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Around The U N C 01-06-18


“The Original” Around The Up North Combine

By Good Corn


My Haverton Hill info man is back off his holidays and catches up on the info I never had on hand while he was away. Eastbourne (1) National 3rd Club was Rob Barron with a well fancied 2y chequer cock who won 1st Club, 2nd Teesside Fed, 15th Up North Combine Burbure (1) in 2017 plus other positions wins the 50p and £1 pools. 4th Club was taken by Stewart Lewis, Amber & Cody McCabe with a well fancied yearling which also took 1st Yearling Nom banking £100, while 2nd  Yearling Nom was netted by Andrew Appleton & Paul Longstaff pocketing £50.00, the duo enjoyed a great day for they also won 1st & 2nd Club, 4th and 6th Fed, 110th and 169th UNC. Onto Oakham (1)  where Stewart Lewis, Amber & Coby McCabe won a top notch 1st, 2nd and 3rd Club out of a entry of 158 birds with the red card being won by a 2y blue hen bred by Darren “Frosty” Frost of The Pigeon Arch Corn Store, the hen who won 2 x 1st Clubs last year also take the 25p pool £26.80p. Stewart, Amber & Coby's blue and green card scorers were two yearling hens bred through Appleton & Longstaff stock. Andrew Appleton & Paul Longstaff took 4th Club with a 2y blue pied Soontjen x Ali McLeod hen. While Paul Gatley, Graham Harrod & Son Dale pocket 5th Club with a 2y hen followed by a fancied 2y blue hen taking the 50p & £1 pools £13.50, the hen was bred by Mr & Mrs Stephen & Jeanann Wheatley from their good hen the previous winner of the Fed Bird Of The Year who has 10 x 1st Clubs to her credit.

The Bronze Medal winning Andrew Appleton & Paul Longstaff of Haverton Hill winning 1st

Club, 1st Teesside Fed, 3rd Up North Combine Burbure (1).

On Thursday 24th May the members of the Up North Combine basketed their birds for Burbure, the first of five French channel races. The three UNC transporters carrying a convoy of around 10,500 birds crossed the very foggy channel and reached the very foggy Burbure race site around 7am Friday. Saturday 26th May started with poor weather conditions at both the race site and on-route, there was no improvement at 8am and again at 9am, so the last call for a liberation would be 10 o'clock. When 10 o'clock arrived the weather situation was no better, so Chief Convoyer Peter Maw had no choice than to hold the birds over. The North Yorks and East Cleveland Federations had decided a few weeks earlier to stage the missed Oakham race on the Bank Holiday Monday, but the race point was later changed to Worksop. Now with the Burbure birds held over it was decided to basket the Worksop birds on the Saturday for a Sunday liberation.

The French weather changed for the better on Sunday 27th May, so much so the Burbure birds were liberated at 6.05am flying into a light East wind. The East Cleveland Federations 52 members Worksop entry of 987 birds were liberated at 8.05am in a light East wind. Ian Stafford & Sparky Wilson timed four birds to win 1st, 3rd and 4th Club at Skinningrove H/S, 1st, 4th, 5th, 10th Fed on 1357, 1343.5, 1343.3, 1338.38. Sayers Bros Dave, Kenny, Brian and loft helper Richard timed four birds in the space of half a minute to lift 2nd and 5th Club, 3rd, 6th, 7th and 9th Fed with vels of 1344, 1342, 1339, 1338.5. With the blue card being awarded to a yearling widowhood hen out of the best of Dave Jones & Kirsty Carkett of Brotton H/S. Second on the clock was a Gary Cox of Hull bred widowhood hen out of his best Heremans Ceusters, the hen is the previous scorer of 5th Club, 16th Fed Oakham from 1,606 birds and 5th Club, 14th Fed Newark out of 2,332 birds. Third on the clock was a 3y Dave Jones & Kirsty Carkett widowhood cock and he was followed by a Smit Van Winkle cross.

