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Burton S D Fed Hullavington 20-08-18




Saturday august 11th saw 85 members send 1369 birds to Hullavington (3). The birds were liberated at 08-30 in a very light south wind, it turned out to be a very good race, with the fed topper being decided on decimals between two lofts, one either side of the federation.

Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Tony Whitehurst of Etwall, they topped the fed on 1691.8 with a mealy cock, an Eric Ceuleman.


Mr & Mrs Ken Lycett of Hill Ridware have got their YB team in fine form, this week saw them take 2nd & 3rd fed on 1691.4; 1688; with a nest pair of hens, the sire of these being “Tarzan”, brother to Tony & Lee Painters “Van Persie”; the dam is “The Lucky Hen” a direct daughter of Gordon Bros “Golden Eggs”, the Wijnant bloodlines.


When you look at these two lofts, the fed winner is way across on the East side of the fed at Shardlow, with the Lycett loft being in Rugeley on the West side, some 25  miles apart as the crow flies? Alan Brassington of Stretton was 4th fed on 1679 with a De Meyer x Soontjen hen off Ernie Rigby stock.

Another loft in fine form is that of F & T Salt Bros & Son of the Bulls Head, John had three blue pieds arrive together, to take 5th; 6th and 7th fed on 1670; 1669.6; 1669.1. Probably got some of the Soontjen blood lines in them? Well done John.                     

John Gilbert of Birch Coppice took 8th & 9th fed on 1668.9(2) with two Wildemeersch x Lambrecht cocks.  Completing the top ten were Mr & Mrs K Haslam & Son of the Bulls Head in 10th spot on 1667.  That meant the short flying John Gilbert, the long flyers at the Bulls Head, the west side at Rugeley and the east side all involved in the fed top ten!!

Around the clubs,

At Stretton, 12 sent 193 and Alan Brassington took 1st & 4th on 1679; 1661; the winner a De Meyer x Soontjen hen, followed by a grandson of “Premium Bond” bred by Tony Whitehouse of West Bromwich.


Pete & Jackie Cox were 2nd club on 1665 with a dark cock off John Sheasbys “Tilly” x Ann Smith Vandenabeele.  Jim & Matt Parker were 3rd on 1662 with the same Curtis, Wall & Lunt Drapa/ Hereman cock that won the previous week out of Cheltenham, sire to this cock is a grandson of “Eurovision” and the dam a granddaughter of “Thor” and “Shelby”.

At Birch Coppice, 8 sent 136 and John Gilbert took the top two spots on 1668 with a pair of FVW x Lambrecht cocks, followed by a FVW x Lambrecht hen in 4th spot on 1629.

John Orton was 3rd on 1635 with one off Ant Arnold stock.

At Osmaston Park, 14 sent 176 and at last Glew & O’Donnell get their deserved win, taking 1st and 2nd club on 1660; 1656 both van de Wouwer cocks off Ian Stafford stock. Dave Waddington took 3rd spot on 1628 with a Lambrecht x Soontjen cock, and Mick Stone was 4th on 1610 with a Ceuleman x Vandenabeele cock.

At Etwall, 11 sent 154 and Tony & June Whitehurst took top spot with their fed topper on 1691.8, the winner a mealy Ceuleman cock. Sam Phillips was runner up on 1645; Alan Peach 3rd on 1628 with a Jansenne, and Steve Billings 4th on 1610.

At The Nelson, Clive Yates took 1st; 3rd and 4th on 1665; 1653.4(2); Clive’s winner a Battenburg cock, the dam is Clive’s top Battenburg hen, “Euro Diamond” x Jan Aarden; he was followed by a Cheq hen, again out of the top Battenburg hen, this timed paired to her own son. Mick Harvey & Son were runners up on 1658.

At Castle Gresley, Mr & Mrs Graham Evans took top two spots on 1615; 1607; the winner a Buscheart x FVW cock, the sire off Mr & Mrs Wilson from Egremont up in Cumbria, the dam has won 3 x 1st this year. Runner up was the cock that won the previous week from Cheltenham, off a Brian Wallis cock x FVW hen

Ray & Jean Lees & Miller were 3rd & 4th on 1596; 1591; their first a Cheq cock out of a Pearson & Dranfield cock from Brian Ayre x a Buscheart hen off Graham Evans. He was followed by a red cock off Graham Evans Ancenis fed topper x Crowder Buscheart.

At Swadlincote Town, Davis, Wright & Sons were 1st & 2nd on 1661; 1604; the winner a Cheq pied hen, out of T & D Fearn x Jansenne x van Reet stock; the sire out of T & D Fearns “Broken Wing” x Jansenne lines, the dam off their own Hession x old van Reet lines. Debbie Fearn was 3rd on 1587 with a red Cheq hen, out of “Tiger” and “Broken Wing” x Jansenne lines, the dam is grandmother to the club winner. Trevor Collins & Son took 4th on 1583 with a Lambrecht cock.

At Winshill, 3 sent 29 and Melv Willis took 1st & 3rd on 1553; 1549; both Wildies. Brian & Lesley Stone were 2nd & 4th on 1552; 1542; both van de Rhee cocks.

At Hill Ridware, Mr & Mrs Ken Lycett took 1st & 2nd on 1691; 1688; with a nest pair out of their Tony & Lee Painter x Gordon Bros stock. Mr & Mrs Jim Whitehouse & Son were 3rd with one out of their Sheasby & Watson stock, and R & G Jones & Batt took 4th with one of their I & B Jones stock.

The Lycett family asked me to pass on their congratulations to their friends, the Gordon Bros in Portaferry, County Down, Northern Ireland.

The Gordon Bros produced an outstanding performance in the Nipa race from Tullamore on Friday August 10th, against 19,146 birds they took 2nd to 20th open; and 22nd open; having 20 pigeons arrive together. To summarise that is 19 in the top 20 and 30 in the top 46 against 19,146 birds, truly amazing performance.


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