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Burton S D Fed Yeovil2 25-09-18




For the second Yeovil race our yb’s were marked 24 hours later due to the poor forecast for the Saturday, 67 members sent 898 birds, they were liberated on Sunday September 9th at 10-50 into a brisk SW wind, the birds fairly romped home, with a lot going wide and long, giving them a stiff fly home against the strong wind. Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Trevor Collins & Son, they took the first four at Swadlincote Town and the first four in the fed, Trevor & Gaz timed in a blue hen on 1847 to top the fed, she is out of a cock from Frank Brownlees Border Lofts when paired to a hen off the NEHU partnership of Soderland & Maddison.  





She was followed by two more from Border Loft stock, the first a very good young cock on 1845.7 this cock also won the YB ladies race; then a blue hen on 1845.5. In fourth was a blue hen on 1845.3 out of a Dave Atkin cock and a WHU hen out of Syndicate Lofts stock; great flying lads.

Davis, Wright & Sons, also of Swadlincote Town were 5th fed on 1840 with a blue van Reet x Vandenabeele x de Meyer cock; he’s a grandson off “31616”.


Jim & Matt Parker of Winshill had their team of Curtis, Wall & Lunt Drapa / Heremans on fine form, their first three at Stretton taking 6th; 7th; and 10th fed on 1836.1(2); 1834. Jim & Matt had 6 in 42 seconds, all appearing in the fed top twenty.


Another great team performance was put up by Rob Horton of Birch Coppice; Rob had his Van Den Bulks in top form timing 9 in 14 seconds, again all appearing in the fed top twenty, his first two taking 8th & 9th fed.

Around the clubs,

At Stretton, Jim & Matt Parker took the first four on 1836.1 (2); 1834; 1832; the first two timed on the same second were both CWL Drapa / Heremans, the Cheq WF hen is out of a grandson of four of CWL top breeders in “Eurovision”; “Gabrielle”; “Britt” and “De 465”; when paired to a granddaughter of “Thor” and “Shelby”. The Cheq cock that went over the ets pad at the same time is a brother to the Cheq WF hen, he won out of Cheltenham and also won the YB knockout final at Stretton. These two were followed by two more Drapa / Hereman hens, the first out of their race team, the second a daughter of “Thor” and “Shelby”.

At Birch Coppice, 9 sent 155 and Rob Horton totally dominated the result with his Van Den Bulks, the best four on 1835; 1834(3); three hens followed by a cock.

Across at Hill Ridware, Anthony Probert took the red card on 1800 with a Leo Hereman. Mr & Mrs Ken Lycett were runners up on 1797 with a Tony & Lee Painter x Gordon Bros hen, the sire of these being “Tarzan”, brother to Tony & Lee Painters “Van Persie”; the dam is “The Lucky Hen” a direct daughter of Gordon Bros “Golden Eggs”, the Wijnant bloodlines, she was 1st club 2nd fed Hullavington 3.  Mr & Mrs Jim Whitehouse & Son were 3rd & 4th on 1765; 1764; with a staf van Reet and a Manderlartz.

At Osmaston Park, 10 sent 105 and Dave Waddington got a clear winner on 1795 with a Cheq pied Lambrecht x Soontjen hen, the dam off “The Bat” lines. Glew & O’Donnell took the next three places on 1766; 1765; 1764; Dave & Seamus timing in three Van De Wouwers.

At Winshill, 4 sent 27 and Jim Parker & Son were first and second on 1833; 1729; both CWL Drapa / Heremans. The winner was a granddaughter of “Eurovision” and “Thor”, winning her third red card of the season.   Andy Wood was 3rd on 1658 with a Jan Huybrecht x Vandenabeele cock, and a Parker & Grandson were 4th on 1622 with a Roland Jansenne cock.

At Castle Gresley, Mr & Mrs Graham Evans were 1st & 3rd on 1716; 1694; the winner the same blue hen that won the Hill Ridware one bird open race on bank holiday Monday. She was followed by a blue hen bred by Sugar Wilson of Cumbria, and purchased at the fed breeder buyer sale. Alys Evans was runner up on 1702 with a buscheart cock, the sire again from Sugar Wilson of Egremont.  Ray & Jean Lees & Miller were 4th on 1674 with a white Kirkpatrick hen.

At The Nelson, Mr & Mrs Trevor Collins & Son were top dogs on 1804, also winning the £55 gold ring special.   Mr & Mrs John Passey & Family filled the next three spots on 1791; 1789; 1772.

At Swadlincote Town, Mr & Mrs Trevor Collins & Son cap a great day by taking the first four, which also ended up the top four in the fed. Their winner on 1847 was a blue hen, runner up on 1845.7 a blue cock, third a blue hen on 1845.5 and fourth a blue hen on 1845.3. The first three containing border lofts stock, then one off Dave Atkin and Peter Fox stock.

At Etwall, 8 sent 71 and Dave Williams got the winner on 1747; Steve Billings was 2nd & 3rd on 1739; 1721; and Alan Peach was 4th on 1717 with a Roland Jansenne.


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