The Brotton H/S loft of Reg Wilson, Ray Mole & Partners got back on the winning trail after timing three of their entries to win 1st, 2nd and 6th Club, with the red card being won by a 2y blue pied Fabry x Van Limpt De Prut cock achieving a chart topping vel of 1338.7 to pot 8th Fed. The winning cock scored a very impressive 2nd Club, 2nd Fed, 1st Loftus Championship Club Special Nom banking £150 Chelmsford three weeks earlier from a convoy of 2,189 birds, and before this season he was the previous winner of 4th Club, 12th Fed Oakham, 1st Club, 2nd Fed Oakham and 1st Club, 6th Fed Rivenhall. The blue card scoring yearling who was timed two seconds after Reg & Ray's winner knocked out a vel of 1338.333 to go onto net 11th Fed. Third on the clock was a 2017 bred Fabry cross who is chalking for the third time this season after taking 6th Club, 19th Fed Chelmsford and claiming 19th Fed out of Oakham (1). W & S Ward lifts 3rd Club, 15th Fed on 1334.6 with Bill & Shaun's green card scorer being their yearling Leo Heremans out of their “Pen 7 Pair” that are through Homer & Williams that won 1st Club Brotton H/S, 5th Fed the previous race out of Oakham (1). Mr & Mrs Bob & Babs Moore the 1st Club, 3rd Fed Bubwith winning on the opening day of the new season from a convoy of 1,474 birds, pockets 4th Club, 21st Fed with a yearling making 1326.6. While Dave “Rooster” Storr notches up 5th Club, 22nd Fed with a 2y doing 1317.

W & S Ward certainly have their birds on song this season and they did the damage again after enjoying another cracking clocking day at the Brotton Six Bird Club after timing no fewer than three of their six entries to win a top notch 1st, 2nd and 3rd Club to chalk up their fifth win of the year. With the inform Bill and Grandson Shaun's red card winner being their equally inform and fancied 2y Staf Van Reet hen racking up a top vel of 1337 to win the Club Nom and go onto lift 12th Fed. The winning hen is enjoying a cracking run for she won 1st Club Bubwith, 2nd Club Newark when beaten by a Clubmate, 2nd Club Oakham (1) when beaten by a loftmate and a 5th Club this season. The blue card potter that was timed 13 seconds after Bill & Shaun's chart topper was a 2016 bred Leo Heremans through Homer & Williams of Grangetown/St Marys fame doing 1334.7 to pocket 14th Fed, with the duo's timer being the same bird that won 1st Club Chelmsford. Twelve seconds after the blue card scorer came the green card potting 2y Homer & Williams Leo Heremans/Gus Janssen hen making 1332 to pocket 17th Fed, with the hen being the previous winner of 1st Club, 13th Fed previous week out of Oakham (1). Frank & Brenda Reilly & Son Wayne timed a couple of 2y to pot 4th and 5th Club, while Ricky Cush clocked a yearling to notch up 6th Club.

Lifelong member of the sport and still going Tony Hunt of the late Jack Brown & Hunt partnership record a hat trick of wins at Marske & New Marske after timing a couple of birds to win 1st and 3rd Club. With top spot being won by a 2016 bred blue De Klak/Van Loon widowhood cock recording a top vel of 1337.0 which was enough to score 13th Fed, the cock is the previous winner of 1st Club Newark (1) and scorer of a number of other minor positions last season. The green card was awarded to a yearling blue Dirk Seppers Van Gompel widowhood cock who won a cracking 1st Club, 4th Fed Oakham (1) the previous race when there were 1,606 birds competing. Jimmy Reid filled no fewer than three cells to lift 2nd, 4th and 5th Club with the blue card going to a 2y chequer roundabout cock who is off a Son of Tony Hunt's SED Cock, the cocks nestmate was 4th Club out of Oakham (1). The yellow card scoring 3y roundabout cock is out of a Wildermeersch cock when paired to Jimmy's good Lillers Hen; and he was followed by a yearling blue roundabout hen bred from Geoff Kirkland stock.

