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Burton & South Derbyshire Federation - 18-06-21

Burton & South Derbyshire Federation.

Fantastic race out of Yeovil sees Dave Waddington of Osmaston Park top the fed.

Saturday June 12th saw 87 members from 10 clubs enter 1438 birds for the first Yeovil race of the season. The birds were liberated at 10:30 in a N.N.W. wind and it turned out to be a great race, with excellent returns. The fresher conditions certainly helped the birds.  78 seconds separated the top 10, over a 23 mile stretch, that was the mileage difference between the top 2 birds.

Hearty congratulations to Dave Waddington of Osmaston Park in Derby, Dave took 1st & 4th fed on 1431; 1426.3; with a 3yo grandson out of “The Bat” his great Soontjen cock from Louella, followed by a  2yo Alan Brassington cock.                                                                                        

Dave Waddington, 1st & 4th Fed Yeovil

Clive Yates of Tamworth, flying at the Nelson was 2nd & 6th fed on 1428; 1424.3; with a 2yo Tim Atkins hen purchased in a NFC auction, she is a winner of multi fed cards; she was followed by a 2yo FVW x Vandenabeele hen; she won the fed championship race as a yb.                     

CLIVE YATES 18 06 21                          
Clive Yates                                                                

Swadlincote Town had a fantastic race, taking 6 top 10 cards and 13 in the top 20, these 13 were split by 70 seconds!!

The winner Mr & Mrs Trevor Collins & Son took 3rd & 9th fed on 1426.7; 1421.6; their first was a 3yo Lambrecht cock; then a yearling bwf hen off Martin Hoogendyk’s “Ype Hen” x Cuester; she won the opening race of the season. They had three other birds in 16th; 17th; and 18th positions.

Trevor Collins, winner at Swadlincote

T & D Fearn were 5th & 10th fed; Debbie timing in a yearling mosaic cock on 1424.9; his sire out of “Hideaway” and “Sweetie”; his dam off Davis, Wright & Sons “31616” x daughter of “Broken Wing”. Then a 2yo blue pied cock on 1421.4  the sire a Davis, Wright & Sons Vandenabeele, purchased at the clubs breeder buyer; the dam off “Hidewaway” x daughter of Davis, Wright & Sons “31616”.  Davis, Wright & Sons were 7th fed on 1424.2 with a yearling blue wf hen called “Nose”; her sire a Kris Wijnant off the Gordons Bros, a son of “Champ” and “Golden Eggs”. Her dam a niece of “31616” a multi prizewinner.

Debbie Fearn & Matt Wright                                                          

Completing the top 10 were Mick Harvey & Son loft 2, Neil got a yearling blue cock off Jo Gaunt and Gary Cox on 1423 to take 8th spot.

NEIL HARVEY 18 06 21
Neil Harvey

Around the clubs,

At Stretton, 8 sent 142 and Alan Brassington took the top spot in a tight finish on 1413 with a 3yo son of “Premium Bond” x Lambrecht, this cock has now won 3 times.                                                                                                              

Jim Parker & Son filled the next three spots on 1412; 1411; 1405; with his good Leo Hereman cocks. His first over the pad was “23” the blue wf cock with 2 x 1st; 1 x 2nd and 1 x 4th to his credit this year, and is a winner of 1st and 2nd  fed. He was followed by 2 more good cocks “82” and “69”, both winners this season at Stretton.

At Hill Ridware, 7 sent 122 and D. Nesbitt & Sons won another close finish, on 1420 with a 2yo Hereman hen. Mark was also 3rd on 1411 with his good 2yo Hereman hen belg “96”.                                                                                              

Pushing Nezzy all the way were Spink & Barks, they timed in a yearling cheq Leo Heremans cock on 1419 from Shane Reading stock. The sire is from the “Oats” hen and is a grandson of “Olympiade 003”; the dam is a granddaughter of “Better than Bolt”.

Mr & Mrs Jim Whitehouse & sons were 4th on 1409 with a yearling cheq hen from Barry Jones stock and is a sister to the winner out of Honiton.  Congratulations to Mark Nesbitt on gaining provisional 5th open MNFC out of Weymouth, if confirmed this will be the second 5th open on the trot this season.

At Swadlincote Town, 14 sent 311 and what a finish we had here in the heart of south Derbyshire.  Mr & Mrs Trevor Collins & Son took the red card on 1426 with a 3yo dark cheq cock.                                       

A HAPPY GARY COLLINS 18 06 21                        
A happy Gary Collins                   

Debbie Fearn was runner up on 1424.9 with a yearling mosaic cock.                                                                                                                 

Davis, Wright & Sons were 3rd on 1424.2 with a yearling blue wf hen.                                                                                               

Mick Harvey & son loft 2 were 4th on 1423 with a yearling blue cock.                                                                                         

All these appear in the fed top 10.

At The Nelson, 7 sent 135 and Clive Yates was 1st; 2nd; and 4th on 1428; 1424; 1410; the winner a 2yo Tim Atkins blue hen; followed by a 2yo blue Wildie x Vandenabeele hen and a 3yo cheq hen out of the “Mona Lisa” lines; she only has a half grown tail after returning hawked 3 weeks previous, she is a multi-prize winner.

Mr & Mrs Trevor Collins & Son were 3rd on 1417 with a yearling blue hen bred by Chris Parker, she’s off premier stud Rauw Sablon stock from Paul & Helen Johnson crossed with a Kees Bousa from Alan Newton, a grandson of “Giessen”

At Osmaston Park, 17 sent 197 and 2 crackers to the lofts of Dave Waddington. Dave was 1st & 2nd club and fed on 1431; 1426; the winner a 3yo cheq pied cock, a grandson of “The Bat”; he was followed by a 2yo cock off Alan Brassington stock; great flying Dave.                                                        

Mr & Mrs Paul Todd were 3rd on 1409 with a 3yo Jansenne cock and Mick Fearn was 4th on 1404 with a yearling Lambrecht hen.

At Etwall, 8 sent 149 and congratulations to Pete & Shirley Harrison on winning 1st club on 1391 with a 3yo hen.                                                                                                                    

Kev Southall was runner up on 1365.9 with a yearling red Van Den Bulk hen out of the “Kittel” lines of Karl Donnelly, from the Ireland based Jackpot lofts.

Secretary Alan Peach was 3rd on 1365.7 with his 2yo Sam Phillips hen, she’s been in good form of late.

Steve billings was 4th on 1362 with a 2yo blue cock.

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