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Burton & South Derbyshire Federation - 27-06-21

Burton & South Derbyshire Federation.


Saturday June 19th will be remembered for all the wrong reasons, it was a day we never expected, a day we will forever wonder what went wrong, for many, many, organisations and fanciers across the country. We all watch the forecasts from midweek onwards and I don’t think any of us saw anything too drastic to worry about, I don’t know of anyone who didn’t send due to the forecast?                                                                                                                                        

Yes, there was a lot of cloud cover, but visibility was fine, I didn’t see any rain in the forecast, and the easterly wind was very light. They say, no sun, no fun, but we’ve had many races before without the sun being out and full cloud cover, but not with these consequences?                                                                                                                                         

There must have been an issue with the atmospheric conditions to affect our birds homing ability? There were reports that birds didn’t clear from some racepoints, and other liberations from down the line have got mixed up, hence the reason for the birds I’ve heard of being reported, spread far and wide, ranging from 9 miles from Honiton, flown out; to Southampton, Clacton on sea, Norfolk, and Yorkshire.  There was also reports of a bird from the midlands in France; and one in Spain from a Sennen cove liberation?

All the convoyers and race controllers couldn’t have got it wrong? This had to be more than just the weather conditions?   We are talking about old birds, birds up to the age of 6 & 7 still missing, a lot of them are multiple winners including fed winners and birds that have taken major prizes in channel races .

How about this scenario, Manchester birds liberated at Yelverton at 07-30 had the race we all expected, 1400’s ypm and good returns. Yelverton is just over 20 miles south of Exeter, yet birds liberated at Exeter at 08-00 racing into the midland had terrible returns? Whether the Manchester birds crossed the Bristol channel and missed whatever the midland birds wouldn’t face, I don’t know?   In our club we had approx. a third of entries back on the day which seems to be the norm for many fanciers?                                                                                      

As many of you know, I no longer race birds, but I still feel sickened and heartbroken for all the fanciers who have lost birds, including many good birds, birds that have won multiple first prizes. No worse feeling than going down your loft and seeing empty nest boxes and sections that were buzzing 24 hours earlier.

Purchase & Walker take 1st & 3rd fed out of Honiton (2)

Back to the race and 84 members from 10 clubs entered 1345 birds, which were liberated at 09-35 in a light E.S.E. wind. Congratulations to Purchase & Walker of Lichfield, flying at the Nelson on taking 1st & 3rd fed on 1176; 1158; the winner a 2yo blue hen off birds from Graham Owen, the sire has bred 1st open N.M.C.C. she was followed by a yearling Cheq Leo Hereman hen, bred by John Pountain, the dam is a granddaughter of “Rossi”. Both these hens are previous prize-winners.

Runners up on 1174 were Mr & Mrs Trevor Collins & son of Swadlincote town with a yearling blue hen bred by Chris Parker; she is out of a premier stud Rauw Sablon and a De Klak from Alan Newton. They also took 5th & 10th fed on 1133 with a 3yo blue hen out of Syndicate Lofts x Dave Atkins stock; and 1106 with a yearling Cheq Vandenabeele hen, again bred by Chris Parker; from James Horne and G.W.P. Macaloney

Chris Parker, breeder of 2nd Fed

4th fed on 1153 was Kevin Johnson of Hill Ridware with a yearling dark Cheq hen; she is a granddaughter of “Man o’ Chester” and “Supersonic Mike”.    

Mr & Mrs Alan Houldsworth of Etwall were 6th fed on 1128 with a 2yo Ralph Jepson blue cock.

Sid wincup of the Nelson was 7th fed on 1120 with a yearling blue Hereman Ceuster hen off Premier Stud Stock.

Mr & Mrs Paul Todd of Osmaston park was 8th fed on 1110 with a yearling Jansenne hen.

Paul & Lynda Todd

Mr & Mrs Alan Stretton of Swadlincote complete the top 10 taking 9th fed on 1109 with a 2yo blue cock ; his sire a Wall, Lunt & Green out of “Piet” and “Petite Blue”; the dam a grizzle Louis Thijs.

Alan Stretton

Around the clubs,

At Stretton, 8 sent 134 and Phil Whetton took the top spot on 1068 with a yearling Leo Hereman cock off Bobby Walton stock.  Ray & Jean Grimsdell were 2nd & 4th on 1018; 968; with a yearling and a 5yo; both Willy Thas based cocks.

Phil Bourke was 3rd on 972 with a 3yo Vandenabeele cock off Mr & Mrs Lycett stock.

On the same day 4 members entered 26 birds in the N.M.C.C. Sennen Cove race. Phil Bourke got the best on 1009; with a D & G Wright Soontjen x Alan Brassington “Super 33” Verbre cock.                                                 

Phil whetton was 2nd & 3rd on 983; 976; the first a Dave Johnston Vandenabeele x J & D Staddon, followed by a mealy cock off a Stan Richardson Wildie x Mick Morris distance stock. Phil Bourke was back for more in 4th spot on 974 with another D & G Wright Soontjen.

At Osmaston Park, 14 sent 162 and Mr & Mrs Paul Todd took top spot on 1100 with a yearling Jansenne hen.

Mick Fearne was 2nd & 4th on 1069; 1063.4; both Lambrecht hens. The previous weeks fed topper Dave Waddington was 3rd on 1063.8 with a yearling grandson of “The Bat”.

Across at Hill Ridware, 10 sent 170 and secretary Kevin Johnson got the red card on 1153 with a yearling hen, details above.

C. Leadbeater & sons were 2nd & 3rd on 1062; 1044; with a yearling mealy cock and a 4yo cock.                         

D. Stockhall & son were 4th on 996 with a 3yo Soontjen hen bred off stock from the north east.

At Swadlincote town, 12 sent 190 and Mr & Mrs Trevor Collins & son took 1st; 2nd; and 4th spots on 1174; 1133; 1106; the first a yearling hen; followed by a 3yo hen and a yearling hen; details above in the fed report.

Trevor Collins, winner at Swadlincote

Well done to Chris Parker on breeding the winner and 4th club.                                                                                                                             

Mr & Mrs Alan Stretton were 3rd on 1109 with a 2yo blue cock.

At The Nelson, 7 sent 166 and Purchase & Walker took 1st & 2nd club on 1176; 1158; with a 2yo hen and a yearling hen. Details above.

Sid Wincup & son were 3rd & 4th on 1120; 1054; with a yearling Hereman Ceuster hen and a 2yo M & D Evans Vandenabeele hen.

At Etwall, 10 sent 145 and Mr & Mrs Alan Houldsworth were well clear on 1125 with a 2y cock bred by Ralph Jepson; the sire of this cock was gifted to Ralph by Darren Barks of Hill Ridware.

Alan Houldsworth

Alan Peach filled the next three places on 1061; 944; 936; the first a yearling Ian Axe Delbar hen; then a 2yo hen bred by Pete & Sheila Harrison, then a 4yo Alan Brassington hen purchased at a breeder buyer.

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