Next stop is Skelton Green where the loft of Bowden Bros Mick & Boss and loft helper Trevor Mitchell got back to their winning ways after timing a couple of birds to win 1st and 6th Club to record their third win of the season. With Mick, Boss & Trevor the previous winners of 1st Club, 19th Fed Bubwith and 1st Club, 7th Fed Newark red card winner being a 2y achieving 1333 to chalk up 15th Fed; while their second timer was a yearling. Alan & David Wright had a single bird on the clock to lift 2nd Club with the lads blue card scoring yearling knocking out a vel of 1330 to claim 17th Fed. Terry “Benno” & Daniel Bennison of the Roche, Bennison & Crame partnership clocked a 2y doing 1328 to pot 3rd Club, 19th Fed. Bill Chapman, Sons Steve & Colin and the late Tommy Swinburne are in 4th spot with a 3y, while the partnership of the late Peter Winspear & Son Derek and his Son Mark, the previous weeks 1st Club, 1st Fed Oakham (1) winners had a couple of yearling touch down together to take 6th and 7th Club.

Onto Staithes where the Strongbow will have being flowing on the Sunday night after Chris Cooke hit the winners' enclosure after timing three of his squad to win a cracking 1st, 2nd and 3rd Club. With the red and blue cards being won by a couple of yearlings, the first one a blue hen and the second timer being a chequer hen that netted 2nd Club Chelmsford with them both being from Francois Leys. As was the blue yearling cock that scored 2nd Club from the Eastbourne (1) National, Chris has had a few of the Francois Leys imports either win or score. Third on the clock was a 2y dark chequer cock that was bred by D Pinkney and purchased at a local breeder/buyer sale. It was very pleasing to see Chris whose family I have known for many years, finally win pole position after taking 2nd Club three races running out of Newark, Chelmsford and Eastbourne.

Deano Ward who has 3 x 1st Clubs under his belt also had a trio of birds on the clock to lift 4th, 5th and 6th Club.

Moving onto the Burbure (1) channel race where the birds achieved faster velocity's than many thought, starting with Haverton Hill which saw the loft of Andrew Appleton & Paul Longstaff enjoy a “Yabba, Jappa Doo” day after timing no fewer than five of their squad to win a brilliant 1st, 3rd, 5th, 6th and 7th Club, 1st, 8th, 14th, 16th and 17th Teesside Federation with vels of 1558, 1461, 1409, 1401, 1399.2. With Jappa & Skunky's well out in front pole position Federation winner that topped the Fed charts by 21 minutes being a fancied yearling blue Vandenabeele hen bred by Ali McLeod wins the Fed £5 Nom pocketing £55.00 and a earth-shattering 3rd Up North Combine, winning a Combine Bronze Medal. The hens Brother won a top notch  1st Club, 4th Fed, 1st £5 Fed Nom banking £60 and 110th UNC Eastbourne (1) National two weeks previous out of 18,545 birds. The winning pair's Sire won 2 x 1st Teesside Federations for Ali, while the Dam won 1st Club, 1st Fed, 21st UNC Bourges out of 1,795 birds for Ali in 2017 when only 37 birds were recorded in race time from the three day race. The duo's green card was potted by a yearling blue cock direct from “290” winner of 1st Club, 1st Fed Lillers and now at stock, while the Dam is a Gaby Vandenabeele through Victor Reid and is the boys number one stock hen. Third on the clock was a 2017 Ian Stafford chequer cock and he was followed by a 4y chequer pied cock who is no stranger in the clock from France after winning 1st Club, 1st Fed, 66th UNC Reims from 3,794 birds and 2nd Club, 3rd Fed Burbure. Andrew & Paul's fifth timer was a 2y blue hen that has scored minor positions from over the pond, she has also spent some time out of racing through a hawk attack injury. Andrew & Paul love the distance races with them enjoying great success from the channel over the years with them winning a number of Club and Federation wins and averages and top UNC positions, but this has being their best achievement so far but that doesn’t say they will not better that in the future.

