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Reg. Wright Personality Profile

Via Questions From Jim Emerton

Q1; Reg, tell us about your interest and dedication to pigeons and pigeon racing?

A; The interest in the pigeon game for me gets stronger and stronger each year with the fascination of the unknown of the offspring that we have reared. Personally I think pigeon racing is probably the hardest sport to be in. it’s the unknown of each race of how it’s about to turn out. One minute you’re scratching your head and the next you’re blown away by the performance you’ve just produced. But then we can be wiped out and it takes a few years to build that team up again. People think we are bonkers in what we do but what they don’t see is the dedication of what we put into the sport, we are up early, been training, cleaned out the pigeon loft before most have got out of bed, some of us travel miles to basket our birds for a race.

Q2; Are you a lover of nature and the natural world?

A; Nature is a wonderful thing, for me every creature on this earth has a survival instinct but most of all “character”

Q3;   Who inspires you in the pigeon sport world?

A; This one is easy. Anyone that is good at it and is consistent.  Over years that I’ve raced pigeons I’ve known of many a great fancier, G&K Coopers, M Gilbert, R & K O’Connor , R Roe, B Beasent & Son, K Mellonby, M Adcock, all great pigeon fanciers in their own right. You can only take your hat off to these Fanciers “ Dedicated fanciers” and won out of turn.

Q4: Do you dream big and act large-what ambitions have you??

A; I think we all dream a bit, but there is nothing wrong in that, it inspires you. My ambition is to win an International race but I need to win a national first, I came close 2nd but want to win it.

Q5: The origin of your stock please and the nature of your system Reg?

A; The origin of my stock is Van Loons, Van Reets, van de merwe, Maris. I’ve raced roundabout for the last two years now but widowhood previously.

Q6:  Do you see The BICC as the future of UK pigeon racing, and why???

A; Personally at this time I think the BICC is the best club in Britain, All the best pigeon people can be in this club and it’s great to race against them.

Q7;   How do you feel about The Northern Expansion of The BICC and further marking stations ??

A; The Northern expansion for the BICC could be the best thing that could happen to them in my view, I think in a couple of years when people realise that the north is competing with the south that it will double their birdage and be incredible racing, there are some fantastic pigeon fanciers up north and I’m sure can prove how good they are. This is the British International Championship Club and everyone needs a fair crack of the whip. It’s great that Chris Jones has put himself forward to run the North West marking station, from what I’m hearing he’s getting a great response from the members so that fantastic. Let’s hope the North east can produce the same.

Q8: Do your peers, friends and family support your objectives?

A;  Anyone that knows me knows I’m pigeon mad lol and they support everything I do. I’m very lucky to have Paula as she knows what this sport means to me.

Q9: Are you a professional person?

A; I try to be, but I think that’s for others to decide.

Q10; Do you like reading books and articles on nature and pigeons??

A; Yes I read about pigeons as much as I can. You never stop learning.

Q11; In your perception what are the mental qualities/traits of a champion pigeon man?

A;  Dedication, heart, focus, selfishness, stockmanship, always looking to the future.

Q12; Further comments please and good luck in your goals/aspirations/objectives-pics/ans to me Jim Emerton please.

A; I think that there needs to be something done about the hawk problem that this country is having, as the racing game is a dying sport and the hawk problem is not helping, in fact its killing our sport literally. I also feel there needs to be some consolidation on the number of Feds/Sections for the greater good and better regional integration.

Yours in Sport

Reg Wright