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Around The U N C 18-06-18


“The Original” Around The Up North Combine

By Good Corn

On the evening of Wednesday 6th June the Up North Combine weather committee voted 11 5 Federations to basket the following day for the second channel race Roye, then on the morning of  Friday 8th June the weather committee voted 14 2 Federations to basket that evening for the Oakham (2) open race. The double headed races on the three longest French race weekend has being going for a few years now, not all members agree with two races being held on the same weekend, but the chance is there for the members to compete in both races if they want too, with some Federations making the inland race an official Federation race. Saturday 9th June brought poor weather at both the Roye and Oakham race points, there was regular updates until 9am when the Roye birds were held-over. The next Oakham update came at 9.30 which was followed by 11.00am and 12 noon updates which brought a slight improvement in the weather, come 1pm there was blue sky at Oakham with a further update at 1.30pm and that was followed by a final update at 2.30pm. The last call came through to say the birds were held-over, it had being a very long day waiting for a liberation that never came. Sunday 10th June did not start too well due to the weather not been good enough for a early liberation we really wanted, the Roye birds were held-over for the second day but like the previous day it was a case of sitting and waiting for the break through so the Oakham birds could be up and away. The three cut liberation from Oakham did come later in the morning when Group 1 were up and away at 11.25 flying into a light East South East wind, Group 2 which includes Teesside & Tees Valley Feds strings were cut at 11.45, while Group 3 which included the East Cleveland Fed got the go ahead at 12.05.


Starting at Skinningrove H/S where the loft of the late Gordon “Shang” Peirson MBE & sons Sack & Jim and loft helpers Trevor “Bever” & Bobby McConnell timed a couple of their entries to win 1st Club from a seven members entry of 213 birds, 1st and 8th East Cleveland Federation from a 41 members entry of 812 with vels of 1518.5 and 1513.5. With the lads pole position Federation winner being a yearling blue Heremans Ceusters roundabout hen bred by D & G Wright of Blyth Boro, Northumberland Premier Federation fame. Sack, Jim, Bever & Bobby's second timer was a 1y chequer Heremans Ceusters roundabout hen that was also bred by D & G Wright, which like the winner was purchased in a batch of 12 young birds which were raced down the line to the young bird Maidstone National. The lads birds were not right after they returned from the Eastbourne (1) National and because of this they made an appointment with the Vet, who quickly found out the problem. The lads stopped racing their birds while been treated, due to the treatment they missed the Worksop, Burbure (1) and Huntingdon (1) races. The four lads gradually built their birds up to full fitness and this was their first race since the Eastbourne race. As both Sack & Jim are in full time work their time at the loft is often limited, and that's where Bever who is not in the best of health and I wish him well, and his son Bobby a previous 1st Federation winner himself come in to help out by exercising the birds while the brothers are at work, with Bobby training the birds. Bobby's two kids Amelia “MeMe” & Bobby “Bobster” are often seen at the loft. In their early days at the loft the two youngsters used to crawl on the loft front, since getting a bit older they are now allowed to feed the birds. This was a much deserved Federation win, for the lads put a lot of their time and effort at the loft, I have known all four lads all their life’s and have to say I'm over the moon for them.

Jim & Sack Peirson of the late Gordon Peirson MBE & sons of Skinningrove H/S, winners of 1st

and 7th Club, 1st and 8th East Cleveland Federation Oakham (2) from 812 birds. With helpers

Bobby McConnell, Amelia & Bobby Jnr.

Ian Stafford & Mark Wilson timed three birds to lift 2nd, 3rd, 5th Club, 2nd, 3rd, 5th Fed on 1517.8, 1517.6, 1517.4. The loft of B & K Simpson timed a couple of birds to chalk up 4th Club, 4th and 15th Fed on 1517.5 and 1504, with Brian & Keith's yellow card potter being a yearling home-bred chequer  Louis Cooreman natural hen out of Brian's loft. The hen is the previous scorer of 4th Loftus Championship Club breeder/buyer winning £1,000 for the brothers, 12th Fed and 126th UNC young bird Maidstone National. The sire of the hen is the the previous winner of 1st Club, 4th Fed, 3rd Club, 4th Fed when beaten by two loftmates and 5th Club, 8th Fed when beaten by four loftmates. The dam of the chequer hen that was bred for stock by Les Stevens of Sittingbourne, Kent is a daughter to “Justin”. If you can remember in my Huntingdon (1) report, I got a phone call from Gilly Young of the Gilly Young & John Thoms partnership of High Southwick Sunderland, as I was going to clock opening about a bird they had got in from that race. Well that was the hen I went up to Sunderland for, thanks again lads. Brian & Keith's second timer was a yearling chequer Willy Jacobs bred by O'roory Hill Stud, Ireland who is the previous potter of 4th Club, 6th Fed Newark this season when beaten by two loftmates that netted 2nd and 3rd Club, 3rd and 5th Club when there were 2,322 birds competing. Sayers Bros Dave, Kenny, Brian and loft helper Richard had three of their widowhood squad on the clock to pocket 7th, 9th, 17th Fed on 1515, 1513, 1496, with their first timer a Robert Mallinson of Whitby 2y hen who has a 2nd Club, 5th Fed Rivenhall, 12th Fed Newark (1) and 2nd Club, 4th Fed Newark (3) to her credit. Second on the clock was a yearling cock of Dave Jones & Kirsty Carkett of Brotton that took 2nd Club 3rd Fed out of Worksop two weeks earlier. The lads third timer was a 1y Stuie Watson cross Smit Van Winkle that notched up 10th Fed Bubwith (3) as a young bird.


