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Keith Mott

London & South East Classic Club Prize Presentation 2011

The L&SECC held its annual prize giving dinner and dance at the Reigate Manor Hotel at the back end of January when well over ninety members and guests sat down to an excellent roast beef meal. The Classic has been at the plush Reigate Manor for quite a few years now and over that time it has proved to be a really popular venue for the ‘main event’. The Classic chairman, Brian Doick, started the evening by introducing the chief guests, Robbie and Anne Hooper of Hamworthy and Robbie is the President of the Central Southern Classic Flying Club. The Hoopers are great workers for the sport, carrying out several secretarial jobs for large organizations over the years and of course are one of the major driving forces behind the very successful CSCFC. I have personally had several meetings with the Central Southern Classic Flying Club in recent months to secure our annual transport amalgamation for the two longest old bird races in 2011, which is a major financial factor for both Classic Clubs every season. In his speech, Robbie said how important this transport amalgamation was to both organizations and commented long may it continue.

The other principal guests were Mr. & Mrs. Revel of Bamfords who kindly sponsor us for our corn every season and this sponsorship has been carried on for many year, and I would like to thank them for their continuing support. In his address, Brian Doick, kindly informed every one that Betty and I could not attend the prize presentation, as my mother passed away only a few days before the event. If I had been able to attend, the main item in my President’s address was a special thanks to our secretary, Terri Hoskin, for all her good work last season. I can’t praise Terri enough, she has been just brilliant! A year ago she took on the job, with the admin side of the Classic in a bad state and was thrown into the ‘deep end’ with no real experience of being a pigeon club secretary. Here we are 12 months later and she has sorted so much of the administration, and with that experience behind her, is shaping up to be one of our best ever secretaries. Her mum, Geraldine Freeman, has been a great help to her over the 2010 season and a vote thanks to her for selling most of the raffle tickets at the prize presentation.

I was talking to our Life Vice President, Gordon Marsh, a few days after the ‘do’ and he told me it was one of the best L&SECC presentations he had been too, saying it was ‘great fun’. The success of this dinner & dance is full credit to our chairman, Brian Doick, who works so hard every year in arranging this event and ensuring it is an annual success. Well done Brian! The music was provided by a singing duo and Barry Buggy did is usual topless disco dancing exhibition on the dance floor, and I’m reliably informed that our ex President, Gordon Marsh, joined him on the floor half way through. I was also told, and I can’t believe this, Gordon cleared his table and his wife Delia danced on the table top with her friend, Ricky Salt. So there you have it, we had Barry Buggy topless and Delia Marsh lap dancing! Sounds like it was a great night! Derek Bellchambers had a lot of his friends at the presentation, having won one of the old hens Guernsey Classics in the 2010 season and his company included the premier Three Borders Federation partnership of Dominic and Claire McCoy. Derek slipped over on the ice just before Christmas, breaking his leg badly, and had to attend the ‘do’ on a pair of crutches, so he couldn’t do much dancing!

The 2010 L&SECC winners were: Falaise – Garry Inkley of Hillingdon: Tours – Fred Ager of Grays: Tours (Yearling Derby) – Wilton & Orton of Chadwell St Mary: Tarbes – Khan Brothers of Worcester Park: Bergerac – Wesley & Jason Cheeseman of Snodland: Guernsey (1) – Mr. & Mrs. Vince Durrant & son of Godalming: Guernsey (old hens) – Bellchambers Brothers of Brentford: Guernsey (2) – Dave & Garry Heywood of Laindon: Guernsey (old hens) – Meg Murry of Burnham on Crouch.

Garry Inkley of Hillingdon won the first race from Falaise and recorded his third L&SECC winner, being a previous winner from Dax in 2003 and Alencon in 2008. Garry is fast becoming one of the premier Classic and National racers in the South of England, putting up outstanding performances every season. The latest Inkley classic winner was a game blue cock and he was the first of two pigeons clocked on the ETS in four seconds from Falaise. This yearling widowhood cock is a bit special and has already recorded several premier positions including: 2009: 20th open High Littleton Tours Open (292 miles) lifting £700, plus several top prizes in the Federation.

Fred and Rita Ager of Grays in Essex had a brilliant race from the second classic race of 2010, flown from Tours in May and won 1st and 5th open, lifting the ‘Colombovac Cup’. The first two pigeons on the clock were two blue cocks of the Lindelauf / Janssen family and were part of a batch of twelve youngsters purchased from Foxwood Lofts of York in 2008. The Tours winning blue cock previously won 43rd open L&SECC Guernsey as a young bird and two week before his win lost his hen, having her replaced with a new mate three days before Tours. Fred told me, he only started up in the sport about ten years ago, too have something to do when he retired from work and only keeps a few pigeons to race. He races 15 cocks on the widowhood system, to his 24ft x 6ft loft and pairs up at the back end of January. Fred races 40 babies on the ‘dark’ system, feeds all ‘Gem’ corn and trains in the local club.

