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by Keith Mott

News Upate - August 2013

When you write in the fancy press from week to week there is always the problem that after recording a fanciers current pigeon racing success, a few weeks later they come out and repeat or better it. That’s where updates come in handy! I’m kicking this week’s article off with a couple of continuing success stories of Three Borders Federation members.


I penned an article at the beginning of the season about Colin Crook and Andy Iddenden winning the second Federation race from Yeovil with their brilliant blue cock, ‘Frank’. After a great start to the new season with a race from Wincanton, the member of the Federation entered 1,361 birds to compete in the second race from Yeovil and the convoy had to negotiate a north east head wind for the 110 miles fly home, but returns were good and the leading pigeons recorded velocities well into 1300ypm. Esher club members, Crook & Iddenden, had a brilliant race and recorded 1st, 3rd, 24th Federation, winning with their champion blue cock ‘Frank’. Colin and Andy won the Three Borders Federation ‘Ken Besant Memorial Trophy’ in the 2011 season for ‘best pigeon of the year’ with their good blue cock, ‘Frank’ and he recorded: 2nd Federation Kingsdown, 2nd Federation Yeovil (twice beaten by loft mates), 7th Federation Wincanton, 14th Federation Wincanton, 16th Federation Kingsdown, 23rd Federation Newton Abbot. A partnership who has been outstanding for the last 30 years and were the 2011 Three Borders Federation champions, Frank and Susan Carson of Mitcham and they bred Colin and Andy’s good Gaby Vandenbeele blue widowhood cock, ‘Frank’. He has previously won a list of premier positions in the last three seasons including 1st Three Borders Federation Kingsdown. This game cock raced to Frank’s loft as a young bird and yearling and when Frank packed up for a while in 2008, the pigeon was gifted to Crook & Iddenden, too set the place alight with brilliant performances. To update the success story of this fantastic pigeon, member of the Three Borders Federation sent 1,106 birds to the last old bird race from Yeovil (106 miles) and Crook & Iddenden recorded 1st, 3rd, 4th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 20th Federation. Champion ‘Frank’ won the Federation from Yeovil that day and added yet another brilliant sprint win to his long list of successes. This wonderful cock must rate as one of the very best around at the moment!


Another cock that must also rate as one of the very best is Frank and Susan Carson’s wonderful blue chequer, ‘The 15 Cock’. The Sutton husband and wife partnership have had some brilliant success and mid-way through the old bird season I recorded the fact in my ‘ON THE ROAD’ column. Frank & Susan Carson of the Mitcham & Merton club have enjoyed a wonderful 2013 racing season and at the time of writing that article they had won 1st open L&SECC Guernsey (old bird), and long list of positions in the Three Borders Federation, including 1st and 2nd Federation three weeks on the trot, plus 1st and 2nd SMT Combine. Fantastic pigeon racing! The star pigeon of the Carson loft in the 2013 season has been the yearling blue pied cock, ‘Mr. Stoner’, and he recorded 1st open London & South East Classic Club Guernsey (800 birds), and 1st club, 1st Three Borders Federation, 1st SMT Combine Yelverton (1596 birds), being raced on the widowhood system. A nice little extra to ‘Mr. Stoner’s’ success story is the fact that his nest brother, ‘Alan’, was with him on the very same velocity from Yelverton (179 miles) and is joint 1st open SMT Combine! This wonderful cock has won other premier positions in the 2013 season including 13th Federation Honiton (1172 birds), being beaten by a loft mate. The widowhood blue cock, ‘Alan’, has a brilliant racing record in his own right, winning: 1st Federation, 1st SMT Combine Yelverton (1596 birds), 1st Federation Exeter (938 birds), 2nd Federation Honiton (1149 birds), beaten by a loft mate, 3rd Federation Newton Abbot (985 birds), beaten by loft mate, 8th Federation Wincanton (1149 birds), 14th Federation Yeovil (1106 birds) plus several other premier positions including 1st club Taunton. This fantastic nest pair of cocks were bred by Frank’s good friend, John Stoner of Mitcham, from the very best Willie Jacobs and Gaby Vandenabeele bloodlines. Another top racer this season has been the Willie Jacobs blue chequer cock, ‘The 15 Cock’, and he has beaten ‘Alan’ twice in the 2013 season for top honors in the Federation results. Since the original article this brilliant widowhood cock has won two more club races, taking top positions in the Federation and has now won: seven times first club and 1st Federation Wincanton (1995 birds), 1st Federation Honiton (1149 birds), 2nd Federation Newton Abbot (985 birds), 3rd Federation Wincanton (1701 birds), 3rd Federation Yeovil (1506 birds), 4th Federation Honiton (1172 birds), 6th Federation Yeovil (1106 birds).


