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Around The U N C 02-09-18




with Keith Simpson

“The Original” Around The Up North Combine

1st Teesside Federation Win For Nathan Bonar

By Good Corn



   I have the info on Chris Cooke of Staithes timers for the Worksop (1) race where Chris won 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th Club out of a two members entry of 16 birds. Top spot was won by a blue hen out of  Francois Leys of Belgium stock, with the hen scoring an impressive 4th Fed out of 1,650 birds. The grand/sire of the red card winning hen has also bred a blue cock that won 1st Club, 1st Fed Bubwith (1), 2nd Club, 2nd Fed Worksop (1) and 6th Club, 8th Fed Peterborough as a young bird back in 2015. The cock is also grand/sire to the lads 2016 double Federation winner, Chris has done very well with this family of Pigeons the past few years. The blue card was awarded to “Lula Bell” a chequer flipey hen bred by Thurwell Bros & Bradley that went onto pocket 6th Fed. While the green card was netted by a dark chequer hen that took 31st Fed who is out of a D Pinkney of Hull chequer cock when paired to a Francois Leys hen, who is the previous potter of 132nd Up North Combine young bird National. Fourth on the clock for Chris was a dark chequer hen claiming 33rd Fed, she was one of two youngsters bred by Wayne Chew of Hornsea, with the other baby taking 4th Club Bubwith (1). And she was followed by a chequer flipey Franz Fran x Francois Leys hen that was 5th Club Bubwith (1) when beaten by two loftmates that won 1st and 4th Club, when the red card winner went onto score 15th Fed when there were 2,092 birds competing.  

   I also have Andrew “ Jappa” Appleton & Paul “Skunky” Longstaff of Haverton Hill info for Worksop (2) where the lads won 1st, 2nd, 4th Club. The winner was a blue cock bred from Colin Atkinson of Billingham stock, the cocks sister netted 3rd Club Worksop (1). The blue card was awarded to a blue Vandenabeele cock of Ali McLeod of Billingham stock, while the yellow was potted by a blue Vandenabeele hen bred out of Ali McLeod stock. Skunky you must have more Billingham bloodlines in your loft than the whole of the Billingham members. It might look odd to some that the Worksop races of the East Cleveland Federation don’t match with the Teesside Federation races, this is due to the Federations being at different race points at some points from the first four young bird races.

   The Teesside Federation entry of 666 birds were liberated from Worksop (3) on Saturday 25th August flying into a North-West wind. Nathan Bonar recorded his second young bird win from four starts at Haverton Hill, with the lads red card winner being a blue cock achieving a chart-topping vel of 1348 which was enough to win a brilliant 1st Fed. Nathan in his first season flying the young birds, first win was achieved from Worksop (1) when he won a fantastic 1st Club, 2nd Fed. Paul Gatley, Bob Harrod & son Dale timed a chequer cock achieving 1345 to chalk up a notable 2nd Club, 2nd Fed; and then clocked a second bird, a blue cock doing 1293 for 18th Fed. Jappa” Appleton & “Skunky” Longstaff who were out-gunned by the top-gun Nathan, timed four birds to lift 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th Club, 3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th Fed with vels of 1344, 1323.3, 1323.1 and 1321. With the green card being chalked up by a blue cock and he was followed by the yellow card scoring blue pied cock, while the red hen that won 1st £5 Fed Rings out of Worksop (1) and Worksop (2), wins 1st £5 Fed Rings and £55.00 again. Jappa & Skunky's fourth timer was a blue hen that lifts 2nd £5 Fed Rings and £35.00, we know the saying “money goes to money”.

   Moving onto Billingham T U H/S where the loft of Tommy Clark & son Gary hits winning form after timing a couple of their entries to win a cracking 1st and 2nd Club, with top spot being won by a chequer hen achieving a winning vel of 1325 which was enough to chalk up a nice 4th Fed. Tommy & Gary's blue card potter that was timed 31 seconds after the red card winner was a blue pied cock racking up a vel of 1319.8 to go onto net 9th Fed and round off a great performance. Brian Atkinson & Keith Perkins are in the frame for the second race running after clocking two babies to lift 3rd and 4th Club, with the lads green card potting chequer hen doing 1316.3 to pocket 11th Fed. The hen is in the clock for the second race running after taking 11th Fed the previous race out of Worksop (2) when beaten by two loftmates that chalked up a belting 2nd and 4th Club, 2nd and 4th Fed. Brian & Keith's second timer that was clocked 33 seconds after their green card lifter was a dark pied hen doing 1310.2 for 14th Fed; the yellow card potter is also chalking for the second week running after clocking up a notable 4th Club, 4th Fed Worksop (2). Its like Noah’s Ark this week for George Brydon became the third Billingham member to time two birds, George who won a fantastic 1st Club, 1st Fed from the 2017 Pontefract (1) young bird race, first timer was a was a fancied youngster bred by Miller Bros & Kyle of Bolden fame doing 1301 to lift 4th Club, 16th Fed, 1st Fed Nom and 2nd Tees Valley Federation & Teesside Federation Breeder/Buyer winning £250 for both lofts. George's second timer was a blue pied hen that was clocked 18 seconds after his first timer doing 1296 to claim 17th Fed.

