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Burton S D Fed Kingsdown 13-06-18



Saturday June 2nd saw 100 members enter 1318 birds for the second visit to the Kingsdown site of 2018. The birds were liberated at 10-45 in a light SW wind; to be honest the birds didn’t seem to enjoy the day? I believe the k index was high over the weekend? Weather wise there was no problem, and returns were good, but the birds didn’t follow up in general, saying that, it is a 160 mile trip into the heart of the fed, so a lot can happen over that distance.  I think a lot of fanciers forget what obstacles our birds have to put up with these days?                      

Rob Horton of Birch Coppice has had a quiet start to the season, but you can’t keep a flier of that quality down for too long, Rob bounced back to take 1st fed on 1650 with a yearling cock, Rob is flying a lot of the Van Den Bulk and Lambrechts at the moment.

Rob Horton

2nd fed on 1643 was Elmore & Smith also of Birch Coppice, they timed in a yearling Sticker Doncker hen bred by Ant Arnold, she topped the fed as a YB. Alan had got this hen motivated on the basketing night; it certainly worked, as these two birds were certainly clear of the rest. 


3rd fed on 1624 was John Gilbert with a yearling Lambrecht cock, this completed Birch Coppice leading trio at the top of the federation sheet.

John Gilbert

4th fed on 1622.9 and flying what has to be one of the best hens in the area at the moment is Davis, Wright & Sons of Swadlincote Town. They timed in their great 2yo Vandenabeele hen; this was her fourth win in the last five races, her sire is out of Jonge Bitjer & Garbo, her dam from Golden Gaby & Band of Gold.

Fed secretaries Mr & Mrs Graham Evans were a whisker behind, taking 5th fed on 1622.8 with a 3yo blue hen.  Rob Horton was back for more, taking 6th fed on 1619 with a 2yo Van Den Bulk / Lambrecht hen, Rob had 6 birds in the top 19 of the fed, good flying Rob.

Mr & Mrs Alan Stretton were 7th and 8th fed on 1618; 1616; the first a 2yo blue cock winning at the Miners Arms; followed by a 4yo Wall, Lunt & Green x Les Green cock that was 2nd at Swadlincote. Jim Parker & Son were 9th fed with their Winshill winner on 1604, a 2yo Curtis, Wall & Lunt hen.  John Gilbert of Birch Coppice took 10th fed on 1599 with a yearling cock.


Around the clubs,

Starting at Stretton, 15 sent 192 and Alan Brassington did it again, taking 1st club on 1554 with “Wendy” a 3yo out of Peter Fox stock. Jim & Matt Parker were 2nd on 1549 with a yearling cock out of a grandson of “Eurovision” x Huybrecht.  Phil Whetton was 3rd on 1546 with his good 2yo cock off Steve Bennett of Bristol “£30 cock” lines. This cock has had 2 x 2nd and 1 x 3rd this season.  Pete Wightman & Son were 4th on 1530 with a 4yo Soontjen cock out of Ray Forbes and Anslow Farrar stock.

At Birch Coppice, 10 sent 133 and details of the first four appear in the fed report above.

At The Brackens, 2 sent 8 and Mr & Mrs Jason Phillips took the first three on 1557; 1550; 1472; the winner a Van Loon hen off Galaxy loft stock followed by a hen bred by D & A Swift and a Lambrecht hen. Billy Brailsford was 4th on 1419.

At Winshill, 6 sent 62 and Jim Parker & Son took the first three on 1604; 1564; 1539; the winner the 2yo Curtis, Wall & Lunt hen that also won out of Frome. She was followed by a yearling CWL Drapa/ Heremans hen, a granddaughter of “Grey Gem” and “Thor” and “Shelby”. A yearling CWL Huybrecht hen was 3rd club.   Andy Wood was 4th on 1529 with a 2yo Jansene x Huybrecht x CWL cock.

At Etwall, 11 sent 149 and Alan Peach continued his good form to take the red card on 1517 with a Jansenne x Eddie Froggatt.  Dave Williams & Son were 2nd & 4th on 1495; 1490; and Alan & Liz Houldsworth were 3rd on 1494.

