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Saltney Social Flying Club Race no.1

By Alan Foster

Well that’s it, the birds are through the moult, the shows are over and breeding is well under way, now to concentrate on getting the birds like mustard for this seasons racing programme.


This is going to be another exciting year for the Saltney Social flying club with another new member to take on the best of the best “The Assassin” from Sandycroft who for years has dominated the club and federation. It will be some mean feat to beat this top top flyer.


We have again decided to run a Breeder Buyer which has seen some class names of the sport both enter and buy birds again this year. There will be more information to come on this in the coming weeks which will see a list of birds published with all relevant information flyers want to know.


With the winter shows being a big hit last year having had myself, Geoff and the girls take the reign on running them, we have decided again to run the shows, the plan is to have all the shows in the hut at the back which will again be modified slightly with a lick of paint and a bit more lighting to aid the judge in their decisions. Even though everybody commented on the hut being very good in terms of light etc... We would like to make the room brighter to help everyone who is interested. However in order to promote the club and the number of birds we estimate will come to the Christmas show and presentation we will be back in the big hall for the big show.


Our ambition as a club is to become the leading show in the area but this will not stop us from supporting all the other shows being ran within the local area. We would hope for the same support if not more support for the shows again this year to help make this more worth while for everyone involved.


The first race of the year has come around with marking held at the Saltney Tavern on 07/04/2017, 5 members sent 93 pigeons to Hereford. The birds were liberated in a South East wind at 12:15. We estimated the birds would take around 1 ½ hours. We weren’t far wrong. With Robert Gordon this years newest member winning the first race with a velocity of 1736.33 with a 2 year old GB15X33649. The result was as follows:


Next weeks race will be held at Hereford again on the 15/04/2017. A great well done to Robert Gordon with his first win for the club in his first race of the season. With plenty more wins to come for him hopefully. This race produced good returns and in good time. Lets hope for a week of good weather to gets the birds ready again next week, having said that this is Britain and the weather does have a tendency to not be kind to us. All the best for next week lads.



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