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Burton S D Fed 18-08-18




After a request to adjust the race programme, the committee voted 6-1 to carry this out in the interest of the fed members; their birds and the federation. The first 2 weeks at Hullavington saw less than 1500 birds go to both races combined, this also would have financial implications for the federation.  Of course, as expected, there were many not happy with the decision, these were mainly the members who had sent to the first 2 races, and didn’t want to bring the birds back to Cheltenham, I totally understand this, but I also totally understand the members who wanted the shorter race to get their yb’s going.

I was just amazed that no club asked for this change before the yb season started, some members asked why the committee didn’t change it earlier, simply because no clubs complained in writing about the programme.  I do not know how it got through initially; the fed has always started at Cheltenham, 65 miles to the heart of the federation, and close on 80 miles to the top end, plenty for a first yb race.

Back to the race, and 79 members sent 1291 birds to Cheltenham on Saturday August 4th, they were liberated at 10-00 in no wind, what bit there was came from the North West.

Congratulations to John Gilbert of Dordon, flying in the Birch Coppice club, John took the top four in the fed with the first three arriving together, all recording 1406, a great velocity on the day. John’s 4th was on 1385. The fed topper was a FVW x Lambrecht cheq hen, followed by 3 cocks, his good mealy Lambrecht cock “60” taking 3rd fed to add to his 1st fed from Hullavington (1).


Davis, Wright & Sons of Swadlincote Town were 5th; 6th; and 7th fed on 1378; 1377 (2). Their first a de Meyer x Vandenabeele/van Reet cock, followed by two Vandenabeele x de Meyers.


F & T Salt Bros & Son of the Bulls Head were 8th & 9th fed on 1359; 1352; both blue cocks, probably containing the top Soontjen blood John has housed for many years?  

Mr & Mrs Trevor Collins & Son of Swadlincote Town were 10th & 11th fed on 1351; 1350; their first a Stefaan Lambrecht cock.


Around the clubs,

Starting at Stretton, 12 sent 183 and Jim & Matt Parker took 1st & 3rd on 1309; 1263; both Curtis, Wall & Lunt / Drapa / Heremans. The winner a cock out of a grandson of “Eurovision”, and a granddaughter of “Thor” and “Shelby”. He was followed by a hen out of a great grandson of “Olympiade 03” when paired to a daughter off “Thor” and “Shelby”.  Alan Brassington was runner up on 1264 with a hen out of Jack Walker x Ray & Jean Grimsdell Willy Thas stock. Tony & Diane Green were 4th on 1258.

Into South Derbyshire now, starting at Castle Gresley, Mr & Mrs Graham Evans were 1st & 4th on 1294; 1200; the winner a blue cock out of a cock originating from Brian Wallis of Newcastle when paired to a wildie hen that has won twice this season. He was followed by another cock out of a son of their Ancenis fed topper. Ray & Jean Lees & Miller were 2nd on 1292 with a Mealy cock out of a brother to the Ancenis fed topper when paired to a red John Crowder hen. A big well done to Alys Evans on taking 3rd club in her first ever race, she timed in “snowdrop” a grizzle Roland Jansenne hen, a gift off Alan Peach.

At The Nelson, Mr & Mrs Trevor Collins & Son took the red card on 1350 with a dark cheq Lambrecht cock,  winning £26 pools and £55 gold ring special.

Clive Yates was runner up on 1290 with a Wildemeersch hen, and Mick Harvey & Son took 3rd & 4th on 1289; 1270; the first a hereman cuester cock off Gary Cox and Chris Vasey stock, followed by a Gary Cox Hereman Cuester cock.

At Swadlincote Town, Davis, Wright & Sons took the first three on 1378; 1377 (2); their winner a de Meyer x Vandenabeele/ van Reet cock, the sire “Ted” from Mcgimpsey Bros, off Tony & Lee Painter stock, the dam is a daughter of “31616” x Hession van Reet, she won 1st fed Portland and 3rd fed Kingsdown. The next two were both de Meyer x Vandenabeeles, same way bred, the sire “31616”; the dam from Tony & Lee Painter.

Mr & Mrs Trevor Collins & Son were 4th on 1351 with a Border lofts Stefaan Lambrecht cock.

At The Miners Arms, Mr & Mrs Alan Stretton took 1st; 2nd and 4th on 1337; 1285; 1229. The winner a Curtis, Wall & Lunt x Louis Thijs; followed by another Curtis, Wall & Lunt and a Gerveart x Curtis, Wall & Lunt. Mick Harvey & Son were 3rd on 1282.

At Winshill, 4 sent 46 and Melv Willis took 1st; 2nd and 4th on 1205; 1202 and 1156, all Wildies.  A Parker & Grandson were 3rd on 1165 with a Roland Jansenne cock.

At Birch Coppice, 6 sent 114 and John Gilbert took the first four club and fed, details above.

At Osmaston Park, 11 sent 156 and Mick Fern took 1st & 3rd on 1338; 1228; both Lambrecht hens. Glew & O’Donnell were runners up again, timing in a Buscheart hen on 1326. Brailsford & Doyle were 4th on 1221 with a Lambrecht hen off Mick Willis.

At Hill Ridware, Till Bros got the winner on 1319 with a blue Leo Hereman cock. Mr & Mrs Ken Lycett took the next five on 1317 (2); 1316 (2) and 1314. Their first a dark cheq hen bred by Gordon Bros, she was 5th club Hullavington (1). She was followed by a sister to “Eddy” and a Leo Heremans hen off the Gordon Bros, sister to one of the lofts top 2017 cocks.

At Etwall, 10 sent 128 and Alan Peach took 1st & 4th on 1283; 1221 both Ian axe Delbars. Sam Phillips was runner up on 1242 and Tony & June Whitehurst took 3rd on 1237.

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