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Burton S D Fed Messac 20-07-18



Saturday July 7th saw 43 members send 208 birds to Messac, the final race of the old bird season. The turnout as expected by many was poor, it’s been a hard season for the old birds, and none of the four channel races have been easy. I think our federation along with a lot of organisations across the country will be having a serious look at channel racing in the future. A lot of members I’ve spoken to have all said that four channel races is one too many, and there is not a lot of recuperation time for the birds, especially with the inland racing being far from easy this year.

Back to the race, and the birds were liberated at 09-15 into a light N.E. wind, turning light N.W. in the UK. Hearty congratulations to Sid Wincup of The Nelson on taking 1st fed on 1160 with a 4yo blue M & D Evans Vandenabeele cock, a previous prize-winner at club and fed level from over the channel, hence he was pooled to win £197-50. Well done Sid.

Clubmate Clive Yates was 2nd & 9th fed on 1148; 1070; both 2yo cocks, the dam of Clive’s first is a Batenburg hen, who is proving to be a goldmine at stock.                

Mr & Mrs Alan Stretton of Swadlincote town was 3rd fed on 1133 with a 3yo pied hen pooled to win £52-50.


Fed secretaries Graham & Eleanor Evans were 4th fed on 1127 with their winner at Castle Gresley. Their timer was their much fancied 2yo WF hen that topped the fed out of Messac (1) the sire was off Terry Fearn and Dave Harrison stock, the dam a Wildemeersch. This hen also topped the Tamworth Fed out of Carentan earlier this season and was 2nd in the Midland Amal, she picked up another £307-50. Graham also took 10th fed on 1068 with another 2yo hen.


Roger & Mark Duffield of the Bulls Head were 5th & 7th fed on 1100; 1088; with a 4yo hen and a 3yo cock, good performance again by this top loft.


Spink & Barks took 6th fed on 1094 with their winner at Hill Ridware, another hen out of the Alan White blood lines that win regularly over the water, their 4yo pied hen was pooled to win £111-50. Hope this gives Phil a boost, get well soon mate.

Melv Willis of Winshill was 8th fed on 1080 with a 2yo FVW x Jansenne x Huybrecht hen.

Other pool winners were Mr & Mrs John Passey & Family with £80 and Pete Harrison with £18-50. Total pools paid out £767.50.

Around the clubs,

At Stretton, 4 sent 18 and a big well done to Melv Willis on timing in the only 2 day birds on 1080; 1038; both 2yo Wildie/Jansenne x Huybrecht hens. This secures the channel average win for Melv in the club, well done mate.   To show how difficult or poor the race was, only Alan Brassington got one bird on the second day to take 3rd place on 535.


At Winshill, 3 sent 9 and Melv Willis took 1st & 2nd with the same two birds that did the same damage at Stretton, with Brian & Lesley Stone taking 3rd on 608 with a 3yo cock gifted to them as a YB by Mick Sale.

At The Nelson, Sid Wincup got the winner which also topped the fed on 1160; this Vandenabelle cock originates from M & D Evans stock. Clive Yates was 2nd & 3rd on 1148; 1070; Clive’s first is off “The Batenburg Hen” that has bred a hen to win ace bird M.N.F.C. and a cock that won the R.P.R.A. rose bowl for best performance over 450 miles, winning 2 x 1st section N.F.C. Saintes and 12th open Bordeaux in the M.N.F.C.  Mr & Mrs John Passey & Family took 4th on 1034 with a yearling mealy cock, could be a Kirkland Ceuleman?


At Swadlincote Town, Mr & Mrs Alan Stretton took 1st & 2nd on 1133; 753; with Mr & Mrs Trevor Collins & son 3rd & 4th on 715; 696. Looks like Alan got the only bird on the day at Swadlincote?


At Birch Coppice, 4 sent 8 and Lyndon Rowland & partner took 1st & 4th on 948; 824. Dave Osborne was runner up on 883 and John Orton was 4th on 845.


At Osmaston Park in Derby, 6 sent 26 and Stan & H W Hall took the first three on 1017 with a 3yo blue hen; 841 with a 4yo cock he purchased from tomos’ sale and  664 with a Cheq hen off Brian Broughton. Mick Willis was 4th on 450 with a 3yo cock off Dave Glew.


At Hill Ridware, Spink & Barks were 1st & 2nd on 1094; 879; the winner the Alan White hen that was 4th fed Carentan, she has won inland and over the water. Runner up was the Alan White x Brian Murray Jansenne hen that won Ancenis last year by over an hour, and this year she has also won 1st Carentan and 2nd Messac. Richie & Gordie Jones & Chris Batt were 3rd & 4th on 720; 552; the first bred by Andy Hyden.


