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Thames North & Eastern Counties Flying Club

First and foremost we need to take a look at the structure of this Essex & surrounding counties south road club, as we approach the 2017 season. It is true to say that this club is without doubt, one of the biggest none national flying clubs in the country today, with marking stations that stretch from Tilbury in the west of Essex right through to Colchester in the east plus an active membership of over one hundred.

In the early days traditionally this corner of Essex, where the Thames North head quarters are situated was considered to be a bed of North road flyers, with just a few south road orientated fanciers sending birds south to race. These fanciers formed what was then known as the Essex south road federation. In those early days the lads were pushed for transport and had often to travel through the Dartford tunnel towards Kent where they would blag a lift for their few birds on a Kent transporter. The N.F.C. was also flown but the self same fanciers were out on such a limb that often a two hour lead in the local marking station would only just make the first 100 nationally. From the early pioneers of these Essex south road flyers time has moved on, fanciers have come and gone, some father and son partnerships have moved on, sons taking over the main role in all aspects of the pigeon racing. Progress has enabled the fanciers here in the south east to win classics and national races bringing us once again back to the 2017 season.

South road racing is now strong in the south east with the Thames North & Eastern Counties Flying club taking a lead for south road racing in this area.

Up to date racing methods

As the newly appointed press officer for the Thames North, what I would like to impress on you the readers is the forward thinking of this modern club, what it offers its members, as well as what its members are expecting to get from their club. Although the Thames North is to many of its membership a vehicle to promote (or train) their birds ready for the N.F.C. the B.I.C.C. or other national concerns, to many of its members its a club that gives them some outstanding inland racing, competing against many top flyers and large numbers of birds.

There is no doubt that whatever pleasure is gained from the club all of its members give a great deal of input. From an observers point of view it is true to say that many of the winners of the sprint races are also victors in the overseas races, partially on the sprint to middle distance race points. The club itself is quite unique in the sense that pigeons of any age can be raced at any time. This allows members that don’t want to race young birds early or maybe not at all a chance to race old bird’s right through the season, young bird flyers an opportunity to start their young birds early in the season, giving their young birds a chance to graduate into racing. Young birds that are not in the right condition can be entered later in the season, but at the same time the fancier is not missing out on their racing as they can still race their old bird’s right to the end of the summer.

Future club reports

As the season progresses hopefully we will be able to report on some of the outstanding performances, both overseas and inland, as well as taking a look at the breeding of these birds

their bio needs and preparation.


2017 club progression

By the time this report is read, fanciers in and around the country, will have noticed that the Thames North & E.C.F.C. will have run an auction on Elimar which will have been sponsored by numerous outstanding flyers. There will also have been a stand at Blackpool with a number of birds for sale. All these activities have been activated by Thames North & E.C.F.C. members working extremely hard to create enough funds to acquire the latest up to date bio friendly transporter a transporter that will reach all the requirements as they cross the channel. If you have already purchased birds from these venues, on behalf of all the members of the Thames North they would like to say that every effort was put into getting you the fancier the best opportunity of purchasing something that will stand you in good stead, for future racing be it sprint middle or long distance. Thank you for your support Thames North & Eastern Counties Flying Club.











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