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Sure Way To Find Distance And Marathon Pigeons

Jim Emerton


Wise to ignore the hype about the potential, quality, price and name of the birds that are in ready supply to the fancy. Distance pigeons are the ones you time between 500 to 700 miles and marathon birds over 700 miles. These are the criteria i look for in a pigeon as hard evidence of their quality.  I prefer Barcelona International birds that have flown over the English Channel. The next logical step is to breed off these birds and pair them together to form a strain over the years. This is simplistic as you will need to apply your mind to the development of a winning flying system to your loft. In reality, it can take a lifetime of study and work


Finding Your Own Way And Creating A System

After years of dedicated study to the sport, you may realise the dream and create a winning system with your birds, which is so hard to do. Well-bred birds bought in do not ensure success on their own-knowledge and skill is essential. Wise to start at the bottom as a novice and go from there, till the results start coming through in racing and breeding. The ultimate is the creation of a distance/marathon strain of birds to your own loft or elsewhere. Some fanciers make it their dream and life to do so.


Free Advice To The Fancy


My work continues in helping people with specimens of my strain throughout the UK and Ireland, and helping distance and marathon enthusiasts with breeding and racing. Really you need to dedicate your whole life and being to the cultivation of a strain. This is the result of the systems, methods and mind set adopted at home, and is very applicable to International racing. You can help with advice and birds, then success is the responsibility of each person, who practices the dream. The evolution from novice to expert is both subtle and complex, and some people find greatness within a life time-give it a go!



The British Racing Pigeon


Some birds in our shores and the fanciers are as good as any in the world. You do not need to buy foreign birds these days as The BICC finding the best birds in the North/South/East and West of competing men and birds. The secret is to race your own breed of racing bird through knowledge/skill and overall management on your own system. With a closed gene pool we do not accept any fresh blood into the loft. This is a peculiar and individual thing to do and is contrary to orthodox trends. Our top fanciers are as good as it gets up to and over 700 miles.



The Wish, Hope, Dream And Vision

These are powerful tools in the psyche of the ambitious individual. As drives from within, and with self-discipline, absolute focus and dedication  to objectives, you may do great things in your chosen field . The essence is to feel the benefits of any overt talents or gifts that you can muster, driven by passion, hunger and desire to achieve. People with this type of belief may be propelled along by fame, money, power, spirituality etc. My motivation is a sense of being -in a way EXISTENTIAL and pure stimulus.