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The Eyes Of The World Are On Ireland


The next great, global, pigeon racing performance will be in Ireland. Men are poised to enter the spirit of Barcelona International racing at over 800 miles. This will redefine the whole concept and percept of marathon racing, and transform distance racing over there and how we view excellence and great pigeons. Nolan and Swindell are stepping up to the plate as dreamers and practitioners of the art/science fusion of the extreme distance. I see it as the zenith of a man’s ambition in the sport. You should be in the BICC for all the glittering Barcelona trophies that I have donated. Who will be the personification of the ultimate dream in the fiery cauldron of race reality? It will happen within the next few years and will be entirely creditable.

Race Build Up For Barcelona Int: We plan 1 club race scheduled for April 15th,then follow The BICC prog. to Poitiers 1. The yearlings will be stopped after that race. Our Barcelona candidates will have one more little race before entry to Barcelona. We believe in few races with a steady build up of time on the wing up to 12hrs or so, with big rests in between and no road training, other than the race prog. after it starts. The slower the birds up to July the better I like it, as we build up muscle, fat reserves and energy on our unique feeding system. There are 29 birds for racing in total and we are seeking one good one in the clock at 710 measured miles. It keeps us focused on objectives.

Examples of Greatly Inbred YBS of The Emerton Harvey Strain

Do Racing Pigeons Have Limits? With my strain, I practice inbreeding still after 41 years-we continue with the serious progeny testing of all racers. In reality we have not found the final limit within the colony-it is part of our continued fanaticism with the same 7 foundation pigeons and is a quasi-scientific discipline in practice. The UK 1000 MILER is almost extinct with over 800 miles at Barcelona Int. being the usual benchmark of marathon excellence. The Marco Wilson dark cock is the modern exemplar, to me and we have 2 direct children of the champion as gifts. The great test of now is to clock into Ireland out of Barcelona International-I see this as a limit for both man and pigeon. Watch out, as it will happen-Swindell perhaps or Nolan? They are talking and dreaming big-RACE REALITY is looming large. Time to get real, time to get practical.

Today’s Targets For Pigeon Fanciers; Some of these suggestions may focus your attention on tasks and objectives. Attempts will be made on The Barcelona International into the UK and Ireland. The Irish attempt will grab the attention of global media, due to the severe difficulty and audacious courage of man and fancier-my trophy is ready in The BICC. We will expand racing northwards as the concept of marathon racing is accepted into the human psyche. A top challenge is an 800 miler on day 2 out of Barcelona Int. I feel that The BBC may well return to that race point. I would like to see more top media coverage of the sport, and reduced jealousy, with sporting recognition of good results. With increased awareness of ecological/conservational issues I must emphasise the importance of the pigeon, as it brings nature and the natural world close to man.

Have Racers Improved Over The Past 40 Years??? Years gone by some real champions emerged as they do today in 2017. In spite of no accurate genetic and performance testing criteria, very few great 800 milers have emerged in the UK. I feel that modern systems of management with optimal feeding and supplementation ,give birds the best possible race preparation by certain people in certain lofts and locations, in races up to the 700 mile mark. Longer than this, especially in International races most birds will struggle with physical, psychological and navigational qualities of most racing pigeons. Mark Gilbert has it bang on up to 700 miles with his total husbandry-lofts/location/system and personnel. Some racers, all being of diverse genetic origins will evolve slowly in conjunction with advances in preparation. With a few exceptions, perhaps I think our craft and knowledge, using applied science and art is peaking. Top 50 Barcelona Int. results will be rare, as we stretch the boundaries and limits of the pigeon, without the use of prohibited doping. With my books i am reaching the zenith of my own career in pigeons. It is so hard to win at Barcelona into the far West Country of Somerset, never mind the total race. The essence is to keep attempting to improve ourselves and the birds with controlled focus.

Jim Emerton