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Mr & Mrs Lycett & Son's take 1st fed out of Frome



For the second race of the 2020 season 9 clubs sent 2054 birds to Frome. On the Thursday, the weather committee decided to delay marking by 24 hours due to thunderstorms forecast for the Saturday; other federations made the same decision too. Sods law, Saturday turned out to be the best day of the weekend. Liberation on the Sunday eventually took place at 1-25pm in a southerly wind, turning s.e. on route. The birds must have had a great start with the fed topper exceeding 1700ypm, and the birds tumbled into the Lichfield and Rugeley area. But I know the weather at some areas around the home end was not great on the bird’s arrival, with thunder, the odd lightning, and hefty showers around. but as with all thundery conditions, some get em and some miss em. Here in Burton, when we had thunder it did not rain, in fact it didn’t rain till after 5-30 when we had one 15-minute shower. It’s difficult to call it a bad race when birds achieve those speeds and some lofts had very good returns, but it’s difficult to call it a good race when birds are missing?


"Solo" 1st Fed for Mr & Mrs K Lycett & Son

Back to the race, and congratulations to Mr & Mrs Ken Lycett of the Hill Ridware club, they topped the fed on 1710 with a 2yo Stefaan Lambrecht cock now named “Solo”. He was bred by their good friends the Gordon Bros of Northern Ireland, both parents are direct from Stefaan. The dam is a niece of “Kawasaki” and “Porsche” of Eijerkamp, this cock was 50 seconds clear of the field. This was the lofts first race since Ken passed away on March 24th; I expect there was the odd tear when they heard of their fed win?


Mark Nesbitt


A very good team performance by D. Nesbitt & Sons of Hill Ridware; Mark timed in 4 in 63 seconds to take 2nd; 4th; 6th; and 13th fed on 1697/1694/1689/1682ypm. The first was a Belgian rung yearling Leo Hereman hen; followed by another yearling Hereman hen, this one a daughter of champion “Isla” the 2016 Hereman hen who topped our fed three times in 2018; and went on to be awarded the 2018 RPRA Sprint Champion. These were followed by two 2yo hens. Another good team performance was that by Purchase & Walker of Lichfield, flying at Nelson. they won 3rd; 7th; 8th; and 10th fed on 1695/1685/1684.8/1683ypm; they were followed by 4 more in a 35 second spell, taking 15th; 16th; 19th; and 20th fed. all in all they timed in 8 birds in 82 seconds. Rich & Gordie Jones & Batt of Hill Ridware were 5th fed on 1691 with a 2yo cheq hen bred by Graham Jones of Guisborough in north Yorkshire. Anthony Probert of Hill Ridware was 9th fed on 1684 .7 with a 2yo premier stud Hereman cock. A mention to Clive yates of Tamworth, flying at the Nelson, he was 11th fed on 1682 with a yearling hen, she was certainly on her own on that side of the fed, and did well to get amongst the flurry of leading birds on the west side of the fed.


Gordie Jones


Anthony Probert Hill Ridware


Clive Yates

Around the clubs,

At Stretton, 9 sent 228 and congratulations to Jim & Matt Parker on gaining 1st club on 1581 with a 2yo Leo hereman cock off their Curtis, Wall & Lunt stock. Pete & Jackie Cox were 2nd & 4th on 1568; 1553; both off Ann Smith stock from Ashbourne. The first was a yearling Vandenabeele cock; followed by a yearling Cuester hen. Phil Whetton was 3rd with his good 4yo Matt Munslow NWHU rung Lambrecht cock.

At Osmaston Park, 22 sent 360 and Mick Stone took top spot on 1575 with a 3yo Eric Ceuleman cock. Dave Waddington was 2nd & 3rd on 1561; 1537; his first was a yearling cock off Alan Brassington stock, followed by another yearling cock out of “The bat” x Alan Brassington stock. Simon Woolley was 4th on 1533 with a 2yo hen off ant Arnold stock.

At Etwall, 9 sent 178 and Alan Peach took 1st & 2nd on 1569; 1566; the winner bred by clubmate Sam Phillips and purchased at a breeder buyer sale; followed by a Roland Janssen. Mr & Mrs Tony Whitehurst were 3rd on 1528 and P&S Harrison 4th on 1494.

At The Nelson, Purchase & Walker certainly took advantage of the east in the wind by taking the top 4 and 13 in the top 14 positions. their first four on 1695/1685/1684/1683ypm; were 3 yearling hens, followed by a 2yo hen. A special mention to Clive Yates who got a good pigeon into Tamworth, to take 5th club on 1683.

At Swadlincote Town, 17 sent 366 and a big well done to Mr & Mrs Alan Stretton on taking 1st & 3rd club on 1630; 1619; both yearlings, the first a grizzle Wall, Lunt & Green x Louis Thijs Cuester hen; followed by a Curtis, Wall & Lunt cock. Mr & Mrs Trevor Collins & Son were runners up on 1626 with a yearling Lambrecht cock. T&D Fearn were 4th on 1606, Debbie timing in a 2yo hen, a full sister to “Tiger”; the sire is off “The Broken Wing” lines; the dam is Theelan; Marcelis; “Bomber” and “Broken Wing” bloodlines. This pair has bred many prize-winners.

Over at Hill Ridware, 13 sent 317 and the club had 11 birds in the fed top 20. details of the leading four birds appear in the open report above.




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