. John has kindly donated a youngster off the very best in his loft!

Lot 17. Derek Human of Petersfield: One the best National and Classic winning loft, with a brilliant record spanning back to the early 1980’s. Winner of 1st open CSCFC (twice), 1st open BBC Nantes and of course 1st open NFC Tarbes in 2007 with Ch. ‘Any Distance’. This youngster is a must for fanciers who like National racing!

Lot 18. John Haynes of Southall: One of the premier lofts in the L&SECC, winning 1st open Guernsey (YB), 1st open Perth and 1st open Le Ferte Bernard in recent seasons. John also won 1st open BICC Pau in 2007 and is offering the purchaser the pick of his 2008 young bird team.

Lot 19. Mick Tuck of Godalming: One the best lofts of Eric Cannon pigeons in the U.K. today! Mick is donating a Cannon youngster out of his good hen, ‘Tucky’s Little Dream’, 5th open SMT Combine Bergerac (only five birds on day in the Combine) when mated to a premier Eric Cannon cock.

Lot 20. Dave Delea of Rainham: One of the all time greats of long distance racing! Dave’s record in long distance National racing, through his many years in the sport, must be described as fantastic, winning 1st open NFC Pau in 1989 and five times 1st open BICC. His five wins in the BICC were: 1st open Narbonne, 1st open Lourdes, 1st open Barcelona, 1st open Barcelona and 1st open Dax. A wonderful record!

Lot 21. Terry Haley of Watford: One of the best North Road lofts ever and the home of the great Champion ‘Misty Lady’! Terry has had a wonderful 2008 season, winning: 3rd open L&SECC Guernsey, 1st Fed Berwick, 1st Fed Pontefract, 2nd Fed Stonehaven, 2nd Fed Thurso and so on.

Lot 22. Fishlock & Roberts of Briton Ferry: The very best of Wales! 2003: 1st WSRNFC Nantes, 2007: 1st WSRNCF Fougeres, 2008: 1st WSRNFC Lessay, 2nd open WSRNFC Bergerac, 2nd WSRNFC Tarbes. Phil and Hillary, two great fanciers and another 2008 National winning loft.

The telephone auction will take place from publication of this advert and weekend of: March 14th – 15th and will finish at 20.00hrs on Sunday night. All the pigeons in the sale are 2009 young birds and the purchasers will pay carriage of their bird. Many thanks to our friends for their wonderful donations!

Auction phone number: Keith Mott: 01372 463480. Back up phone number: Gordon Marsh: 01403 732256.

L&SECC Secretaries: Steve & Diane Nicholson, 11, Broadwood Close, Horsham, Sussex, RH12 4JX. Telephone: 01403 266107.



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