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Burton S D Fed Carentan2 18-06-18



The weekend of June 9th/10th was yet another difficult one for convoyers and race advisors of those with birds in France. The scheduled race was Fougeres, but with a poor forecast in the Fougeres area that was due to last till the Tuesday at the earliest, the convoyers decided Carentan would be the best bet? 

Rain and mist prevented liberation on the Saturday, and the Sunday dawned with similar conditions. Late morning saw an improvement and birds were then released, our fed birds were liberated at 12-30 in a light North East wind. The weather here was no problem, light NE winds; blue skies and sunshine, although it was warm. 

It was a typical channel race of late, with the odd bird making the estimated times, odd lofts getting really good returns, and a lot of lofts having poor and late returns? Late liberations certainly don’t help; they can be ok with the wind up their backsides? It’s a really difficult decision, in hindsight; it looked to be the correct decision, with no libs on the Monday, and federations then bringing birds back to the UK. These were then released very early on the Tuesday morning from coastal race points, and these too proved to be difficult races.

67 members sent 443 birds and congratulations to rich and Gordy jones and Chris Batt of the Hill Ridware club; they took 1st fed with a very creditable velocity of 1231 with a yearling Vandenabeele cock off Paul Stokes, well fancied to win £262-50 pools.

Across the other side of the fed, into South Derbyshire, where Martin Hoogendyk took 2nd fed on 1206 with a much fancied 4yo blue pied hen off Ronnie Wilson x “Firecracker” lines, winning £347-50 pools, nice drag there Martin? 


 T & D Fearn of Swadlincote Town were 3rd fed on 1194, Debbie timing in a 2yo pied hen off “Hideaway” x Staf Van Reet lines.


Spink & Barks of Hill Ridware had a very good race, bucking the trend return wise, they sent 10, had 8 on the day, and ended up with 100% returns. Their first three took 4th; 6th; and 17th fed on 1191; 1178; 1112. Their first was a 4yo blue pied hen, a daughter off “Gizmo” pooled to win £97-50, she was followed by a 4yo Lotterman hen pooled to win £147-50, nice work Phil and Daz?

Roger & Mark Duffield of the Bulls Head up in the North of our fed took 5th fed on 1180 with a 2yo blue hen, good effort this, and 2 clubmates followed up with more good performances, F & T Salt Bros & Son took 7th fed on 1172; a yearling blue cock winning £52-50 pools, and Mr & Mrs John Dowd took 9th fed on 1149 with a 2yo NEHU Cheq hen.

The Carentan (1) winners Mr & Mrs Alan Stretton of Newhall, were 8th fed on 1150 timing in a 2yo Cheq pied cock, off Herman x Hofken x WLG stock; pooled to win £52-50. Taking 10th fed on 1141 were Mr & Mrs John Passey & Family of the Nelson club, timing in a 3yo blue cock to win £34-50 pools.  Other notable pool winners were Mr & Mrs Graham Evans with £93-50 and Brian Winston with £22-50.  Total pool money paid out was £1110-50.

Around the clubs,

Starting at Stretton, 8 sent 44 and Barry Odom took the red card on 1130 with a 2yo blue hen bred by clubmate John Genders, well done Barry.  Melv Willis had a good day, taking 2nd & 3rd club on 1127 with a 3yo Wildie cock; and 1096 with a 2yo Wildie x Huybrecht cock, Melv got 3/4 on the day, nice one Melv.  Jim & Matt Parker took 4th club on 1037 with their single entry, a 4yo Jansenne x Huybrecht cock.


At Birch Coppice, 8 sent 54 and Brian Winston followed up his win at Carentan (1) with another win from Carentan. His winner a 2yo cock on 1138. Dave Osborne was runner up on 1083 with a 2yo widow hen, and Ted Jackson took 3rd and 4th on 1079; 1035; this good 4yo pied hen, then a 2yo cock.