At Osmaston Park, 12 sent 123 and Dave Waddington took 1st club on 1563 with a Soontjen cock out of “The Bat” from Dave Willis. Glew & O’Donnell were runners up on 1555 with the same Buscheart cock that was 4th club Carentan.

Mick Willis & Family were 3rd on 1548 with a grandson of “The Bat” off Mick Willis. If I remember right, “The Bat” was owned and raced by Dave Waddington, this dark cheq Soontjen cock was out of a kit of 6 from Louella lofts, I’m sure Dave will correct me if I’m wrong? Mick Stone was 4th on 1547 with an Eric Ceuleman cock.

Over at Hill Ridware, first of all, get well soon to Rob Walker who’s in hospital, Rob is the clubs press officer. Thanks to Darren Barks for getting some info to me in Rob’s absence. Back to the race and Rich & Gordie Jones & Batt took 1st; 3rd; and 4th on 1578; 1577; 1565. Their winner and third bird off their I & B Jones stock, their third bird had topped the fed earlier on in the season. Their second arrival was off Steve Price stock, probably a Soontjen?  Spink & Barks were a close runner up on 1577.9 with their Brian Murray x Alan White hen that won Carentan the week before and also won Ancenis last year.

Into South Derbyshire, at The Nelson, Clive Yates took the top spot on 1579 with a 4yo Battenburg x FVW hen.  Mick Harvey & Son runners up on 1574 with a yearling Vandenabeele cock, he is inbred to their good hen “29” a winner of 13 x 1st and 2 x 1st fed.  Davis, Wright & Sons 3rd on 1568 with a 5yo Vandenabeele hen, she’s a winner of 3 x 1st and many other prizes, her sire is brother to “31616” and her dam is line bred to “Shadow”.  Sid Wincup & Son were 4th on 1558 with a 2yo cheq cock.

At Swadlincote Town, Davis, Wright & Sons got the winner with their great little 2yo Vandenabeele hen, this cheq hen out of “Jonge Bitjer” and “Garbo” x “Golden Gaby” and “Band of Gold” has now won 4 x 1st this season, she won out of Frome and Kingsdown at The Nelson, and Yeovil and Kingsdown at Swadlincote Town. They were also 3rd club on 1595 with a yearling Van Reet hen, her sire is off Bert Hession lines, he has bred 4 x 1st fed and the dam also bred a fed topper out of Kingsdown.

Mr & Mrs Alan Stretton were 2nd club on 1616 with a 4yo pied cock, the sire is off Wall, Lunt & Green’s “Piet” cock lines, the dam off Les Green’s “Miss Magic” Koopman lines.  T & D Fearn was 4th on 1557, Debbie timing in a yearling lavender cock. The sire is a multiple prize winning son off “Hideaway” x “Sweetie”; the dam is a Staf Van Reet off Sheasby & Watson, she has bred a fed topper.

Davis, Wright & Sons take 1st in Kingsdown OB S.R.


DAVIS, WRIGHT & SONS                                                              DAVIS,WRIGHT & SONS CHEQ HEN, 4 X 1ST 2018

On the same day the federation held their inland special race from Kingsdown. This is an optional race for the members, at £1 a bird, and a single £1 nom, and the federation guarantee £200 prizemoney over 10 prizes. I just wish the members would be more supportive!! 31 members entered 98 birds and congratulations to Davis, Wright & Sons on taking 1st place on 1622.9 with their great 2yo Vandenabeele hen that took 4th fed too, they followed that up with two more to take 4th and 9th on 1595; 1547. Well done lads.

Fed secretaries Graham and Eleanor Evans were a whisker away in 2nd spot on 1622.8 with their blue hen that took 5th fed.  Rob Horton took 3rd & 5th spots on 1619; 1592; his first took 6th fed.   Roger & Mark Duffield of the Bulls Head were 6th on 1565, R & G Jones & Batt of Hill Ridware took 7th on 1565, and two Stretton lofts filled the top 10, with Alan Brassington 8th on 1554 and Phil Whetton 10th on 1546.

In the ladies race Rob Horton got the winner, so he took the ladies race prizemoney on 1619. nice one Rob.




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