Rob Barron is in 2nd spot with his well fancied good chequer cock achieving 1465, the cock who was pooled to the £1 in the Club chalks up 7th Fed winning the Fed Nom. He won 1st Club, 2nd Fed, 1st £5 Fed pools banking £60.00 from this race last season when he went onto score an impressive 15th UNC from a convoy of 13,268 birds. He also netted 4th Club, 10th Fed, 173rd UNC Burbure (2) when there was 10,689 birds competing. The cock who took 3rd Club, 16th Fed out of this years Eastbourne (1) National race, is looking good for 2nd Shotton & Trimdon open pools. The chequer cock is bred through Brian Murray of Manchester and Grangetown/St Marys, North Yorks Fed Brian Hart & Son Gary's 3rd UNC Bronze Medal winner. Paul Gatley, Graham Harrod & Son Dale takes 4th Club with their good 2y Stephen & Jeanann Wheatley's blue hen who was 6th Club the previous week, this time with a vel of 1411 the hen pots 13th Fed.

Ali McLeod the Federations Channel Average winner in 2017 times four birds to win 1st,, 5th, 6th and 7th Club, 2nd, 12th, 15th and 18th Fed at Billingham T U H/S with vels of 1480.9, 1437, 1404, 1399.1. With the red card winner being a yearling blue Vandenabeele hen that has the same Dam of Mac's 1st UNC Burbure winner “Gaby Lou”, and her Sire is half Brother to the Sire of the Gold Medal winning “Gaby Lou”, so she's are near to you can get to a Sister to 1st and 2nd UNC and many more positions in the UNC. Second on the clock was a 2017 bred chequer hen who is a Granddaughter of the famous “Harry” of Jan Hooymans and she was followed by a yearling blue hen and the fourth bird to be timed was a 2y blue hen. Brian Atkinson & Keith Perkins had a couple of birds on the clock to lift 2nd Club, 4th and 20th Fed on 1472.9 and 1393, with the blue card being netted by a 2y blue pied cock who is a Son of Brian & Keith's 1st UNC Gold Medal winning “Ollie” when paired to Ali McLeod Vandenabeele hen out of his 2nd UNC Eastbourne and 8th UNC Ypres winning cock who is the Sire of his good racing cocks “82” & “29” and some fantastic racers, once again the Vandenabeele family are full of winning bloodlines including 3rd & 36th UNC. Brian & Keith's second timer was a 1y chequer hen. Steve Wilson is in 3rd spot with one of his seven entries a fancied 2y chequer hen making 1472.4 to lift 5th Fed and 2nd £5 Fed Nom pocketing £35.00. Colin Atkinson timed one of his four entries a 2y blue cock achieving 1443 to pot 4th Club, 11th Fed, with the Dam being of Ali McLeod's bloodlines.

The late Wyn Cole, Ste Wheatley & Grandson Connor the winners of 1st Club, 7th Fed Eastbourne (1) National returned to the top of the charts at Middlesbrough H/S after timing a yearling blue hen achieving a top vel of 1480.5 to win a notable 1st Club, 3rd Fed. Mr & Mrs Stephen & Jeanann Wheatley are keeping it in the family after timing no fewer than four birds to score 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Club with the blue going to a 3y blue hen doing 1467 to take 6th Fed while the green was netted by a 2y blue hen making 1454 to pot 9th Fed. And 36 seconds later came a 3y blue hen claiming 10th Fed on 1452; with Stephen & Jeanann's fourth bird on the clock being another 3y blue hen on 1397 for 19th Fed.

