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Burton S D Fed 04-06-18



May 26th was the first special race of 2018, members sent birds to Carentan. They were liberated at 12-50 in a N.W. wind, which was very strong here in the uk. It was no surprise with the late liberation and the strong head wind, that there were plenty of empty perches at nightfall and there was a good 35 minutes covering the top 10 positions!! On the positive side, I’ve heard there were a lot of returns on the Sunday?  

Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Alan Stretton of Newhall in South Derbyshire, their winner at Swadlincote town taking 1st fed on 1187. Their 4yo hen out of a Louis Thijs Hereman Cuester cock when paired to a Les Green hen out of “Sirius” a son off “The Merlin Pair” was pooled to win £171-10, well done Alan, great performance. 


  Mr & Mrs Trevor Collins & Son were 2nd and 9th fed on 1181; 1082; their first arrival a 4yo van Reet hen, the 2017 federation channel bird of the year, was as expected pooled all the way to win £324-90; their second arrival was a 2yo Wildie cock, they also picked up another £22-50 with their third arrival in 18th fed, total pools won £347-40, well done Trevor and Gary.


The top two birds in Derby took 3rd and 7th fed, both at Osmaston park. Mick Stone was 3rd on 1137 with a 2yo Ceuleman hen and Dave Waddington 7th on 1099 with a 4yo Lambrecht cock.

Mr & Mrs John Passey & family of Appleby Magna were 4th and 8th fed on 1124; 1094; with a yearling blue pied hen pooled to win £227-50 and a yearling mealy cock, probably off Geoff Kirkland stock? the only two yearlings in the top ten!!


Alan Peach of Etwall had a great day winning both the channel and inland race at his club, taking prominent fed positions in both races. He took 5th fed on 1115 with a 2yo blue cock bred by Melv Willis of Winshill, pooled to win £147-50. Well-deserved Alan.


Trevor bird won Stretton and took 6th fed on 1100 with a 3yo Lambrecht cock pooled to win £137-50, nice one Trev.

Roger and Mark Duffield of the Bulls Head complete the top ten, they took 10th spot on 1078 with a 3yo blue cock.  Other pool winners were; Jim and Matt Parker won £82-50; Mr & Mrs Rick Shelton £44-50; Spink and Barks £19-50; Brian Ayre £7-50 and Brian Winston £2-50. Total pools paid out £1187-50.


Around the clubs,

At Stretton, 9 sent 74 and hearty congratulations to Trevor bird on winning 1st club on 1100 with a much fancied 3yo NWHU Lambrecht cock, which was purchased from a charity auction, one good turn deserves another, well done Trevor.


Jim & Matt Parker were runners up on 1061with their good 4yo Jansenne x Huybrecht channel cock. Melv Willis was 3rd on 1028 with a 2yo Jansenne cock and Barry Odom took 4th on 1024 with a 2yo cock bred by Tony & Diane Green.

At Osmaston Park, 10 sent 81 and Mick Stone took 1st & 3rd on 1137; 1062; the winner a 2yo Ceuleman hen, followed by a 3yo Ceuleman cock. Dave Waddington was 2nd club on 1099 with a red Lambrecht cock bred by Dave Willis. Glew & O’Donnell were 4th on 994, Dave and Seamus timing in a 3yo Buscheart cock.

At Winshill, 4 sent 27 and well done to Brian & Lesley Stone on taking 1st club on 1065 with a yearling Mattheuws x Jansenne pied hen. Jim & Matt Parker were runners up on 1061 with their 4yo Jansenne x Huybrecht cock. Melv Willis took 3rd & 4th on 1028; 1000; with a 2yo Jansenne cock and a 2yo FVW x Jansenne hen.


At Birch Coppice, 10 sent 85 and Brian Winston took top spot on 1017 with a Buscheart. Ted Jackson was 2nd on 1000 with his good pied channel hen, and Ollie Nicholls took 3rd & 4th on 970; 938.

