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Burton & South Derbyshire Federation - 22-09-21

Burton & South Derbyshire Federation.

Best race of the YB season out of Honiton, sees Davis, Wright & Sons take 1st fed as Swadlincote Town dominate.

Saturday September 11th saw 38 members from 8 clubs enter 488 birds for the penultimate race of the season from Honiton. For a change the birds had a westerly wind, which helped them considerably, and there’s no doubting this was the best race of the young bird season, with most lofts having 100% returns.  Alys cut the strings at 10:00, and unsurprisingly the leading birds were found in the south Derbyshire lofts, with the leading birds exceeding 1600ypm.

Congratulations to Davis, Wright & Sons of Swadlincote Town on topping the fed on 1635 with a cheq pied hen out of “Best Kittel Junior” lines x Staf van Reet. They followed up by taking 10th fed on 1624 with a blue hen; her sire was a son of “31616” x with a daughter of Tony & Lee Painters “Van Persie”. Her dam is one of their original Staf van Reet; she is a multiple prize winner and dam of many winners.                             

Malc & Mike Wright                                                    DAVIS, WRIGHT & SONS 1ST FED HONITON

The Swadlincote town members filled the top 11 positions in the fed and 12 out of the top 13; with M. Harvey & Son loft 2 taking 7 of the top 11; Neil was 2nd; 3rd; 4th; 6th; 7th; 8th; and 11th on 1634.4; 1634.2; 1634.0; 1633.90; 1633.5; 1633.0; 1624.7.The first 6 timed in an 8 second blitz were; a Cuester x Stefaan Lambrecht cock; Mark Williamson x Jo Gaunt hen; two hens off Jo Gaunt x Cuester and two hens off Jo Gaunt stock.       

NEIL HARVEY 22 09 21            
Neil Harvey

5th & 9th fed on 1633.93; 1628; were Mr & Mrs Trevor Collins & Son with a cheq hen off Chris Parker which is out of a pair from Alan Newton; these being Van den Bulk Blauwe Leo lines x Jansenne De Klak. Then a blue premier stud hereman cuester cock out of their good hen “21”.

Trevor Collins 22 09 21    GARY COLLINS 22 09 21
Trevor Collins                         Gary Collins

The top 10 were separated by just 62 seconds.

Around the clubs,

At Stretton, 6 sent 73 and Ray & Jean Grimsdell made it back to back wins with the same Willy Thas x Brian Denney cheq hen, she won a close finish recording 1590. This hen has won 3rd; 1st; 1st club in 3 consecutive races.                                                                                                                        

The ever present Phil Whetton was runner up on 1589 with a blue Lambrecht hen.                                                                                           

Phil Bourke took 3rd spot on 1569 with a cheq cock off Mr & Mrs Lycett stock; the sire was off the “Well Ard” Leo Hereman lines from the Gordon Bros; the dam of the M/M Lycett “Relentless” the best daughter of champion “Eddy”.                                                                                                             

Ray & Jean Grimsdell were back again in 4th spot on 1564 with a Willy Thas cock.

Over at Hill Ridware, 3 sent 49 and D. Nesbitt & Sons took the first four on 1594; 1588.6; 1588.2; 1588.0; the winner a Jos Cools cock, with his nestmate taking the runners up spot. These were followed by two Leo Heremans.

At Swadlincote Town, 7 sent 1112 and Davis, Wright & Sons took top spot on 1635 with a cheq pied hen; the sire is from the “Best Kittel Junior” lines; the dam is a Staf van Reet, she is a winner of 7 x 1st club, 1st fed kingsdown plus 3 x 7th fed. She is also dam to the lofts 1st fed winner out of Hullavington ob earlier in the season.                                                                                                    

Mick Harvey & Son loft 2 filled the next 3 spots on 1634.4; 1634.2; 1634.0; the first a Cuester x Stefaan Lambrecht; followed by a Mark Williamson x Jo Gaunt then a Jo Gaunt x Cuester.

At Osmaston Park, 4 sent 46 and the Shenton Bros took the top two positions on 1593; 1592; the winner a slatey hen off stock originating from the Mr & Mrs Childs & Son of Stretton and Mr & Mrs John Dowd. That’s the 3rd win for the lads this YB season; pushing stan hall right to the end.                    

S & H. W. Hall were 3rd & 4th on 1591; 1568; Stan timing in a blue cock and a blue pied hen; both off birds from Mr & Mrs Dave Stone of Nether Heage Windmill View lofts.

At Etwall, 6 sent 59 and Alan Peach took 1st; 2nd; and 4th on 1558; 1542; 1531; the winner a cheq hen bred off a breeder buyer bird from Pete & Shirley Harrison. Runner up was a grizzle Roland Jansenne hen; she was followed by a blue Delbar cock.                                                        

Steve Billings was 3rd on 1533 with a blue hen.

At Holbrook, 6 sent 87 and Mr & Mrs Dave Stone took top spot on 1607 with a blue wf cock, taking 12th fed.

12th fed Honiton for Dave Stone 22 09 21
12th Fed for Dave Stone

Kev Matthews was runner up on 1590 with a dark cock. Brian & Sue Stone were 3rd on 1572 with a pied cock and Trevor Jennings was 4th on 1561 with a blue wf hen.

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