The Beechwood & Easterside partnership of McCarthy, Son & Profitt who have enjoyed some winning performances from over the pond in the past, timed no less than three of their channel squad to win a top notch 1st, 2nd and 6th Club. The loft of Lythe, Warwick & Joe Profitt potted 3rd Club. While A Talbutt, Son & Wardell lift 4th Club. These lads enjoyed a brilliant channel run last season when they won 1st Club, 12th Fed, 189th UNC Burbure (1) from a convoy of 13,268 birds. Channel win number two on the trot was achieved at Roye when a couple of birds were timed to win 1st and 2nd Club, 9th and 16th Fed. Two more birds were on the clock out of Reims to win 1st and 5th Club, 3rd and 14th Fed, when their red card winner went onto score a belting 8th Section, 76th UNC when there were 4,193 birds competing. Michael Donnelly who chalked a couple of times from the channel in 2017 notched up 5th Club.

Now onto the East Cleveland Federation starting at Skinningrove H/S where the loft of White Bros Malc & Stuart the East Cleveland Federations Old Bird Inland Average Winners in 2017 timed a early bird recording a vel of 1520 which was more than enough to win an outstanding 1st Club from a ten members muster of 166 birds and 1st Fed out of a 58 members convoy of 726 birds. With Malc & Stuart's pole position winner being a 2y blue cock whose Sire was bred by Mike & Lee Prokopowicz from a Ian Stafford, Jos Thone, while the Dam of the Brothers Fed winner was bred by Steve Wilson, Son & Dtr for the Loftus Championship Club breeder/buyer where she won £250.00. Club Secretary Mike Prokopowicz & Son Lee had a couple of their channel entries on the clock to to lift 2nd and 6th Club with the blue card being netted by a yearling chequer and white hen doing 1466 which was enough to chalk up an impressive 2nd Fed. With the hen being bred by the former Loftus H/S duo Kev Locker & Kev Breckon for the Loftus Championship Club breeder/buyer, which was flown from the young bird Maidstone National where she scored 9th Fed, 3rd breeder/buyer and 97th UNC from a convoy of 11,055 birds. Mike & Lee who won 1st Club, 2nd Fed, 99th UNC Burbure (1) in 2017 when there were 13,268 birds competing, second timer was a 1y Ian Stafford Jos Thone chequer cock making 1355 for 20th Fed. The Sire of the cock won 1st Club, 1st Fed Lillers and other positions for Mick & Lee, while the Dam also flew well for Mike & Lee with her winning 1st Club, 2nd Fed Lillers, 1st Club, 2nd Fed Reims and other minor positions. Ian Stafford & Sparky Wilson takes 3rd, 4th and 5th Club, 3rd, 8th and 18th Fed on 1455, 1431, 1357.6; a later bird was timed doing 1301 to win 1st £1, £5 Fed Noms netting £98.00 and 3rd Loftus Championship Club picking up £18.00 and 3rd Sponsorship taking another £32.00.

Malc White (White Bros) of Skinningrove holding their 2y blue cock winner of 1st Club, 1st

East Cleveland Federation Burbure (1)  winner.

Skinningrove's Stuart White of White Bros holding the blue cock winner of 1st Club, 1st East

Cleveland Federation Burbure (1).

Reg Wilson, Ray Mole & Partners the East Cleveland Federations Old Bird Combined Average Winners in 2017 achieve their second win of the day after timing three birds to win 1st, 3rd and 5th Club at Brotton H/S from a nine members entry of 143 birds to record their fourth win of the season. Topping the charts was a fancied 5y who racked up a winning vel of 1416 to lift 4th Fed and 1st £2 Fed Nom banking £51.00. The yellow was potted by a yearling doing 1391 to claim 11th Fed, while third on the clock was a well fancied 4y doing 1383 to take 14th Fed, 2nd £2 Fed Nom netting £30.60, 1st Loftus Championship Club lifting £45.00, 1st Sponsorship netting £80.00 and winning the £100.00 Nomination pocketing another £100.00. Mr & Mrs Golly “Graham” & Linda Peirson & Tubby “Graham” Purver and loft helpers Ian “Evo” Everington & Franky had a couple of birds on the clock to lift 2nd and 4th Club, 9th and 13th Fed on 1429 and 1384. With the blue card being awarded to a blue hen through the lines of Geordie Davison (Mr & Mrs Davison) of South Shields fame who won 1st Up North Combine Bourges in 2000 from a convoy of 2,541 birds. The yellow card was netted by a 2016 bred chequer Brockamp cock.