At Etwall, 7 sent 58 and Alan Peach had a very good day, he took 1st and 3rd club on 1115; 1005; his first bred by Melv Willis of Winshill, followed by an Ian Axe Delbar. Pete Harrison was 2nd on 1075 and Mick Leszczyszak took 4th on 953.

Over at Hill Ridware, 6 sent 42 and Spink & Barks took 1st and 3rd club on 1036; 996; their winner a Jansenne x Alan White hen. She is based around the Brian Murray combine lines and Alan White’s “Lady Cool”. These “Lady Cool” lines have been very successful for Phil and Darren from over the channel, this hen went to all four channel races last year, winning form Ancenis by over 90 minutes, when the loft took 1-2-3 club. Their second arrival was a 4yo De Bruin Lotterman hen, she has won 5 x 1st club and 2 x 1st fed inland, Phil wanted to test her over the channel, think she passed ok!!   Mr & Mrs Jim Whitehouse & Son have been in form of late, they took 2nd & 4th club on 1010; 907; their first a Vandenabeele from “Golden Gaby” lines on its first channel crossing, followed by one off Spink & Barks from their Alan White lines.

At The Nelson, Mr & Mrs Trevor Collins & Son took 1st & 4th on 1181; 1082; their winner a 4yo van Reet hen bred by Tom Whitehead from Preston, she was federation channel bird of the year in 2017, and was sent pooled to the hilt I heard?  Their second arrival was a 2yo Wildie cock. Mr & Mrs John Passey & Family were 2nd & 3rd on 1124; 1094; with a yearling pied hen and a yearling mealy cock.


At Swadlincote Town, Mr & Mrs Alan Strettons fed topper did the business; timing their 4yo Hereman Cuester x Les Green on 1187.  Mr & Mrs Trevor Collins & Son took 2nd & 3rd on 1181; 1082; with their van Reet hen and Wildie cock duplicated from The Nelson. Davis, Wright & Sons were 4th on 1076 with a 3yo Vandenabeele hen, her sire is “Super Frank” and her dam off “Golden Gaby” and “Band of Gold”.

Doug Nesbitt & Sons make it back to back fed wins in a testing Frome race.

Saturday May 26th saw 95 members enter 1461 birds for the Frome (2) race, it was a waiting game for our race advisor Alan Smith and convoyer alys, but their patience paid off and the birds were eventually liberated at 2-00 in a strong ENE wind. We were going to liberate at 1-45 but a peregrine decided to make an appearance at the liberation site!!

 I’d like to thank Alan Smith for carrying out his race advisor duties whilst poorly, on the Friday it looked likely Alan would be unable to carry out his duties, he was that ill, so thanks Alan for making the effort.

Hill Ridware lofts took 7 out of the top 10 positions, congratulations to Doug Nesbitt & Sons of Hill Ridware, they topped the federation for the second week running, taking 1st; 4th; and 10th fed on 1261; 1248; 1239; the winner a yearling Leo Heremans hen, followed by another yearling hen out of “Mr Blue” x Heremans, then a yearling Hereman cock.


Mr & Mrs Jim Whitehouse & Son were 2nd fed on 1257 with their good 2yo hen out of John Sheasbys “One Eyed Cock”, that’s a 2nd, 4th, and 7th fed in the last 3 weeks for this hen, great performance. Cecleadbeater & Sons took 7th & 8th fed on 1244(2) and R & G Jones & Batt took 9th fed on 1241, that’s the Ridware birds dealt with. Another good performance by Mr & Mrs Jason Phillips of the Brackens Club in Derby, their good yearling grizzle cock out of the old Jack Whitehouse family took 3rd fed on 1255.  Completing the top ten were Jim & Matt Parkers winner at Winshill in 5th fed on 1244.8, a yearling Macaloney Curtis Wall & Lunt cock; and Alan Peach’s’ winner at Etwall on 1244.0, this 2yo pied hen out of John Stretton Jansenne stock took 6th fed.

