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White Brothers, 1st Federation Folkestone (1) National By Good Corn

“The Original” Around The Up North Combine

White Brothers, 1st Federation Folkestone (1) National

By Good Corn


Malc White of White Bros Skinningrove H/S winners of 1st Club, 1st East Cleveland Federation, 4th Up North Combine Folkestone (1) National from a convoy of 13,569 birds.

The weather has dominated racing so for this season with the very poor weekend weather forcing the Up North Combine to reschedule the basketing days to Saturdays and Sundays. The organisation were due to basket their birds for the Folkestone (1) National on Friday 4th July but once again the Saturday weather was not up to standards so it was passed to postpone basketing for 24 hours for the first Classic race of the 2020 racing season. The weather committee gave the thumbs up to basket on the Saturday with full confidence of a race the following day and that plan worked out well, for the 694 lofts convoy of 13,569 birds were liberated at 7am on Sunday 6th July flying into a fresh West wind turning into a North-West wind which was going to be a working day for the birds after the previous weeks very fast race from Chelmsford.

The East Cleveland Federation 56 members sent 936 birds with pride and place going to the Skinningrove H/S partnership of White Brothers Malc & Stuart who won an outstanding 1st Club, 1st East Cleveland Federation, 5th Group 3 out of 4,859 birds and 14th Up North Combine with a top vel of 1255. With the well-fancied pole position winner being a 2019 bred blue hen who wins £1, £2, £5, £10 Federation nominations banking £214.00, the winning hen who claimed 14th Federation young bird Oakham (1) has showed promise this season after scoring 3rd Club, 3rd Federation, 10th Group 3 Newark Show Ground when there were 9,074 birds competing and then netted 10th Federation, 15th Group 3 Chelmsford when there was 7,366 birds away. The father to the hen was bred by the Bolden Colliery partnership of W Gates & Son of the Mid Tyne Federation for the 2018 Loftus Championship Club Breeder/Buyer, while the mother of Malc & Stuart's blue hen is a Busschaert x Soontjen.

The inform loft of Mike Prokopowicz & son Lee had a trio of birds on the clock to score 2nd and 3rd Club, 2nd, 4th and 13th Federation, 9th and 16th Group 3 with vels of 1250, 1238, 1213. With the blue card going to a yearling chequer cock bred by Mark & Andy Darby of Wolverhampton who went onto chalk up 23rd UNC; while the green card was awarded to a 2y chequer hen from a son of “Georgia” Mike & Lee's 1st UNC Maidstone Gold Medal winner when paired to a cock from Wade Bros Richard & Martin of West Auckland fame and the mother is from Anthony Thompson of Stockton, the hen went onto pot 61st Combine. Mike & Lee's third timer was their 1y chequer flipey Alan Dungworth x Anthony Thompson Verbreck hen who is scoring for the third consecutive race after netting 5th Club, 5th Federation, 5th Group 3 Oakham (1) and 2nd Club. 4th Federation, 4th Group 3 Chelmsford when beaten by a loftmate that won 1st Club, 1st Federation, 1st Group 3. The loft of Sayers Bros Dave, the late Kenny & Brian and his loft helping son Richard had no less than five birds on the clock to claim 6th, 15th, 16th, 18th, 20th Federation, 117th UNC on 1231, 1212.3, 1212.1, 1211.9, 1209. Tich Richards & Alice Marsay notched up 10th Federation with a 2y making 1219.


Paul Longstaff & Andrew Appleton of Haverton Hill winners of 1st and 2nd Club, 1st and 2nd Teesside Federation, 103rd and 237th Up North Combine Folkestone (1) National 13,569 birds.

Moving onto Marske & New Marske where the loft of Paul Longstaff, Jeff Moore & Ronnie Mackay are taking some knocking off their perch after the lads filled no fewer than three chambers to win a belting 1st, 2nd and 3rd Club to record their fourth win on the bounce. With the red card winner being a yearling blue pied widowhood cock bred by Anth Moore of Guisborough fame racking up a leading vel of 1210 with was enough to chalk up 19th Federation. The blue card was netted by another yearling widowhood cock bred by Anth Moore only this time it was a blue cock doing 1199 to claim 24th Federation. The much inform Paul, Jeff & Ronnie's green card potter was a 1y blue Alfie Patterson widowhood cock to round off another good day for the lads. Lifelong member of the sport Tony Hunt returns to the frame to lift 4th Club with the yellow card going to a 4y widowhood cock who has numerous prize cards to his credit.