Its win number four on the trot and sixth win of the season for Reg Wilson, Ray Mole & Partners of Brotton H/S after winning the first six Club positions, with the red card winner being their 2y mealy Fabry/Limp-De Prut hen who won 1st Club, 1st Fed Newark and 1st Club, 8th Fed, 73rd UNC Eastbourne (1) National recording a top vel of 1508.3 to go onto score 12th Fed. The blue card potter that was timed one second after the winner achieved a vel of 1508.2 to chalk up 13th Fed. While Reg & Ray's green card lifter that took 4th Club, 5th Fed Chelmsford and their yellow card potter that took 2nd Club, 11th Fed Worksop when beaten by a loftmate was clocked two seconds apart knocked out vels of 1494.3 and 1494.0 to pocket 19th and 20th Fed.

Jimmy Reed has started to get into the swing of things at Marske & New Marske, after timing no fewer than three of his roundabout squad to win a notable 1st, 3rd and 5th Club. With top spot being won by the very same yearling blue w/f hen bred out of his Geoff Kirkland stock that won 1st Club, 19th Fed Huntingdon (1) the previous week when there were 1,076 birds competing. The green card was awarded to a 2y chequer cock that is off a son of Tony Hunt's “SED Cock”, the chequer cock is the previous scorer of 2nd Club Worksop, while his nestmate took 5th Club out of Worksop. Jimmy's third timer was a 2y dark hen that notched up 6th Club Huntingdon, and like the winner is out of Geoff Kirkland stock. The late Jack Brown & Tony Hunt filled a couple of chambers to lift 2nd and 4th Club with Tony's green card potter being a blue Dirk Seppers Van Gompel widowhood cock who won 1st Club in 2017. While the yellow was netted by a yearling blue Dirk Seppers Van Gompel widowhood cock who won an impressive 1st Club, 4th Fed Oakham (1) from a convoy of 1,606 birds.

The North Skelton loft of Alan & David Wright were up and at them again after timing three of their entries to win 1st, 2nd and 3rd Club. No one sent from Staithes after taking a knock from Huntingdon the previous race.

W & S Ward hit cruise control at the Brotton Six Bird Club after Bill and grandson Shaun timed no fewer than four of their inform team to win a top notch 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 6th Club. With top spot being won by a 2y that took 3rd Club Bubwith and 6th Club Newark, while the blue was potted by a second 2y who won 1st Club Oakham (1) and 3rd Club Worksop. Bill & Shaun's green card claimer was a yearling and their fourth timer was their inform 2y Staf Van Reet hen who has been in tremendous form this season winning 1st Club Bubwith, 2nd Club Newark when beaten by her loftmate, 5th Club Eastbourne National, 2nd Club Oakham (1) when beaten by a loftmate, 1st Club, 12th Fed Worksop where she won the Club Nom and 1st Club and 1st Nom Huntingdon (1). The loft of Mr & Mrs Golly “Graham” & Linda Peirson & Tubby “Graham” Purver and loft helpers Evo “Ian” Everington & Franky had a couple of their birds in the points to take 3rd and 5th Club, with the green card going to a 2016 bred dark Lambrecht hen of Evo's bloodlines that netted 3rd Club Oakham (1). While the gangs second timer was a home-bred yearling blue hen that took 5th Club out of Huntingdon (1).