The annual Yearling Derby was flown from Tours and two good friends of Fred Ager’s, Adam Wilton & Fred Orton, won the race with Braspennings blue widowhood cock. This outstanding yearling raced well as a young bird, winning 1st club Portsmouth and only had several inland races, and the Falaise Classic before going on and winning the Yearling Derby. His sire is a great grand son of ‘Compass’ and is proving to be a bit special at stock, having bred 3rd open NFC Carentan 2010 for Adam’s father, Robbie Wilton. The Wiltons are great winning family, with Robbie winning 1st open L&SECC Tours in 2007. Adam and Fred have a 24ft x 8ft corridor loft and race 32 cocks on the widowhood system. The feeding is all ‘Gem’ and the 50 young birds they breed each year are flown on ‘darkness’ Adam started racing pigeons on his own, north road, in 1999 and turned south in 2008.

The Tarbes Classic in 2010 was a hard race, with mostly light head winds and very high temperatures in France all over that weekend in June. In the week build up to the ‘main event’ every one was anticipating a hard race with the head winds promised by the weather men, but in my opinion the intense heat in France on the liberation day was the factor that slowed the birds down. On my return from France it was good to receive the list of brilliant performance put up by the members on such a testing race! None as good as hearing that Amin and Shabir Khan of Worcester Park had won the L&SECC from Tarbes, recording their third Classic win! Their winner is a very special blue hen, that has won the L&SECC Merit Award for winning three position in the first 50 open in the longest old bird classic and she has done it in great style by winning 1st open Tarbes (563 miles). This champion hen is named ‘The L Ring Hen’ and has won a list of premier prizes in the National and Classic including: 1st open L&SECC Tarbes, 4th open L&SECC Alencon, 6th open L&SECC Tarbes, 7th open L&SECC Pau and 14th open NFC Bordeaux. A fantastic hen! She was sent to Tarbes sitting ten day old eggs and had one inland training race with the Federation and a Tours race on her build up to her classic win. She is bred from the very best being out of ‘Twenty Two’, the brother’s 1st open L&SECC Bordeaux winner, which also won the section in the Classic Guernsey race as a young bird and is the dam of Federation and Classic winners. Her sire is a direct cock from Marcel Sangers from his champion pair, ‘Saun Licht’ and ‘Xantia’.

The month of July saw the Classic’s last old bird race flown from Bergerac in the South of France and after a day hold over the member enjoyed a good race, with excellent returns. Congratulations to Wesley and Jason Cheeseman of Snodland who won the L&SECC with their game mealy cock, ‘Summer’s Boy’, on a ‘banger’ velocity of 1302ypm. The brother’s win gave me particular pleasure because L&SECC winners in Kent are very rare. Wesley is a keen angler and on the day of the Bergerac Classic had to fish a club match at the local lake and missed clocking his winner. Jason, who lives at a different address, had just arrived at the loft to wait for pigeons and the mealy cock kited over the house roof to be clocked and win the race. The mealy cock, which was raced on the widowhood system, has been named Summer after Wesley’s little daughter. I was very impressed with the liberation site at Bergerac and when we pulled in to the sports centre the weather was brilliant. The field where the birds are liberated was nice and open, giving the pigeons a good clear fly out. I liberated the 2,000 birds at 07.45hrs in a very light west / south west wind and convoy cleared the site with out turning in a northerly direction. On our long drive back through France to Caen the weather was perfect for 500 mile racing and the members enjoyed the last old bird Classic.