Ralph “David” Coates and loft helper Craig Clapton came up trumps at Boosbeck H/S after timing three of their entries to win 1st, 2nd and 3rd Club to record their first win of the season. With top spot being won by a 3y Hardy Kruger hen achieving a winning vel of 1203 to go onto chalk up 24th Federation, with the red card winning hen being the previous winner of a top-notch 1st Club, 3rd Federation out of 883 birds and 64th Up North Combine Ypres from a convoy of 12,043 birds and 1st Club, 11th Federation from 578 birds and 135th Up North Combine Burbure when there was 8,025 birds competing with both wins being achieved in 2019. The blue card was awarded to a yearling hen who came in as a stray last year and was transferred over to Ralph by Keith Pearson & son Stephen of the Wansbeck Federation. Third on the clock for Ralph & Craig was a 4y Vandenheede x Albrecht hen who is the previous winner of 1st Club, 2nd Federation and 8th Up North Combine Eastbourne (1) National in 2018 from a convoy of 18,545 birds. The green card scoring hen also has a 2nd Club, 4th Federation and 75th= Up North Combine Ypres last year when beaten by her loftmate who won this race, the hen also chalked up 9th Federation from last year’s North Of England Homing Union Brighton 2-Bird Centenary race.  

Next stop is the Brotton 6 Bird Club where the family partnership of Frank & Brenda Reilly & son Wayne keep up their 100% scoring record by winning 1st Club to achieve their second win of the season after winning 1st Club Bubwith. With pole position being won by a ¾ Heremans Ceusters cross with the mother of the red card winner being the dam of a cock who has won 5 x 1st Clubs. Mr & Mrs Golly “Graham” & Linda Peirson & Tubby “Graham” Purver timed no less than three of their six entries to pocket 2nd, 5th, 6th Club with the card card being awarded to a blue hen that is out of Golly's favourite the “FUT Cock” who has a number of win and other positions to his credit and he has also bred birds to score many positions. Second on the clock for Golly, Linda & Tubby was a previous scoring blue Derek Porter hen and she was followed by a first time scoring blue hen. Kevin & Merv Brown & Sacka “Bill” Cole timed the same two birds that won 1st and 2nd Club the previous week out of Chelmsford to claim 3rd and 4th Club this time.    

The Haverton Hill partnership of Andrew “Jappa” Appleton & Paul “Skunky” Longstaff recorded a hat-trick of wins in great style after timing no fewer than five of their entries to win a brilliant 1st, 2nd, 4th, 6th Club out of 97 birds, 1st, 2nd, 7th, 11th, 13th Teesside Federation from an entry of 279 birds with vels of 1232, 1220, 1213.2, 1202, 1196.4. With pole position being won by a yearling blue Gaby Vandenabeele cock of Ali McLeod lines from a race cock out of Mac's Koen Minderhoud stock, the mother of the winner is the sister to the mother that bred Mac his 1st Up North Combine winning “Gabby Lou”. The well out in front chart-topping hen who wins the Club 25p pools netting £11.12 and 103rd UNC is winning for the second time this season after winning 1st Club, 6th Federation Oakham (1). The blue card was awarded to a 3y blue hen who went onto claim 237th Combine. The yellow was potted by a well-fancied 3y blue hen who is sister to the winner, the hen wins the Club £1 pool pocketing £13.50, 1st Federation nomination and 1st Federation pools netting £60. Fourth on the clock for Jappa & Paul was another well-fancied bird, a yearling blue hen who wins 1st £10 Club nomination banking £200, and she was followed by a 2019 bred blue cock. Nathan Bonar & John Pledger timed a trio of birds to lift 3rd and 5th Club, 6th, 8th, 15th Federation on 1213.7, 1211, 1192. With Nathan & John's first couple of timers being 2y blue hens bred by Clubmates Paul Gatley, Graham Harrod & son Dale, with the duo's second bird on the clock who won 2 x 1st Clubs as a young bird chalking for the second time this season after taking 3rd Club, 7th Federation Bubwith. Third on the clock for Nathan & John came a well fancied yearling blue hen who chalks up 2nd £10 Club nomination pocketing £120. Paul Gatley, Graham Harrod & son Dale notched up 16th Federation with a 2y blue hen on 1191.

Moving onto Billingham T U H/S where Ali “Mac” McLeod keeps up his winning run after timing six of his entries to win the first 6 Club positions out of an entry of 69 birds, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 12th, 17th, 20th Federation on 1217, 1215.1, 1215.0, 1196.5, 1190, 1183. With the red card winner being a 2019 bred blue hen through Crammond & Langstaff's National winner “Spartacus” while the blue card was netted by a yearling blue pied Vandenabeele cock out of Mac's good pied cock “82” a previous Teesside Federation Bird Of The Year when paired to a full sister to the 1st UNC winning “Gabby Lou” with her being a previous Federation winner before Mac put her to stock. The green card being awarded to a 2y blue cock who was timed 1 second after the blue card potter, the cock who is out of Mac's Topstar hen netted 2nd Club, 2nd Federation, 40th UNC Burbure in 2019 when timed 1 second after his loftmate who won 1st Club, 1st Federation, 39th UNC from a convoy of 8,025 birds.

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