Moving onto Billingham T U H/S where the man of the moment Ali “Mac” McLeod continues his very good run of form after timing no fewer than five birds to win 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th Club, 1st, 7th, 8th, 9th, 16th Teesside Federation out of an entry of 410 birds with vels of 1503, 1492, 1491.9, 1491.6, 1478.3. With top spot being won by a yearling blue Vandenabeele cock who is one of Mac's best racing cock after winning 1st Club, 2nd Fed, 5th Section Peterborough, 1st Club, 1st Fed, 2nd Section, 13th Up North Combine Rivenhall National out of 12,356 birds, 2nd Club, 3rd Fed, 18th UNC Burbure (2) from 10,689 birds when beaten by a loftmate that won 1st Club, 2nd Fed, 7th UNC with the two timers winning the UNC ”London N R Friendship Best Two Bird Performance Trophy all in 2017. The cock who has another number of position to his credit is the sire to Andrew Appleton & Paul Longstaff's 2018 1st Club, 1st Fed, 3rd Up North Combine Eastbourne (1) Bronze Medal winner. Mac's second timer a 2y blue pied Vandenabeele cock is nestmate to the Federation winner, his sire is full brother to the sire of Ali's 1st UNC Burbure winner “Gaby Lou”. Third on the clock came a second 2y blue Vandenabeele cock who is half brother to “82” & “26” and also half brother to the sire of “Gaby Lou”, the cock will be going into the stock loft at the end of the season where I'm sure he will deliver the goods. Next came a yearling blue pied cock who has been on the sheet before this season, with him being from Mac's old Vandenabeele lines. And he was followed by a 1y blue cock bred by Evans & Hawkins. Ali's birds have being performing at their best again this season, achieving five Club wins and four Fed wins so far.

Steve Wilson who has shown promise this season had a couple of his entries on the clock to lift 2nd Club, 4th and 11th Fed with Steve's blue card scorer being a 2y chequer hen knocking out a vel of 1497. While Steve's second timer was a 2017 bred blue hen achieving a vel of 1489.0. Tommy Clark & son Gary had five birds on the clock to pocket 3rd Club, 5th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 19th Fed; with the green card being awarded to a yearling mealy cock doing 1493.4. The lads second timer was a 3y chequer hen making 1484.4 and one second later came a 3y blue hen doing 1484.2 and then 16 seconds later came a 3y blue hen on 1481, and she was followed by a yearling blue cock on 1474.8

Onto Haverton Hill where we see the previous weeks winning partnership of Stewart “Lewie”

Lewis and Amber & Cody McCabe record their fourth win of the season after timing two birds to win 1st and 5th Club. Leading the way by just over a minute was a 2y blue cock achieving a chart topping vel of 1493.2 to pocket 6th Fed. The loft of Steven Smith & son Aaron are moving up the charts after clocking a 2y dark cock knocking out a vel of 1477.1 to chalk up a notable 2nd Club, 18th Fed. The channel champs Andrew Appleton & Paul “Mo” Longstaff are in 3rd spot on 1469, while Robert Barron of Barron Bros pots 4th Club on 1452.

Next stop is Middlesbrough H/S where the partnership of the late Les Wellburn, sons Les & Derek went to town after timing no less than five of their entries to win a top notch 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th Club, with their red card winning yearling chequer cock recorded a winning vel of 1501 to go onto score a very impressive 2nd Fed. The brothers green card scoring 2y blue pied cock potted 10th Fed on 1489.3, while the duo's fancied yellow card potting 2016 bred blue pied hen claimed 15th Fed on 1478.5 which was enough to win the Fed Nom. Les & Derek's fifth timer was a 1y blue hen doing 1474.5 to net 20th Fed and round off a very good team performance. Keith Hodge & Dennis Potter stopped the clean sweep by timing a yearling blue hen doing 1499 to lift a notable 2nd Club, 3rd Fed.

Derek & Les Wellburn of the late Les Wellburn & sons of Middlesbrough H/S, winners of 1st, 3rd,

4th, 5th, 6th Club, 2nd, 10th, 15th, 19th, 20th Teesside Federation Oakham (2) out of 420 birds.

It was fireworks at the Beechwood & Easterside when young Leon Kime & Kenzley Read showed the rest what a force they are after timing no fewer than five of their team to win a brilliant 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th Club. The loft of McCarthy, son & Profitt stopped the dry rub by netting 4th Club.

Now for the Hardwick who compete in the Tees Valley Fed, where we see the loft of Moore Bros Terry “The Hammer” & Ste Moore record their second win on the belt with their pole position winner achieving a chart topping vel of 1495.9. While Lister Bros & the late Iky Walker pocket 2nd Club on 1494.5, and they were followed by Fred Lancaster who timed a couple of birds to lift 3rd and 5th Club on 1496, 1480. The father & son partnership of  S “Todd” & David Wilton who fly to a very neat back garden loft had a couple of their entries on the clock to lift a nice 4th and 6th Club on 1482, 1474.

That’s all for this time, any news to Good Corn 6 Boulby Drive Saltburn Cleveland TS13 4JN. Tel: 01287 643624 or Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.