Around the clubs,

Starting at Stretton, 11 sent 150 and there’s no stopping Alan Brassington at the moment, Alan timed in his good 2yo de Meyer x Soontjen cock “T3” on 1221, this is “T3” third win this year.   Phil Whetton was 2nd on 1204 with his 2yo cock off Steve Bennett stock from Bristol; this cock was also runner up out of Cheltenham, beaten by a decimal by “t3”. Ron Dakin & Son were 3rd on 1194 and Pete & Jackie Cox 4th on 1192.

At Osmaston Park, 15 sent 172 and John & Steve Hicks had a clear winner on 1202 with their good 3yo Lambrecht x Buscheart Cock.l.d.s. Johnson was 2nd on 1172, Dave Waddington 3rd on 1171 and mick stone 4th on 1164 with a 2yo Ceuleman cock.

At Winshill, 6 sent 79 and Jim & Matt Parker took 1st; 3rd; and 4th on 1244; 1176; 1171; their clear winner a yearling Macaloney CWL cock, followed by a 2yo CWL cock and a 2yo CWL Hereman cock. Melv Willis was 2nd on 1195 with a 2yo Wildie hen.

At Birch Coppice, 8 sent 133 and a great win for Dave Osborne on 1232 with a yearling Lambrecht cock, Dave recently lost his brother Bill, so this would have been a boost to Dave?

Rob Horton was 2nd on 1221 with a widow hen, out of his Van Den Bulks or Lambrechts? John Gilbert took 3rd & 4th on 1199; 1198; with a Lambrecht x Wildie cock and a red Lambrecht cock.

At Etwall, 10 sent 143 and Alan Peach made it double delight, taking 1st; 3rd; and 4th on 1244; 1229; 1190. His winner a Jansenne off John Stretton stock, followed by a Ceuleman off Tony Whitehurst and a Jansenne x Eddie Froggatt. Steve Billings was 3rd on 1190.

Over at Hill Ridware, 13 sent 218 and Doug Nesbitt & Sons took 1st & 3rd on 1261; 1248; the winner a Leo Hereman having its first trip in our federation but has also scored in the Worcester fed. Doug’s second was a “Mr Blue” x Heremans. Mr & Mrs Jim Whitehouse & Son were runners up on 1257 with their 2yo pied hen out of John Sheasbys “One Eyed Cock”, she took 4th and 7th fed the two previous races, and could take 2nd fed this week? C. Leadbeater & Sons were 4th on 1244.

At The Nelson, Davis, Wright & Sons took the red card on 1197 with a 2yo Vandenabeele hen, the sire from “Jonge Bitjer” x “Garbo” and the dam from “Golden Gaby” x “Band of Gold”. Her sister won the previous three weeks!! Mick & Neil Harvey filled the next three places on 1184; 1182.8; 1182.3; their first a 3yo syndicate lofts x George Litherland cock; followed by a yearling grizzle cock off Mick; Jo and Kevin Gaunt stock x “Corky” lines; then a 2yo cock.

At Swadlincote Town, Mr & Mrs Alan Stretton capped a fantastic day, taking 1st club on 1239 to add to their fed topper from Carentan. This winner was a 2yo Cheq hen off Les Green stock. The sire from “The Koopman Cock” x “Sorceress” (sister to “Miss Magic”). The dam from “Mcmagic” x Koopman.
Davis, Wright & Sons took the next three spots on 1225; 1224; 1210; their first a 2yo de Meyer x van Reet hen off A & L Painter cock from the Mcgimpsey Bros x their original van Reet lines, she’s a multi prize-winner. Next was a 4yo van Reet hen out of “Marshall” x “First Choice”, she is a previous winner of 5 x 1st and a 1st fed; next a 2yo van Reet x de Meyer hen, again out of “Marshall” when paired to a hen from Tony & Lee Painter, this hen won a 1st & 2nd earlier in the season.

Finally, at The Brackens, Mr & Mrs Jason Phillips had a good winner on 1255 with their good Fred Stevenson grizzle cock; this yearling cock already has 2 x 1st fed to his name. Mr & Mrs Paul Todd took the next three prizes on 1211; 1186; 1165.





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