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Burton & South Derbyshire Federation - 14-06-21

Burton & South Derbyshire Federation.

Another great performance by D. Nesbitt & Sons out of Newton Abbott.

Saturday June 5th saw our birds at Newton Abbott, 83 members from 10 clubs entered 1321 birds which were liberated by Alys at 08:20 in a light s.s.w. wind. It turned out to be a good race, with birds exceeding 55 mph.  With the mapping out of the west country and the bit of west in the wind, all be it very light, I was expecting the lofts on the east side of the fed to come to the front?                                                                                                             

But you cannot keep a good loft down and D. Nesbitt & Sons of Rugeley flying with Hill Ridware had another great day. Mark had his Leo Heremans in tip top form to take 1st; 3rd; 4th and 5th fed on 1652; 1643; 1642.9; 1642.3; the first three all 2yo Belgian rung hens. The winner “96” also topped the fed out of Hullavington (1) this year. The hen in 4th spot “14” has a 1st club, 9th fed, Hullavington (3) and a 2nd club, 2nd fed Frome (beaten by a loftmate).

MARK NESBITT 3 X 1ST FED IN 2021 14 06 21

She was followed by a 2yo mealy hen off Bert Hodgkiss, Jim Parker & son of Stretton were bridesmaid again, after their 2nd fed out of Hullavington (3) they repeat the feat taking 2nd fed on 1644 with a 3yo Hereman cock out of the Wall, Lunt & Green stock, bad luck Jim.


Mr & Mrs Alan Stretton of Swadlincote Town were 6th fed on 1641 with a 2yo blue cock. His sire is a grandson of Jos Cools “Speedy” x with a sister of “Donkere Leo”. His dam is a granddaughter of “Musketeer 2” x daughter of “De 152” of Maurice Hassendonckx of Belgium; these came via Steve Foster of Preston.


Clive Yates of the Nelson Club was 7th fed on 1640 with a yearling bwf hen, she won 2 x 1st as a yb; and was 2nd at the Anchor in the Tamworth fed the week previous, again out of Newton Abbott.

CLIVE YATES 14 06 21                                                                                              

Mick Harvey & Son loft 2 were 8th fed on 1638; Neil timing in a 2yo slatey Hereman Cuester cock through Chris Vasey and Gary Cox lines. 

NEIL HARVEY 14 06 21
Two good birds up into Holbrook saw Trevor Jennings take 9th & 10th fed on 1634.2(2); with 2 Cooreman x Sapin Sisters, they have won 7 x 1st between them now.


Newton Abbott inland SR and OB ladies race.

26 members entered 189 birds, and D. Nesbitt & Sons took 1;2;3;4;8;9; on 1652;1643;1642.9;1642.3;1626;1624.

Clive Yates was 5th  on 1640; Mick Harvey & Son 6th on 1638;

Trevor Jennings 7th on 1634; and D. Stockhall & Sons of Hill Ridware 10th on 1623.                                                                                                      

In the ladies race, Trevor Jennings of Holbrook took top spot on 1634 with his cheq hen 18 f 25426.

Around the clubs,

At Stretton, 8 sent 133 and Jim Parker had a clear winner on 1644 with a 3yo Hereman cock. Jim had 2 more taking 3rd & 4th club on 1605; 1602; both 2yo hereman cocks, the 4th club his good blue WF cock that has won 2 x 1st Hullavington this year and topped the fed out of Honiton last year. 

Phil Whetton was 2nd club on 1614 with a 2yo cock off Steve Bennett stock of Bristol; he was also 2nd club the week previous out of Honiton. He  is a son of Phil’s good cock “93” a winner of 3 x 1st.

On the same day 4 members sent 44 to Chale with the NMCC, Phil Whetton was 1st & 3rd on 1483; 1436; the winner a full brother to the cock that was runner up out of Newton Abbott; he was followed by a yearling Stu Wiskin hen. Alan Brassington was runner up on 1457 with “T3” his good 5yo Soontjen x de Meyer cock, and Ronnie Dakin was 4th on 1400 with a 2yo cock out of Stan Mellor stock.

At Swadlincote Town, 205 birds entered and Mr & Mrs Alan Stretton took 1st & 4th on 1641; 1618; the winner a 2yo cock; details above; followed by a 2yo hen.

Mick Harvey & Son loft 2 were runners up on 1638 with a 2yo slatey cock; again, details above.

Debbie Fearn was 3rd on 1626 with a 2yo lavender cock; his sire is a son of “Hideaway” and “Sweetie”, his dam a Staf van Reet off Sheasby & Watson.

At The Nelson, Clive Yates was 1st; 2nd; and 4th on 1640; 1626; 1595; all yearling hens. The winners details above taking 7th fed; she was followed by a cheq Wildie hen, her father topped the fed from Plymouth; her dam a multi prize winner and she flew Tarbes 2 years ago. Clive’s 3rd was bred out of the “Mona Lisa” based stock cock, who breeds prize winners every year.

Mr & Mrs Trevor Collins & Son were 3rd on 1617 with a yearling blue hen bred by Chris Parker out of his Dave Atkin stock.

At Etwall, 9 sent 164 and Alan Peach & Son were 1st & 4th on 1578; 1551; the winner a 2yo Sam Phillips hen that won Hullavington (3) two weeks earlier. She was followed by a 4yo hen off Mr & Mrs Tony Whitehurst. Pete Harrison was runner up on 1558.7 with a 2yo blue cock; and Steve Billings was a whisker behind in 3rd on 1558.70 with a 2yo blue hen.

At Osmaston Park, 14 sent 156 and Mick Stone took top spot on 1629 with a 2yo Ceuleman cock. 

Stan & H W Hall were runners up on 1599 with a yearling hen.

Dave Waddington was 3rd & 4th on 1594; 1593; with a 2yo cock then a 3yo cock, both off Alan Brassington stock.

At Hill Ridware, 9 sent 144 and Mark Nesbitt took the top 5 spots, details of the first four appear above as they all feature at the top of the fed sheet.

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