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Atlantic Master Report3


Hello everyone again,

well the first quarantine is well underway and the birds are in amazing condition. I think this is the base of a very successful campaign going forward. We have many phone calls about coming on board this year and the shipment in June is going to be a big one for us but also for you. Our original target was 2000 pigeons but with only one shipment done from the UK of 169 pigeons and locals here in Gran Canaria we are already feeding near 350/400 pigeons. All the birds have had their first Vaccine and at this vital part we are under the instructions of Retford Poultry and we have adhered 100% without deviating from the recommendations, to ensure their health and future.

I would like to introduce Gary Leighton and Graham Mathias from Neston who sent in May. We also have John Potter and Lee Davison from Liverpool, and many others...but who have we got to look forward to this month, well we have Dave Valantine, Kev & Kallum Parsons (Hofkens UK) also Martyn Rudd from Pembrokeshire in South Wales. Paul & Rita Holland and Duke Spicer will be sending in June with their top pigeons also.

I could name a lot more, but I can get to those individuals as we go along each week. I know this sounds good but I've been doing some hotel watching for those of you who want to come out for a holiday experience along with the fantastic race, as we all know book early and get a good deal. Today I'm in Lopesan Villa Del Conde and it's absolutely amazing, has everything you would need to have a great holiday. As you can see by the photos it's just spectacular.

The Lopesan Villa del Conde Resort & Thalasso is excellently situated on the sea front on the south part of Gran Canaria,

very close to Meloneras beach (300m) and just a few minutes on foot to the lighthouse and the dunes of Maspalomas Nature Preserve (800m). The 56,340m2, 5 star hotel´s construction reflects some of the most common characteristics of the canary Island traditional architecture and presents a similar structure to that of a welcoming town on the island, with a central square, gardens and charming stately homes with hanging wooden balconies. The spectacular reception is an authentic adaptation of one of the oldest churches on Gran Canaria, with two main towers, a bell tower and central dome.

All week we have been monitoring the birds and it is a credit to all that have shipped in May, as you know when birds come in from different lofts there are different levels of immunity and we blend these in to make the bird’s bullet proof. Yet again we have not lost

any of the 169 pigeon shipped and they are having their second vaccination on Sunday where hoping to get some photos for you all. As you can see the young potential winners look amazing in health and condition.

We have had many phone calls about June shipment (25/26/27) and the last call was from my old mentor "Mike Holt" Ganwy Lofts in North Wales, asking about his teams and how they were getting on. I also had a catch up about home and how everyone is. I've heard my Dads old mate Jock Ross has not been too good as of late and I would like to wish him a speedy recovery and hopefully see him enter a team into the Atlantic Masters. I have always got the support from Brian Jones and Tommy Jones (never seen him in a tie) but I do believe "Brian" has been on his rounds on the old election front so “well done” on that Brian. Further afield up to Llanrwst, North Wales, we have a few teams coming from the legend himself "Gary Jones" as he attended Gran Canaria this year and had a great time.

For all concerned and potential participants you can find us at where you will get up to date information on all what we are doing. Going into Europe, and we are heavily supported from the best in Germany, Holland and Belgium. We are just obtaining a coordinator in the mighty USA and South Africa. Our Senior Coordinator in Europe is Karl-Josef-Stroetges and a vast number of coordinators going out as far as Russia. We have the luxury of having Alexander Gabel as the German Coordinator and Erwin Panis for Belgium both greatly respected around Europe also Mark Buse our German, Austria & Switzerland Coordinator.

So as you can see we are not a small organisation but as people say "Massive" we can only get better every day in this race. So thank you all for your great support yet again. We have tried to bring you all the information you require on this One Loft Race and we have an auction coming up on Elimar shortly. The Pigeons that have flown more than any one loft race in the Canary Islands at a distance of 488km. We will offer 50 Pigeons from all around the World from 1st International down, I’m 100% sure you will get genuine winners. We keep saying this to all “The Best in Gran Canaria Awaits you”. I look forward to my report next week where hopefully i can give you more updates on new people just jumping on board as we go along up to the 31st October.

I would like to thank Pete Berry for organising a bonus ball to help three good charities involving fund raising for very sick people and people who have lost things in the pigeon world within the UK. We are just not a one loft race but we actually give something back to our fanciers and our sport; which I feel strongly about. Remember there is still room on the plane for the 26/27 June if you want to come on board, but please hurry and contact any of our great coordinators around the UK and Europe. If you want to direct questions to me, please don’t hesitate This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.and I will reply back as soon as I can. Anyone wishing to come to the new lofts just ask, and you will be very welcome. So, if you like pigeons and you’re coming on holiday between now and March 2018 just drop me a line for a day out not to forget for the right reasons. We hold the best transparency anywhere, and no other can match us and that’s a promise. If you’re lucky you may end up in one of these weekly articles for all to see. So its work to do now and don’t forget to check out the new layout of the Atlantic Masters website….. super easy to

use and mobile friendly. Great on the Ipad and when livestream starts you will be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to view. I am trying my utmost to get all accounts sorted before October, but you can imagine it’s quite a project to undertake, so from a personal note please bear with me. I will be putting all participants onto the database from July onwards so people can see all participants and from August we will be doing loft days (Livestream) where those pigeons here can be monitored and if any of your birds go, you can replace free of charge on any of the remaining shipments and that is why it is good to ship early from the UK.

Good Bye for this week (Our Hearts are with those Families that lost people in Manchester, and we send our regards)

The Atlantic Masters Team