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Simple Hard Facts Of Pigeon Racing


Wise to realise that few great champions and their birds are born on planet earth. We must try and enjoy the progress of gradual improvement from novice to expert. The sage knows what he does not know, which is vast. To do well you need some mastery of how to manage a colony of birds. As you go with time creative innovations and fresh ideas may well up in the brain, with study. All the basic clues are in books and the written media, normally at a more sophisticated level than word of mouth chatting. Nick and I have perfected our feeding system using mixtures of modern ingredients-a fusion of art and science has gone into this practice. The peerless Barcelona International is the greatest test of man and bird, especially into Ireland. From the early days of the 50s pellet feeding has changed the face of pigeon nutrition.  Inbreeding is the way to create your own family of racers, if you can focus long enough to do it-i have put 41 years in to it, and learned of it 60 years ago. Some UK pigeons and men are at least the equal of continental fliers. Distance and marathon racing are on the rise due to the influences of the BICC and Barcelona.

Predictable Aspects Of Pigeon Racing: From experience you can discern common trends in the sport. Even if you are a Saint, you will tend to be criticised by some others.  Most competitors are out to be regarded with recognition as no 1-they try to win with birds.  You will not win The Barcelona International race.   Most people will outbreed most of their birds as the continentals tend to do, with birds of different origins. New supplements, feeds and variations on systems will emerge over time. When we expire, our birds will be dispersed and any strains will alter in character under the influence of different people and their husbandry. Expect the unexpected, the unpredictable will occur and people and birds may surprise you. The BICC will rise and rise until a ceiling is reached. New viruses will emerge from time to time. The overall numbers of participants will decline.

Can You Teach Pigeon Racing? In all honesty, it is proving to be very difficult-NICK being a remarkable exception. People pick what they fancy from my writings in an attempt to further their position. The exact system and methodology is never replicated, and at best you inspire people to have a go. Head knowledge is fine as long as it translates into effective practice. The secret is to create a dream that may turn into a reality, if you execute it correctly. After 65 years of learning my knowledge is about established. A large obstacle to success with some men is ego, illusion, delusion, overconfidence and repeating bad practices that destroy condition in the birds. Best to study and learn from a good man, who is a teacher-if you are clever you can take it in. The top fanciers earn their perches by focus, dedication and brains.

The Versatile Fancier: I like people who start at sprint racing, learn the game and go right through to marathon level beyond 700 miles. Some birds are versatile and score at different distances, especially on the higher velocities, as out and out endurance birds tend to be slower than faster sprinters on the same system. 570 TO 600 MILES ON THE DAY e.g. at say Saintes into the North is a nice race and will be a good bird well prepared. These are worth breeding from, yet need to go out beyond 700 miles for my satisfaction. My strain has produced some versatile birds from 71 to 879 miles, yet you do not find many champions in a loft at races of a testing nature. Nick and I are seeking another one that we can be proud of. Wise to sample a variety of distances to find the practical limits of yourselves and the birds up to FORMULA 1 level.

Jim Emerton