At The Nelson, 7 sent 102 and Mr & Mrs John Passey & Family took 1st; 3rd; and 4th on 1141; 1042; 1034; no doubt off their very good Mr & Mrs Geoff Kirkland stock? Davis, Wright & Sons were runners up on 1080 with a yearling Vandenabeele x Van Reet cock, the sire off “Jonge Bitjer” x “Garbo”; the dam off “Trouble” x “Wilson”.

At Swadlincote Town, Martin Hoogendyk took top spot on 1206 with a 4yo blue pied hen, this hen was 38th open M.N.F.C. Poitiers last year and is off stock from Sunderland’s Ronnie Wilson x “Firecracker”.  T & D Fearn were runners up on 1194 with a 2yo blue pied hen, this hen won Fougeres last year and is off “Hideaway” who was a multiple winner on the road and a sire of winners to 400 miles, the dam from Davis, Wright & Sons Van Reet “31616”.  Mr & Mrs Alan Stretton were 3rd on 1150 with a 2yo Cheq Pied cock, his sire a Herman x Hofken, his dam off Wall, Lunt & Green’s “Grey Gem” lines. Davis, Wright & Sons were 4th on 1080 with a yearling blue Vandenabeele x Van Reet cock, the runner up at The Nelson.

At Winshill, 3 sent 11 and Melv Willis took 1st; 2nd; and 4th on 1127; 1096; 989; the first two the same that took 2nd & 3rd at Stretton, Melv’s 3rd a 3yo Wildie x Jansenne hen. Jim & Matt Parker were 3rd on 1037 with their 4yo cock that took 4th at Stretton.


At Osmaston Park, 9 sent 43 and Mick Stone showed em the way home, taking the first three in the club on 1114; 1026; 993; all Eric Ceuleman hens. Stan & H.W. Hall were 4th on 930 with a Cheq cock.

At Etwall, 9 sent 51 and Pete Harrison took top spot on 1080. Mick Leszczyszak took 2nd and 3rd on 1020; 986. Alan Peach was 4th on 968 with an Ian Axe Delbar.

Over at Hill Ridware, Rich & Gordie Jones & Batt got the fed topper on 1231 with a Paul Stokes Vandenabeele that was 43rd open MCC this year.



Spink & Barks took the next three on 1191; 1178; 1112, their first an Alan White bred hen that has scored many times over the channel, she is a daughter off “Gizmo” off “Lady Cool” and “Tank” lines. Their second was a De Bruin Lotterman hen; she was 3rd from Carentan (1) and has topped the fed twice. She was followed by a Brian Murray Jansenne cock that won Fougeres last year and was 2nd fed, good team performance that?


Hill Ridware totally dominate fed out of Frome, with Doug Nesbitt & Sons taking their third 1st fed in 4 weeks.

Saturday June 9th saw 106 members send 1438 birds to Frome, they were liberated at 11-00 into a light E.N.E. wind, and it was a great day for the Hill Ridware members who took the first 15 open positions.  Congratulations to Doug Nesbitt & Sons who took top spot on 1418 with a 2yo Belgian rung Leo Heremans hen, followed up with a yearling Heremans hen in 7th spot on 1395. This gave Doug his 3rd x 1st fed in the last 4 weeks, well done Doug and lads, great flying. D.J. Harvey & Sons were 2nd & 9th fed on 1417; 1393.1; their first a 2yo Brasspenning cock.


R & G Jones & Batt took 3rd; 4th; and 10th fed on 1416; 1406; 1393.0; their first two, a 3yo Cheq hen off Steve Price, followed by a yearling Cheq hen off their Ivor & Barry Jones stock.  Mr & Mrs Jim Whitehouse & son took 5th fed on 1403 with a 2yo blue pied hen, and Mr & Mrs Ken Lycett took 6th & 8th fed on 1402, 1393.2; their first a yearling Irish rung cock off the Gordon bros, followed by a 3yo blue cock.  Five Hill Ridware lofts filled the top 15, Doug Nesbitt & Sons with 2; D J Harvey & Sons with 2; R & G Jones & Batt with 3, Jim Whitehouse with 2 and Ken & Cath Lycett with 6, these 15 arriving in a 3 minute period.

