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News, Articles & Reports

Click on each writers name, whose articles you are interested in and should you wish to make reference to any item please send a request in writing to; elimar908@btinternet.com

If you would like to send your articles for inclusion on these pages please do so by submitting them via e-mail to;

elimar908@btinternet.com  - preferably on a Word document and be non political.

Elimar Pigeon Services reserves the right to decline publication of any material not deemed to be in the best interests of the sport.

Any views expressed are those solely of the writers and Elimar Pigeon Services accepts no responsibility for their accuracy.

News Report  1 Les J. Parkinson - News and Reports
News Report  1B Les J. Parkinson - At Home with Elimar Lofts
News Report  2 Sue Skelton - Yorkshire Middle Route Combine
News Report  3 Joe Murphy - Scottish News
News Report 4 George Wheatman - North Road Championship Club
News Report  5 Drew Callan - National Flying Club
News Report  6 Independent Veterinarian Article and Reports
News Report  7 Geoff Kirkland - Winning Ways
News Report  8 Chris Knowles - A great thinker in the sport
News Report  11 Stuart Bowman - Pigeon Topics
News Report  12 Norman Dixon MBE - News from Balerno
News Report  13 Keith Simpson - Around The Up North Combine
News Report  14
Pete Wightman - Burton & South Derbys Fed plus Stretton FC
News Report  15 Billy Knox - Flying into the North West of Ireland
News Report  16

Chris Gibson - News from the Sheffield area

News Report  17 Keith Mott - Writes...
News Report 19

Across The Middle - Gordon Braban & John Wilkie

News Report 20 Watchfield Writings - Mark Brown
News Report 21

Alan Shinton - The Port News

News Report 22 Adie - Northern Ireland Provincial Amal
News Report 23 Clifford Browne - East Down Combine
News Report 24 Drew Callan - Warwickshire Witterings
News Report 25 Greater Distance Single Bird NFC - News
News Report 26 Tom Harris - Welsh National Flying Club & other news from South Wales
News Report 27 Francis Corcoran - Leinster North Road Federation
News Report 28 Tom Corrie - Lanarkshire Federation
News Report 29 Liam O Comain - The North West of Ireland
News Report 30 David Black - Single Bird Challenge & other news from Ireland
News Report 31 Gareth Watkins - BICC, Gwent Greater Distance Club & other reports from Wales
News Report 32 Neil Crean - Cork Federation
News Report 33 Jo Cuthbert - Houghton Regis News (formerly Thames Valley Federation)
News Report 34 Norman Dixon - Scottish National Flying Club
News Report 35 Pat Hallybone - Rose Of The Shires
News Report 36 Charlie Millward - Wrexham Federation
News Report 37 Stuart Bowman - Kingdom Racing Pigeon Association
News Report 38 Chris Knowles - Month by Month
News Report 39 Alen Gibb - West of Engand SR Combine
News Report 40 Janet Hull - The NWCC and Bamfords Gold Ring
News Report 41 Doug McClary - News From Down Under
News Report 42 Mike Lakin  - Midlands National Flying Club
News Report 43

Brian Smith - Staffordshire Moorlands & District Federation

News Report 44 Grasshopper - London North Road Combine
News Report 45

John David Ramblings/Welsh South Road Fed

News Report 46 Martin Dunn - Welsh South East Combine and Rhondda Valley Fed
News Report 47 Other Organisations
News Report 48 John Ghent - Leicestershire Notes
News Report 50 E. J. Sains - Essex & Kent Amalgamation
News Report 51 Darren Smith - North Liverpool Fed
News Report 52

Jimmy Graham - Solway News

News Report 53 Tom Harris - Derby Arona One Loft Race (Tenerife)
News Report 54  
News Report 55 Paul Smith - South African Million Dollar Race
News Report 56 Dixey Welsh - South Road National
News Report 57

Alistair McNaughton - North West Federation and Central Scotland 3 Bird Club

News Report 58 West Coast Federation - Results
News Report 59 Jim Emerton - Articles
News Report 60 Alan Houldsworth - Derby Notes
News Report 61 Jim Emerton - Articles, Reports, Shared Thoughts & Experiences
News Report 62 John Clements - Articles,Reports,Thoughts & Experiences
News Report 63 Billy Walsh - South East Ireland
News Report 64
News Report 65 Brian Dearn - Lancashire Social Circle
News Report 66 Michael Feeney - Articles & Reports
News Report 67 Alan Foster - “Saltney Social Press”
News Report 68 Alan Busteed - Mayfield R.P.C.
News Report 69 Atlantic Masters OLR
News Report 70 Jonathan Bailie - No Guts, No Glory.
  Various Authors
News Report 71 Irish National Flying Club Information


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