Keith Hodge of Hodge & Potter, Beechwood & Easterside the winners of 1st, 3rd, 5th Club, 8th, 12th, 15th Teesside Federation Worksop (3).


   The Middlesbrough H/S partnership of Keith Hodge & Dennis Potter have started to show winning form, the lads who won 1st and 2nd Club, 9th and 10th Fed Worksop (2) records their second win on the bounce after timing no fewer than three of their team to win 1st, 3rd and 5th Club. With the red card winner being a blue hen achieving a chart-topping vel of 1319.9 to go onto score a useful 8th Fed, while the duo's green card potter was also a blue hen only this time doing 1316.2. Third on the clock came a blue pied hen making 1310 to notch up 15th Fed and round off a second young bird winning performance for Keith & Dennis. The late Wyn Cole, Ste “Bedroom Slippers” Wheatley & grandson Connor are in second spot, with Ste having to go out and obtain a Sunderland bred chequer cock doing 1318 to take 10th Fed to beat his son Stephen and his wife Jeanann lol. Ste & Connor were in the money when they timed a later bird bred by Mrs Singh & Family for the Tees Valley Federation & Teesside Federation Breeder/Buyer doing 1232 which was enough to take 3rd winning £150.00 each. Mr & Mrs Stephen & Jeanann Wheatley had a couple of birds on the clock to chalk up 4th and 6th Club with the yellow card potting blue hen doing 1313 for 13th Fed was bred by Anth Moore of Guisborough for the Tees Valley Federation & Teesside Federation Breeder/Buyer which it wins 1st prize banking £350.00 for Anth and £150.00 for Stephen & Jeanann.   

   Derek Gibson & Burnip of the Beechwood & Easterside wins 1st Club, 20th Fed for the second week running, this time the winner is a chequer cock achieving a top vel of 1289. Derek timed a second youngster to notch up 5th Club. The loft of Leon Kime & Kenzley Reed who are enjoying a cracking season timed three of their squad to score a notable 2nd, 3rd and 6th Club, while Lythe & Warwick claims 4th Club. 

   The East Cleveland Federation 57 members entry of 1,535 birds were up and away from Worksop (2) at 9.10hrs. Ian Stafford & Mark Wilson won 1st Club, 2nd Fed at Skinningrove from a eleven members entry of 352 birds. Tich Richards & Alice Marsay nets a notable 2nd Club, 7th Fed with a vel of 1337.7. While B & K Simpson timed three darkened down flying to the perch youngsters to pocket 3rd Club, 8th, 17th and 18th Fed on 1337.3, 1321.8 and 1321.6. With the green card being awarded to a dark Dirk Van Den Bulck cock and he was followed by a blue Dirk Van Den Bulck hen both bred by good friend Bob Fenech of Norfolk fame. Brian & Keith's third timer was a chequer flipey hen who is the daughter of a on loan cock paired to the “45 Hen”, the brothers number 1 Busschaert stock hen. Sayers Bros Dave, Kenny, Brian and loft helper Richard clocked three birds to lift 4th and 5th Club, 10th, 11th and 16th Fed on 1334.2, 1333.4 and 1321.9. Mike Prokopowicz & son Lee notch up 13th Fed on 1333.1., the duo are also the winners of the £5 Club Nom. Keith Wren & Margaret Stone timed a chequer pied hen doing 1322 to lift 15th Fed, with the hen being a something special gift youngster bred by John Soderlund & John Maddison of South Shields. 

