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Beauty In The Sport


Jim Emerton


The love of and the targeting of Barcelona, as a race point leads to a higher state of being and experience. You can transcend jealousy, fellow man and commercialism, as the race gives a pure feeling, it is existential. Specialising in the one race is racing in its purity, and the rewards are both cerebral and spiritual in essence. A marathon man seeks the higher consciousness likened to mysticism. You recall always the beauty of your first bird from this epic race point; it is the formula 1 of pigeon racing, where your system has to be spot on to tackle it. The ultimate buzz is the creation of your own Barcelona Strain of performance birds to your own loft, after years of solid dedication-i have realised the dream in 2 geographical locations in England, yet there is more work to be done.




At the end of the day in the sport it is who you became, more than what you did that impresses me. I like to see a major contribution back into and influence on the game. To be known, publicity may give you a high profile to have an impact on standards and values in the sport, and in knowledge and thought. There is more to the culture of pigeon racing than good results. I maintain that the highest echelon of the game is to be found in the creation of a marathon strain, as a result of racing into your own country. Believe me this act takes years and years to achieve in reality.


North/South/East /West


Winds after marathon liberation over 700 miles often vary in velocity and direction. We guess what conditions are like on the way home, do we not?  Waiting is the name of the game, although I do like birds that race in opposing winds, especially over 700 miles on day 2. Many men create a case for them being the greatest and are often deluded with something to prove-hence the competitive nature. If you persist your birds will encounter many variable conditions over the years.


Answers To The Big Questions


A key element to results and longevity in the game of pigeon racing is the fancier, his overall personality. Applied intelligence, system, focus and sensitivity and a shrewd eye for a good bird are psychological essentials to success, with a measured dose of self-criticism and analysis in the mirror of truth. A little madness is the aid of The Barcelona Boy. The icon will select, breed and discover good birds by his racing prowess and expertise.  Good birds in the wrong hands do not perform with distinction do they? I like to study WHY and how people become marathon fanciers from sprint beginnings.


Exciting Pigeon News


Three birds direct from our top performance Barcelona International pigeons have been donated to Tony Burne at The Endurance Breeding Centre. The essence of the game is good will and sportsmanship, and thus our gesture is non-commercial, as I will not take money for services rendered. In reality, I like the mental, spiritual aspects of long distance and marathon racing as a general principle. The sport is heavily loaded with main stream money making techniques and psychology. However I am not averse to others cashing in on my strain building themselves.