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Burton S D Fed Hullavington 30-04-18



The opening race of the 2018 season was put back a week due to the poor weather we had recently, which gave our members few opportunities to get their birds ready for racing.

The opening race from Hullavington took place on Saturday April 21st, when 02094 birds entered by 107 members were liberated at 09-15 in a light Easterly wind. Here in Burton the wind varied from East to North East, but the birds must have had a good amount of help enroute to achieve the speeds they did.

I was surprised that the birds on the East side of the fed figured prominently in the fed result, given the East wind, I thought Hill Ridware would dominate?  It was the usual scenario, leading birds on both sides of the fed, and nothing much down the middle?  It was also noticeable that some returns were a bit gappy, leading lofts having 4-minute gaps between their leading birds and their loft mates.

John Gilbert of Dordon in Tamworth got a flier to win Birch Coppice and top the fed on 1669 with a 3yo Wildemeersch x Lambrecht cock, John also took 5th and 9th fed on 1582.4; 1574; with a yearling mealy cock, possibly a Lambrecht, and another 3yo Wildemeersch x Lambrecht cock; well done John.

Mr & Mrs Ken Lycett of Hill Ridware had three blue hens in 72 seconds to take 2nd; 4th; and 7th fed on 1600; 1592; 1579; the first a 2yo sister to “Eddy”; then a yearling daughter off “Eddy” when paired to a Gordon Bros hen out of the “Sandra Cock”; then a Zwols.  Doug Nesbitt & Sons; also of Hill Ridware were 3rd fed on 1599 with a Belgian rung 2yo Heremans hen.  Mr & Mrs John Dowd of the Bulls Head were 6th & 10th fed on 1582.2; 1566; both blue cocks, could be out of his Soontjens?

Completing the top ten were Elmore & Smith of Birch Coppice, taking 8th fed on 1577 with a yearling Cuester Hen.


JOHN & PAMELA DOWD                                                                   ELMORE & SMITH WITH MICKEY LENNON

Around the clubs,

At Stretton, 16 sent 289 and Alan Brassington took top spot on 1537 with his good 2yo Soontjen x De Meyer cock “T3”, bred off Ernie Rigby stock.  Melv Willis was runner up on 1528 with a yearling Wildemeerch x Jansenne hen; Melv had a good day, winning at Winshill too.

 Phil Bourke was 3rd on 1524 with a yearling Brockamp cock and Barry Odom was 4th on 1516 with a 2yo cock off Tony & Diane Green.

At Etwall, 12 sent 236 and Steve Billings made the most of the East wind taking 1st; 3rd and 4th on 1487; 1462; 1448. Alan & Liz Houldsworth were 2nd club on 1478.

Down at Birch Coppice, 13 sent 283 and John Gilbert took 1st; 2nd; and 4th on 1669; 1582; 1574; John’s winner a 3yo FVW x Lambrecht cock was 4 minutes clear of his loftmates. Elmore & Smith were 3rd on 1577 with a yearling Cuester hen.


Into Derby now, and at O.P.H.S. where 12 sent 191 Mick Stone got a clear winner on 1548 with a yearling cock, probably an Eric Ceuleman?

Mick Fern was runner up on 1465 with another yearling cock.  John & Steve Hicks were 3rd on 1459 with a 3yo cock and Dave Waddington 4th on 1455 with another yearling cock. Can you lads please give your press officer more details, makes better reading?

At The Brackens, 5 sent 67 and J & K Phillips took 1st; 3rd; and 4th on 1414; 1373; 1343; all yearling hens. The winner a Jansenne followed by one off Spink & Barks and then a Lambrecht off Fred Stevenson.  Woolley & Rogers were runners up on 1405 with a 2yo cock.

Over at Hill Ridware, 12 sent 284 and Ken & Cath Lycett took 1st; 3rd; and 4th on 1599.8; 1591; 1581. The winner was a 2yo blue hen, full sister to champion “Eddy”, the 2013 west midland sprint champion. Their next bird was a yearling hen “Twinkle Toes” a direct daughter off “Eddy” when paired to a daughter off the Gordon Bros “Sandra Cock”. “Twinkle Toes” was a federation winner in 2017. Their third arrival was a 3yo Frans Zwols hen bred by Tony & Lee Painter of Willenhall.  Runners up on 1599.1 were Doug Nesbitt & Sons with a Leo Heremans hen, no stranger to the prize list. Members of Hill Ridware send their best wishes to Chris Batt and wish him a speedy recovery from his illness.


KEN LYCETT                                                                                              DOUG NESBITT

At Winshill, 6 sent 81 and Melv Willis took the top spot on 1487 with a 3yo Wildie x hen.  Jim & Matt Parker took the next three spots on 1472; 1467; 1455; all 2yo hens, two CWL Drapa x Huybrechts split by a Huybrecht. Nice to hear that Jim is better and back up on his feet after his recent illness.

Into South Derbyshire now, and at Swadlincote Town, T & D Fearn had a good day taking 1st; 3rd and 4th on 1555; 1551; 1550; Debbie timed in the winner, a yearling pecil lavender pied cock, sire off Tony & Lee painter stock when paired to a hen out of “Broken Wing” x “Sweetie”.  Next was another yearling cock, sire out of “Broken Wing” x “Mistake”, dam a Staf van Reet on loan from Davis, Wright & Sons. Debbie’s third arrival was another yearling cock, sired by “Tiger” a winner of 2 x 1st, dam a 2yo Alec Docx purchased at J & G Duttons Blackpool sale in 2017.  Davis, Wright & Sons were runners up on 1554 with a 2yo Van Reet x de Meyer cock, this cock won 2nd & 5th fed as a yearling. The sire is “Marshall” a multiple prizewinner and a sire of 1st fed, the dam from Tony & Lee Painter.

At The Nelson, Mick & Neil Harvey got the winner on 1524 with a 3yo cock bred by the late Mick Gaunt, out of stock from Rob Pearson, bred out of a family of fed toppers.

James Horne was 2nd & 3rd on 1511; 1509; the first a yearling Stefaan Lambrecht hen bred by the Gibb & Byrne stud in Northern Ireland. She was closely followed by a yearling hen out of M & D Evans stock. Mr & Mrs Trevor Collins & Son were 4th on 1508 with a 4yo pied hen, she was the 2017 federation channel bird of the year.

At The Miners Arms, Mr & Mrs Alan Stretton had a clear winner on 1540 with a 3yo cock. Martin Hoogendyk was 2nd & 3rd on 1510; 1508; the first a Van Den Bosche x Cuester hen, a winner of 6 x 1st and a 1st fed last year. She was followed by a yearling Custer x Vandenabeele hen. Mick & Neil Harvey took 4th club on 1499 with a 2yo hen.


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