Frank and Susan’s positions won in the Three Borders Federation at the end of the old bird¬† season have been: (OB) 7th, 8th Federation Wincanton (1128 birds), 8th,10th, 14th Federation Yeovil (1361 birds), 2nd, 3rd, 23rd Federation Newton Abbot (985 birds), 1st, 2nd, 17th, 21st Federation Exeter (938 birds), 1st, 2nd, 11th, 13th Federation Honiton (1149 birds), 1st, 2nd, 9th Federation (1109 birds), 1st, 2nd, 9th SMT Combine Yelverton (1596 birds), 6th, 12th, 14th, 18th Federation Taunton (1237 birds), 13th, 23rd Federation, 28th, 40th SMT Combine Truro (1393 birds), 4th, 13th, 25th Federation Honiton (1172 birds), 6th, 9th, 12th Federation Yeovil ( 1106 birds), 6th, 8th Federation, 9th, 11th SMT Combine (400 birds) Bergerac. A brilliant performance by the Carsons and we are still only half way through the 2013 racing season!


Truro Liberation Site


Regular readers of my page know I like a good liberation site report and this week the Three Borders Federation convoyer, Dave Stanway, has sent me some details and photos of the liberation site at Truro in Cornwall. He was there in June with the SMT Combine birds and tells me the ‘Show Ground’ site was excellent. The site has good clean showers and toilets, and entrance gate is locked at all times for security. Dave says the liberation area is a vast grassed country show ground, with no obstacles and you can see across the Cornish country side for miles in all directions. On the day of the race he was up and out of bed at first light and after several phone calls with race advisor, Peter Notridge in Croydon, he liberated at 10.45hrs in a strong south west wind. The members enjoyed a ‘banger’ of a race with Derek Reid of the Spelthorne club winning the Federation with a game yearling. Derek has been a premier pigeon racer in the Middlesex / Surrey area for many years and has won at all major levels in the sport, including 1st open NFC. I’ve heard several excellent remarks on how good a condition the birds have returned home in, being convoyed in the new transporter so far this season. The owner of the vehicle and new Federation convoyer is David Stanway, who lives 20 miles north of Cambridge. He told me, the transporter holds 84 crates (2,100 birds) and the trailer carries an extra 1,000 birds in 40 crates. He has own the transporter for seven year and never had a problem with it in all its many trips in the UK and to France. Dave has been convoying pigeons many years and started with the London North Road Federation and LNRC in 1976, and visited Thurso and Lerwick many times. Convoying and being away most weekends is not conducive for being successful with your own pigeons, but Dave says he has had his good moments and a couple of seasons ago recorded 2nd open MNFC Falaise, being beat by two yards, using a clock and rubbers. Thanks to Dave for the Truro liberation site details and photos!


The first ten in the Truro Federation result were: 1) Derek Reid 2238: 2) Paul Arnold 2230: 3) Bobby Carter & son 2230: 4) E. Fry 2225: 5) Vic & Lou Emberson 225: 6) E. Fry 2225: 7) Crook & Iddenden 2222: 8) R. Obertelli 2220: 9) Bobby Carter & son 2218: 10) Bobby Carter & son 2218.


Well that’s the column for this week! I’m sitting in the ‘Factory’ penning this article and it’s 34 degrees outside. I hate this hot weather! I can be contacted with any pigeon ‘banter’ on telephone number: 01372 463480 and my new email address is keithmott1@virginmedia.com


TEXT & PHOTOS BY KEITH MOTT (www.keithmott.com)