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Good day everyone!

 Well things have been very busy for the team and I worldwide. Pigeons are coming in from everywhere and we have the great pleasure to have on board coordinators from Indonesia and South Africa. Please feel free to check out the website to see who has joined the team so far. We should have approximately 650 pigeons by the beginning of July and that itself is such a big achievement for all the highly respected staff butto you as fanciers. So what has been happening over the last two weeks? We have vaccinated all the pigeons in the loft for the second time and now they are out finding themselves with big blue skies to fly in! We will be shipping near 150 pigeons on the 28th June so that is close to330 UK pigeons already and with July and the big shipment in September coming "I think we can double that amount or even more" to be fair

it's unbelievable but this is why we are the best and proves this.

We plan to have a "Country Challenge" coming soon where every region has a 25 bird limit and will be £120 each to enter, this will be on our Facebook group and if anyone is interested you can contact any UK and Ireland coordinator. Anyone can enter a pigeon to witness their pigeon’s performance and watch it being tested. Many fanciers will be sending experienced pigeons that have flown in the UK and Ireland.


The below will be participating Martyn Rudd, Kirk Bullen and Lee Fribbins and world famous Ralph Schleifer of Germany. Many people have asked about sending raced young birds, my opinion on this method; “it's everyone's own preference, but as Gran Canaria is an island the pigeons do break very easily and fanciers love that. Germany seem to like this and obviously their biggest shipments are later in the year which we know there is a good intake in October. Good pigeons from other one loft races also come here and I believe one pigeon flew the Belgium Masters and won a one loft race in the Canary Islands. But on the other hand you have great weather and more time breeding from your stock and the youngsters seem much more robust which people like to do it that way with summer bred babies”. The old saying is "bred in May they will fly all day" but us as a one loft race respect all participants’ ideas and methods as it is you who gives us this great opportunity to race the best pigeons from December to March.

Just like to thank all my coordinators personally, Pete berry (Senior UK Coordinator), John Davies (Wales and UK Coordinator), Tenny Tipper (South Wales Coordinator), Freddie Robertson & Dave Brown (Scotland Coordinators), Wayne Conway & Lou Sylvester (North East of England Coordinators), Alan Knowles (Northern and Southern Ireland Coordinator) for all your hard work and commitment to ensuring that this is a great race. The work that our team provide does not go unnoticed by all, when participants state to me that they have sent to many other one loft races and have never experienced such high professionalism previously. This professionalism comes from many years of their own experience, knowledge and honesty.


Just would like to send my appreciation for the great working relationship I have come to value from Libby our veterinarian and Will who has impressed me with his immense knowledge and professionalism. Those who have had the pleasure of meeting both (Retford Poultry Ltd) here in Gran Canaria have already witnessed their work enthusiasm, as well as those who have dealt with Libby and Will from the UK.

I have a few photos of our great welcome dinner event in Puerto Mogan. I was there last year and the food and service was totally amazing, those who attended would say the same. So my good lady "Krystel" has booked for the 21st March and the evening is going to be yet again outstanding. It will cost 40€ per person but it's a levy night so drinks and a 4 course meal come at no extra cost and you also want for nothing. The restaurant is owned by Janet originally from UK and she is on hand if required and assists in making sure the evening goes smoothly for all family, friends and fanciers alike. Janet also can provide car hire for your holiday duration and details can be found through Isla-car. We also have a Catamaran available all week for us to get out one day…

We are trying so much to get the two final parts of the jigsaw to make the race even better. We are currently in negotiations for an agreement with the USA to ship pigeons and also China. Once we can confirm arrangements, we will be classed as a world leading race. So I will hopefully tell you in my next article who they will be going forward. I have had many people ask for next year to make it the richest 1st prize in the world, but many must understand it's very hard when running a business; however it's not been ruled out and we will be considered. It would be nice to give a first prize of £150,000 as I think that would achieve people's request....but positive feedback and restructure of entrance fees would certainly have to change. As an organisation that care about what people are looking for from our future race, it will be discussed at length and all those who have asked will be responded to once a conclusion has been made.

We have been researching many hotels in and around Maspalomas, which are an ideal location for visiting/ heading up to the loft...these below are just a small selection to browse at your leisure.

Finally, some photos of the birds in the loft, as you can see they are all in great condition

We are using Gem, Natural and Versa lager products to keep them healthy and in the best condition. The birds are now "bullet proof" and have successfully been through the quarantine period. We are ready now for forthcoming shipments from all around the world. Please check out all info at  www.atlantic-masters.com and you can email me anytime on  mark@atlantic-masters.com, or if you wish to speak to me personally drop me an email and I will provide you with my contact number. So until next time and hopefully with great news on intakes and sponsors, thank you all. Until next week and more on the best race in the Canary Islands.


The Atlantic Masters Team 2017