Onto the Brotton Six Bird Club where it was a very good 1st Club win for the loft of Kevin & Merv Brown & Bill “Sacker” Cole out of a six members entry of 32 birds. With the red card being won by a well out in front 2y recording a chart topping vel of 1440 to go onto score an impressive and well-deserved 5th Fed. Mr & Mrs Golly “Graham” & Linda Peirson & Tubby “Graham” Purver and loft helpers Ian “Evo” Everington & Franky had a couple of yearlings on the clock to lift 2nd and 4th Club, with the blue card going to a 2y Evo blue cock. The yellow card was netted by a 2016 bred blue Graham “Watto” Wattis x John Soderlund hen who had a tremendous 2017 racing season, after winning 1st Club Huntingdon, 1st Club, 11th Fed Burbure (1) from 848 birds, 1st Club, 29th Fed Oakham out of 1,268 birds, 1st Club, 15th Fed, 1st £1, £5 Fed Noms banking £128.00 Rivenhall National when there were 891 birds competing and 5th Club Burbure (2) when flying in the Brotton Six Bird Club. The hen also notched up 5th Club, 9th Fed Peterborough (2) out of 1,408 birds when competing in Brotton H/S. Vic Garbutt, Brian “Mac” McCormick and the late Brian “Rusty” Stone comes into the frame in 3rd spot with Vic & Mac's green card scorer being a 3y that won a top notch 1st Club, 8th Fed, 74th UNC Reims in 2017 from a convoy of 4,193 birds. The loft of Andrew & Gavin Doe, John “Dillon” Swales and the late Sandy Sanderson the Club channel average winners in 2017 timed a 5y and a 3y to notch up 5th and 6th Club.

Mr & Mrs Ian & Liz Purver of Skinningrove with Skelton Green's Boss Bowden of Bowden

Bros, winner of 1st Club, 16th East Cleveland Federation Worksop.

The scene was set for a celebration drink once Des Williams and loft helper Roger Wall got confirmation they had won 1st Club at Skelton Green from a eight members entry of 142 birds. The lads well out in front 2y chequer natural cock wasted a fair bit of time before hitting the trap to record a pole position winning vel of 1437.9 which was enough to score a very rewarding 6th Fed. The winning chequer cock was one of ten gift birds bred by the Boosbeck loft of David Coates and loft helper Popeye, the two lads don't keep any of their first round babies so Des & Roger takes up their offer of some well bred youngsters to help strengthen their race team, and they have certainly done that. Des & Roger started the season with around 30 old birds, and as the cocks and hens never add up in equal numbers the lads just let the birds do as they want in the loft, which often results in some birds having two partners. Alan & David Wright timed two birds to take 2nd and 5th Club with the blue card going to a 2y chequer Busschaert cock doing 1381 for 15th Fed, the cock took 4th Club out of Oakham (1). Alan & David's second timer was a fancied 3y that takes 3rd £2 Fed Nom and £22.40. Bowden Bros Mick & Boss and loft helper Trevor Mitchell takes 3rd and 4th Club, 16th and 19th Fed on 1379 and 1357.1. The late Peter Winspear, Son Derek and his Son Mark timed a fancied 5y doing 1337 to lift 2nd Loftus Championship Club pocketing £27.00 and 2nd Sponsorship netting another £48.00.

Deano Ward of Staithes timed a yearling doing 1406 to win 1st Club out of a three members entry of 34 birds and a notable 10th Fed.