Around the clubs,

At Stretton, 15 sent 158 and there’s no stopping Alan Brassington, he took 1st & 2nd club on 1365; 1364; his winner was “Ernie” his good 2yo De Meyer x Soontjen cock, he was pigeon of the year last year, and has now won 3 x 1st this year. Runner up was a yearling cock, half-brother to the winner. Andy Wood was 3rd on 1360 with a Curtis, Wall & Lunt yearling hen off Jim Parker & Son. Phil whetton was 4th on 1358 with a 3yo Wildie cock.

At Birch Coppice, 11 sent 161 and Elmore & Smith took top spot on 1363 with a yearling cuester cock, followed up by another yearling cuester cock in 4th spot on 1349. Rob Horton was 2nd club on 1352 with a 4yo Lambrecht hen, and John Craven was 3rd on 1351 with a 4yo cock.

At The Nelson, Sid Wincup & Son took advantage of the easterly wind taking 1st; 2nd; and 4th on 1373; 1372; 1333; Sid timing in a 2yo Vandenabeele x Van De Wouwer hen to take the red card; she is a previous winner and also took 2nd out of Fougeres. The runner up, a 3yo hen, is a full sister to the winner.  James Horne was 3rd club on 1337 with a yearling Stefaan Lambrecht cock.

At Swadlincote Town, Martin Hoogendyk completed the double, his winner on 1363 a yearling Curtis, Wall & Lunt hen bred by Chris Parker.  Mr & Mrs Alan Stretton were 2nd & 3rd on 1362; 1361; Alan timing in a 2yo Cheq WF hen off Van De Merwe x Curtis, Wall & Lunt “Grey Gem” lines. She was closely followed by a 3yo pied hen, her sire an Albert Babbington Van Den Bosche, her dam the Curtis, Wall & Lunt hen that bred the runner up. Mick Harvey & Son were 4th on 1360 with a yearling hen, off Jeff Greenaway x Mick, Jo, and Kevin Gaunts Belgian hen.

At Winshill, 5 sent 61 and Jim & Matt Parker filled the top two spots on 1307; 1299; the winner a yearling Wall, Lunt & Green x Huybrechts hen, she is a grand-daughter of Wall, Lunt & Green’s “Moonraker”. Runner up was a 2yo Jansenne x CWL hen.  Melv Willis was 3rd & 4th on 1297; 1287; both yearling Jansenne x.

At Osmaston Park, 17 sent 178 and Mick Stone just edged a blanket finish, Mick won on 1358 with a Ceuleman cock. Mick Willis & Family were runners up on 1357 with a Lambrecht cock, and Mick Fern chasing them hard in 3rd & 4th spots on 1356; 1355; both Staf Van Reet cocks.

At Etwall, 10 sent 113 and Alan Peach took 1st & 2nd on 1348; 1332; the winner a Jansenne x Eddie Froggatt, followed by a Roland Jansenne. Paul Williams was 3rd & 4th on 13041303.

Over at Hill Ridware, Doug Nesbitt & Sons fed topper did the business, a Leo Hereman winning a close finish on 1418. D J Harvey Bros were 2nd on 1417 with an Adrian Duggins Brasspenning, and  R & G Jones & Batt took 3rd & 4th on 1416; 1406; the first off Steve Price of Stourport, then one of their best off I & B Jones stock.

On behalf of the federation congratulations Ken & Cath Lycett, on winning 1st open North Midland Continental Club from Portland. This race was scheduled from Fougeres, but inclement weather forced the convoy back to the UK. Well done to all involved at the Rugeley lofts.


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