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31 July 2017


Hello all. Well we have got the first young bird race of the season over, always a bit of a nervous time the first one but everything has gone well here at Packmoor with only a few losses and some people having all their birds home in good time.Friday night at basketing it poured down with rain and I think it put a couple of members off from sending and that is why we only had 240 birds entered, a few less than I expected, but Robert & Baz and the lads coped even though they got a bit of a soaking - the rain didn't stop everyone having a few beers while we waited for the transporter to pick the birds up.

Saturday morning we woke to bright sunshine so we knew the birds would have a good day for their first race.  The call came through that the birds had been libbed at 9.30am in a South West wind so a fast race was expected and with other Feds racing a bit earlier than us we had a good idea what time to expect them.  So when all the members had been notified it was up to the lofts of Roberts Bros to wait for the birds’ arrival.

Newest members to Packmoor & District. Mr & Mrs Les Henson


As it is 76miles plus all eyes were looking out at 76 minutes, a mile a minute we thought, well we didn't see anything, 77 minutes came and went then on 78 minutes two birds came into sight a bit off line, didn't know if they were for us or not but then one of them closed its wings and dived down, did half a lap round the cote and trapped like a good un. Well it was 3 minutes before the next birds arrived then the sky was full of pigeons, anyway 24 of the 25 that we sent got home before dark.

At the clubhouse on Saturday night 2 or 3 members were in with a chance of winning but it was the blue hen that dropped in at Roberts Bros lofts that took the Red Card.  Sunday morning we had a look what the blue hen was bred from and it turned out the dam was from a bird that we purchased at the Moorlands Prize Presentation in 2015 from Frank Bristow.  We did not breed off her in 2016 season but paired her up for 2017 season and from the first nest the Bristow hen produces a winner.

The sire to the blue hen is a Dutch bred bird that Ian Vernon from Nottinghamshire let us have.  All good so far from that pairing.

In second place are J & R McLatchie showing us he can fly young birds as well as flying the channel, 3rd place goes to Lee Khan & Sons, in 4th comes the Fed topper from Ancenis Bailey and Proctor followed by Walley & Wilkinson in 5th & 6th.

The result looks like this:-

1st        Roberts Bros         Vel 1695.089

2nd      J & R McLatchie     Vel 1674.940

3rd       Lee Khan & Sons   Vel 1674.609

4th       Bailey & Proctor     Vel 1661.615

5th       Walley & Wilkinson Vel 1641.309

6th       Walley &Wilkinson  Vel 1640.627 

That's it for this week

Jeff Roberts

Press Officer

Packmoor & DHS


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