Des Williams of Skelton Green holding his 1st Club, 6th East Cleveland Federation Burbure (1)

winning blue cock.

Geoff Bavin wins top honours at Marske & New Marske from a four members entry of 21 birds, with top spot being won by his blue roundabout hen that was bred by Clubmate Martin Hogarth achieving 1368 to chalk up 17th Fed. The very same 2y hen won a most impressive 1st Club, 1st Fed and 72nd UNC out of Burbure (1) last season out of an entry of 13,268 birds, the hen is really proving herself for she has also netted other positions in the past. The late Jack Brown & Tony Hunt is in 2nd spot with Tony's blue card potter being a 3y red cock that was 5th Club from the Eastbourne National, he also won 2 x 1st from Oakham in 2017. Martin Hogarth timed a 2y blue roundabout hen to lift 3rd Club, the hen won 1st Club Burbure (2) last year and also took 30th Fed out of Reims.

Geoff Bavin of Marske & New Marske holding his blue hen winner of 1st Club, 17th Fed and 1st

Roy “Chubby Brown Show Race from Burbure (1).

The partnership of Neil Jones & Craig Edwards who fly in the very strong Horden H/S timed a yearling Vandenabeele hen recording a vel of 1556 to win 1st Club, 1st South East Durham Fed and 4th UNC, with the winning hen that is the previous scorer of 63rd Open NEHU Futurity Race being bred out of a pair from Ali McLeod of Billingham fame, that were got as squeakers straight out of the stock loft. Neil & Craig have being in partnership 3 years, with them both working full time they have to try and arrange shifts around each other to tend to their birds. The lads would like to thank their neighbours Harris & Richardson for helping them during their periods at work. Going back to the pair Ali bred the lads, they went straight into their stock loft with a view to cross them into their own family which are based on Teddy Hickman's of Shotton Pigeons. The cross has worked from the off with some good Club and Fed results in the short time they have being in partnership. Neil & Craig started the season with 16 cocks and 32 hens which are raced on the roundabout system.

Neil Jones & Craig Edwards of Hordon H/S winners of 1st Club, 1st South East Durham Fed, 4th

UNC Burbure (1).

News from Ged Hampson of the Redcar Central Flying Club with the Roy “Chubby” Brown Show Race, which was flown from Burbure (1). 1st was won by Geoff Bavin of Marske & New Marske with a leading vel of 1338, banking £372.00. My tord mart (old mate) Doug Dobson and the lovely Jackie Savage of Grangetown lifts 2nd on 1332, pocketing £155.00, I'm sure Jackie will be getting spoilt. R “Bob” McGillycuddy of Redcar is 3rd on 1331, netting £93.00. Ian Stafford & Sparky Wilson of Skinningrove takes 4th on 1301, receiving 1 bag of natural corn, 1 tub of tk conditioner, 1 tub of safflower and 1x6 pick-stones. The Dormanstown partnership of Lawrie & Ransome pots 5th on 1299, receiving 1 bag natural corn, 1 tub tk conditioner, 1 tub safflower and 1x6 pick-stones. Martin Hogarth became the second Marske & New Marske member to win a prize, with Martin taking 6th on 1290, receiving 1 bag natural corn, 1 tub tk conditioner, 1 tub pink minerals and 1 bottle naturaline. Bowden Bros Mick & Boss and loft helper Trevor Mitchell pockets 7th on 1283, receiving 1 bag natural corn, 1 tub tk conditioner, 1 tub pink minerals and 1 bottle naturaline. Once again as like last year Ged has not found any yearlings clocked for the £ 25.00 prize. The Roy “Chubby” Brown Cup will be presented and the cash prizes will be paid out at the Redcar Central Presentation night at the Redcar Citizens & Priory Club Redcar on Saturday 17th November 2018. I would like to thank Ged for the information, knowing a lot of hard work goes into the well supported event. With time moving on I will sign off for another week.