At Etwall, 7 sent 24 and Pete Harrison took 1st; 3rd; and 4th on 1068; 877; 704. Mick Leszczyszak was runner up on 1037.


Elmore & Smith take first four out of Honiton.


Saturday July 7th was also the last inland race of the old bird season, with Honiton being the replacement race point for the first Yeovil race we missed at the start of the season; due to putting racing back a week.  68 members sent 745 birds which were liberated at 07-30 into a light N.W. wind. Congratulations to Elmore & Smith of the Birch Coppice Club, Alan & Dean took the first four fed on 1409.6; 1409.5(2); and 1405; all yearling Herman Ceusters, the runner up a hen, the other three cocks; great performance.



Mr & Mrs Trevor Collins & son got the best bird into south Derbyshire, their 2yo blue syndicate loft cock taking 5th fed on 1404.

Back to birch coppice and john craven took 6th & 10th fed on 1400; 1393; with a 4yo and a 3yo blue cock.

Clive Yates of The Nelson was 7th fed on 1398 with a yearling blue hen, that meant 7 of the top 10 positions were taken by Tamworth based lofts.                             

Mick & Neil Harvey of The Nelson were 8th fed on 1396 with a 3yo blue Vandenabeele x Syndicate Loft cock and Jim & Matt Parkers winner at Stretton took 9th fed on 1395, a yearling CWL/Drapa x Heremans cock.

Around the clubs,

At Stretton, 9 sent 80 and Jim & Matt Parker took 1st & 3rd on 1395; 1386.7; the winner a yearling CWL/Drapa/Heremans cock, a son off “Thor” and “Shelby”. He was followed by a 2yo CWL hen, a daughter out of their good Derek Flowers hen; she has won 2 x 1st at Winshill this year.  Alan Brassington was 2nd & 4th on 1391; 1386.1; Alan’s first was his 5yo favourite “Mr Bean”, followed by a yearling Soontjen cock.

At Winshill, 4 sent 27 and Jim & Matt Parker took the first three, all on 1386, the winner a yearling CWL/Drapa/Heremans cock, he’s a grandson of “Thor” and “Shelby” and won out of Frome at Stretton earlier on. Runner up another yearling cock, a Macaloney/CWL, he’s a son of their Derek Flowers hen and has won 2 x 1st at Winshill, followed by another yearling grandson of “Thor” and “Shelby”.  Jim Ottewell was 4th on 1381with a 2yo Camphius/Jansenne cock; this cock won the best old bird at the club in 2018.

At The Nelson, Clive Yates took top spot on 1398 with a yearling Cheq hen.  Mick & Neil Harvey were runners up on 1396 and third on 1389;  with brothers, both 3yo Vandenabeele x Syndicate Loft cocks, the first winning its’ third prize in the last three races.  James Horne was 4th on 1384 with a yearling Stefaan Lambrecht cock.

At Birch Coppice, 4 sent 43 and Elmore & Smith took the first four which went on to do the same damage in the fed. All yearling Cuesters, on 1409(3) and 1405.

At Osmaston Park, 12 sent 135 and Mr & Mrs Paul Todd took the first three, all on 1381. The winner a yearling Lambrecht hen, followed by a 4yo cock off Monty Buxton and a yearling Jansenne cock. Well done Paul. John & Steve Hicks were 4th on 1380 with a black pied Lambrecht x Buscheart cock.

At Hill Ridware, Mr & Mrs Jim Whitehouse & Son were 1st & 3rd; the winner on 1390 a John Sheasby x Caudwell van Reet, followed by an I & B Jones van Elsacker. Doug Nesbitt & Sons were runners up on 1382 with a Leo Heremans and Spink & Barks were 4th with their great de Bruin hen “95”.

At Etwall, 9 sent 88, and congratulations to Alan & Liz Houldsworth on taking 1st and 2nd club on 1361; 1351.  Alan Peach was 3rd on 1335 and Tony & June Whitehurst 4th on 1333.

Finally, at Swadlincote Town, Trevor & Gary Collins took 1st & 3rd on 1404; 1380; the winner a 2yo Syndicate Loft cock off a cock on loan from the late Peter Watson, this cock was runner up the week previous. Their second arrival was a 2yo Lambrecht hen, a son off “The Good hen”.  Davis, Wright & Sons were runners up on 1383 with a yearling Vandenabeele cock, the sire a multi prize-winner inland and over the water, the dam off Mr & Mrs Joe Booth. T & D Fearn was 4th on 1380; Debbie timing in a 2yo red Cheq cock off “Bomber” and “Broken Wing” lines.

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