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Atlantic Masters


Well hello all again,
It has been a very busy week for myself and the team within The Atlantic Masters collecting pigeons from all over the UK and Ireland. In total we shipped an amazing 169 pigeons in our first shipment and to be honest I've never shipped that many in a May shipment, as there has never been as much of a demand.

As you can see all the birds have been well looked after and we pride ourselves on strict routines to make sure all birds get treated and handled in correct manner to ensure their safe journey to Gran Canaria. From start to finish the time bracket is 39 hours and they are on the plane. They are placed on Electrolytes prior to basketing and then they are shipped to "Animal fly" in Holland which I have used for near on ten years and they have never ever let us down with their own protocols, fresh water and corn are placed into the flight crates.

From the UK I use the Great "Walkers" couriers and I must say it myself these lads give you 200% every single time so from the Atlantic team a huge thank you for yet again your Professional approach. On the arrival in Gran Canaria the birds are immediately watered at the airport for about 30 minutes before being moved in transit to the lofts in Maspalomas. All the quarantine area has been scrubbed and everything is in place for the shipment arrival. We have a bath waiting for them and also top corn as much as they want to eat. In the water there are electrolytes again to give the pigeons a nice recovery for two whole days of relaxation in the warmer climate. On the Sunday after the two days we start to vaccinate all newcomers and they are in quarantine for another two weeks being given good probiotics and Gem supplements supplied to us by GEM ( Thank you Brian ) after the two week settling in period another PMV vaccine is injected and pox.

The birds will be well and truly bullet proof and their wellbeing is paramount as these birds will fly near 1700km in total from start to finish. So to give you all a chance to win the "Heart of the sea Trophy" the young pigeons need to be robust. Remember everyone, we are under strict veterinarians instructions (Retford Poultry Ltd) are our vets and have supported myself for a number of years. If we ever come across a major problem we would fly the vet out to Gran Canaria without hesitation. We have possibly four visits booked in for swabs and droppings to be tested.At the final participants have the opportunity to enquire and ask questions, where they both will be more than happy to assist.For transparency and our commitment to you, we will publish samples tested and any reports. Our Bio security is high priority and I personally pride myself on that. This does cost a lot of money but in our teams eyes it's your pride and joy that we have and we want every pigeon to get to the final. To ensure we have the best care for your pigeons, I have invested in great leg splints to assist any injured birds. We will also have a hospital from start to finish, any pigeon that is not 100% to go to a race will simply not go, every pigeon deserves a chance and everyone will see our hospital list from day one of training as we want you to know your pigeons health status throughout the series.

We have videos of all birds on arrival in the Atlantic Masters on our great website if anyone wants to view our transparency like no other. Yet again I will be bringing you in-flight videos (Pigeon Cam). I invented this and I'm so looking forward to giving you all an experience worth watching. Once I fly back to Gran Canaria, I will start to collate the photos and videos of all birds we have and that figure stands at an amazing 350/400 in May, this just shows our superior knowledge, work rate and most of all our honesty. All our coordinators are working non-stop to help you all, hopefully you have already experienced this and say thank you to all the hard work gone in so far by all. So for now I will bid you farewell until next time with more updates on the Great Atlantic Masters Pigeon Race Gran Canaria. I will give you all a update next week as we plan for our June shipment from UK (25/26/27) and Europe through all our great coordinators.

The Atlantic Masters Team