   Onto Skelton Green where we see the loft the late Peter Winspear & son Derek and his son mark return to their winning ways in fantastic style after timing three youngsters to win a belting 1st, 2nd, 6th Club from a six members entry of 193 birds. Derek & Mark the Clubs 2017 Young Bird Average Winners well out in front red and blue card winners were timed one second apart to record vels of 1346.7 and 1346.5 which was enough to score a very impressive 3rd and 4th Fed. Derek & Mark who won an outstanding 1st Club, 1st Fed out of Bubwith (1) from the first young bird race when there was 2,092 birds competing, third timer was doing 1304. Bowden Bros Mick & Boss and helper Trevor Mitchell the Bubwith (2) and Worksop (1) winning trio timed a couple of their entries within two seconds of each other to chalk up 3rd and 4th Club on 1312 and 1311. While Terry Stonehouse who is trying his hardest to get into the top three takes 5th spot on 1310.

   Mr & Mrs Bob & Babs Moore the 1st Club, 2nd Fed Bubwith (1) winners returned to their winning ways at Brotton H/S from a ten members entry of 266 birds, with the duo's pole position winner achieving a top vel of 1342 to lift a cracking 5th Fed. Reg Wilson, Ray Mole & Partners who missed the Bubwith (2) and Worksop (1) races returned to racing to chalk up a notable 2nd Club, 6th Fed on 1338. Mr & Mrs Golly “Graham” & Linda Peirson & Tubby Purver and loft helpers Evo “Ian” Everington & Frankie Rolands had three of their squad on the clock to pocket a nice 3rd, 4th and 5th Club. With the green card being lifted by a blue John Soderlund & John Maddison x Derek Porter hen, with the hen who nets 22nd Fed on 1316.9 being through “Dino” and a grand/daughter of “Village Lad”. The yellow was potted by a blue hen of Ian Stafford lines that was timed five seconds after the green card claimer to take 23rd Fed on 1316.0, with the hen being the nest-sister to the gangs 2 x 1st Clubs winner. Golly, Linda, Tubby, Evo & Frankie's third timer was a chequer hen of Galaxy Lofts Van Loon/Rietvink when paired to Evo's 1st Up North Combine Gold Medal winning “Evo's Lad”. Mick Smithies pockets 6th Club.   

   Mr & Mrs Bob & Babs Moore returned to the winners' enclosure at the Brotton Six Bird Club where the duo timed two of their team to win a cracking 1st and 2nd Club, with the red card winning youngster that chalked up 3rd Club, 24th Fed the previous week out of Worksop (1) racking up a chart-topping vel of 1335 to score a notable 9th Fed and give Bob & Babs their second win of the day.      

   Chris Cooke records his second win on the belt and third young bird win in four races down at Staithes after timing four babies to win 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th Club from a two members entry of 17 birds. Leading the way was the chequer flipey Franz Fran x Francois Leys hen that netted 5th Club Bubwith (1) and 6th Club Worksop (2), this time with a vel of 1320 the hen racked up 20th Fed. The green and yellow card potters were nestmates with the first one being a red cock and the second one a chequer hen that won 1st Club, 15th Fed Bubwith (1). With the sire of the brother and sister being out of Francois Leys x the late Armand Van Looy stock. Fourth on the clock for Chris came the chequer flipey hen “Lula Bell bred by Thurwell Bros & Bradley that is scoring for the second time after chalking up 2nd Club, 6th Fed Worksop (1) the previous week. I would like to thank Chris for the photo he sent me of Yvonne, Francois and the late Armand Van Looy. Deano Ward timed a couple of birds to lift 2nd and 6th Club.   

   Jimmy Reed achieves his second young bird win in four starts at Marske & New Marske after filling no fewer than three chambers to win 1st, 2nd and 5th Club from a six members muster of 150 birds, with top spot being won by a 7 day sitting grizzle hen bred from Geoff Kirkland stock. The blue card was chalked up by a chequer Brown & Hunt x Homer & Williams Busschaert hen sent sitting around a week. While Jimmy's third timer was a flying to the perch dark flipey cock from Graham Jones of Guisborough, with this being the cocks second chalk after netting 3rd Club out of Bubwith (1) when beaten by a loftmate that won 1st Club, 21st Fed from a convoy of 2,092 birds. The late Jack Brown & Tony Hunt are in 3rd spot with Tony's green card potter being a 5 day sitting blue Seppers Van Gompel cock. Geoff Bavin clocked a flying to the perch chequer hen out of Martin Hogarth stock to pocket 4th Club.


Yvonne, Francois and the late Armand Van Looy, on Chris Cooke's first meeting.

With that I will sign off for another week. Any news to Good Corn 6 Boulby Drive Loftus Saltburn Cleveland TS13 4JN. Tel: 01287 643624 or Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.