The London Classic had a good turn out of birds for the first Young Bird and Old Hens Classic race, flown from Guernsey at the back end of August. The convoy was liberated at 12.30hrs in to a strong south west wind and the leading pigeons recorded over 2000ypm. Vince and Sue Durrant with their two sons, Jack and Sam, of Milford in Surrey won the Young Bird Classic with a mealy hen raced on the natural system to the perch. The amazing thing is that this game little hen won this 160 mile classic race, doing 2014ypm and was bred out of the very best of Eric Cannon and Ron Dodd’s 550 mile pigeons, with her great grand sire being Eric’s ‘Culmer White Flight’, winner of three premier positions in the NFC Pau Grand National, including 1st sect A, 14th open. This was the mealy hen’s fourth race, previously having three Federation races with the Godalming club and was given three single up training tosses from Hayling Island the week before her Classic win. Vince travels a lot with his work and says he owes much of his success to his family, as they do a lot of work with the pigeons when he is on the road. Sue helps out with the social events at the Godalming club and with son, Jack, carries out most of training of the partner’s pigeons. Jack is very keen on the pigeons and mostly looks after the long distance birds, with regular training off the south coast. Vince is the President and Treasurer of the Godalming club and needless to say, the Durrant family is great workers in the Godalming pigeon fraternity. I have visited Vince’s loft a couple of times over the years, the last time with our late friend, Eric Cannon of Wormley, when the Durrant loft won the SMT Combine from Rennes. The Durrant family are leading fanciers in the Surrey area, winning many first in recent years and have been premier prize winner several times in the very strong Godalming club. The loft recorded 1st open BICC Old Hens in the 2009 season with a game little natural blue chequer hen. Vince has won the S.M.T. Combine twice in recent years and has excelled at the long distance events, since coming into the sport over 40 years ago.

The Old Hens Classic was won by the highly successful Bellchambers Brothers partnership of Brentford. Their winner, now named ‘Westwood’, was purchased at the MCC young bird auction in 2009 and was bred by Midlands partnership of Westwood Brothers. This game hen was bred from the best Cattrysse bloodlines and is bred down from Colin Lloyd’s National winner, ‘King Arthur’. ‘Westwood’ won the Guernsey Classic being sent on two big babies and as a young bird recorded 29th open L&SECC Guernsey. Dereck has enjoyed a brilliant 2010 season racing in the L&SECC winning: 20th, 44th, 48th, 79th open Falaise, 33rd, 44th, 51st, 65th, 90th open Tours, 41st open Bergerac, 11th, 12th, 17th, 27th, 28th, 51st, 55th open Guernsey Young Bird (1), 1st, 31st, 42nd open Guernsey Old Hens (1), 3rd, 25th, 26th, 36th, 51st open Guernsey Young Bird (2), 2nd, 30th, 50th open Guernsey Old Hens (2). The partners have the Federation many times through the years, with the 2002 season being one of the best for the Bellchambers lads, when members of the N.F.C. sent 6,873 birds to the Guernsey Young Bird National and with a strong westerly element in the wind, a lot of the leading pigeons were in the London area. The Bellchambers family crowned a brilliant 2002 season by recording 1st, 2nd and 6th open in the Guernsey National. The young bird team were on fire in the 2002 season winning: 3rd, 4th, 46th and 50th open L&SECC Guernsey (1,376 birds), 1st, 2nd, 6th and 16th open NFC Guernsey (6,873 birds), 2nd, 6th, 13th, 26th, 47th, 78th, 82nd and 92nd open L&SECC Guernsey (2,145 birds). Young bird racing at it’s very best. Bellchambers Brothers one of the best racing partnerships in the Middlesex area today!

The last Classic race of the 2010 season from Guernsey proved to be yet another difficult race for the 1,200 young bird and old hens, which had to battle home in head winds. This last classic of the season was a carbon copy of most of which went on before, with northerly winds prevailing nearly every weekend and producing one of the hardest seasons we have every experienced. The Essex partnership of Dave and Gary Heywood won the young bird classic with a darkness Van Der Mere / Kees Bousa hen sitting ten day old eggs and she was bred by John Gerrard. Dave tells me his young birds this year have been coming great and have taken some premier prizes, including in the NFC young bird National race. The Laindon partnership have won many major positions in National and Classic racing through the years and have won the British International Championship Club three times, including twice 1st open National in one season. The father and son pigeon partners won 1st open BICC Bihorel in 2002, 1st open BICC Falaise and 1st open BICC Tours, both in the 2003 season. Dave and Gary also won the L&SECC Tours Yearling Derby in 2002 and put the icing on the cake for that brilliant season.

The members entered 213 birds into the Old Hens Classic and Meg Murray of Burnham on Crouch was up there again at the top of the open result, recording her second L&SECC winner in two seasons. Meg’s winner was a real ‘banger’ recording 1279ypm and being 30 ypm faster than the second fastest bird out the Classic’s transporter that day. A brilliant performance by this leading lady fancier! This win was the topper on a great season for Meg as she won a BICC race earlier in the season. Another fancier enjoying a wonderful 2010 season is Derek Bellchambers of Brentford and he recoded 2nd Old Hens Classic behind Meg Murray, after winning the first Old Hens Classic in mid-August. Congratulations to all our 2010 winners!

Thanks to our Chairman, Brian Doick, for all his hard work and producing yet another great prize presentation! Any L&SECC pigeon comments to the Classic Press Officers: Keith Mott: 01372 463480 and Daryll Luxford: 07876 133613.    





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