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Burton & South Derbyshire Federation Yeovil Report 13-07-21

Burton & South Derbyshire Federation.

Purchase & Walker fill the podium out of Yeovil.

Saturday July 3rd saw the final old race of the 2021 season; it was a day where the race controller and convoyer (Alan & Alys) did a fantastic job in giving us a very good race on a difficult day.                                                       

There was a lot of rain in the morning and forecast was for thundery showers to come in during the afternoon from the south.  Some feds raced Friday, and some feds called the weekend off, but credit to our fed for giving us a very good race. 

59 members from 10 clubs sent 718 birds to Yeovil, which were liberated at 11:05 in a S.S.W. wind.                        

Congratulations to Purchase & Walker of Lichfield, flying at The Nelson; on taking the top three positions in the fed on 1709; 1701.5 (2); the winner a yearling Cheq Shaun McDonough hen; followed by a 2yo blue Shaun McDonough x Graham Owen hen and a yearling dark Cheq Graham Owen hen.

PURCHASE WALKER 13 07 21                   
Purchase & Walker                

Another good performance by Jim Parker & Son of Stretton, Jim was 4th fed on 1694 with a 2yo Wall, Lunt & Green Leo Hereman cock.

Jim Parker

Davis, Wright & Sons of Swadlincote town were 5th & 6th on 1693; 1689; their first a yearling Cheq pied cock off the Gordon Bros Kris Wijnant stock; he is a direct son of “Champ” and “Golden Eggs”. He was followed by a yearling bwf hen off a Tony & Lee Painter cock and a home bred Van Reet hen; she was 2nd fed last year as a yb. 

Golden Eggs 13 07 21
Golden Eggs

Mr & Mrs Jim Whitehouse & Sons of Hill Ridware were 7th fed on 1673 with a 3yo blue Staf van Reet hen.

Jim Whitehouse                                        

Kev Southall of Etwall was 8th fed on 1672 with a yearling Platteuw Bros hen. 

Kev Southall

Purchase & walker were back for more on 1671; Gavin & Stephen timing in a 3yo blue Graham Owen hen for 9th fed; she was 4th fed the week previous.

A. Peach & Son of Etwall were 10th fed on 1671.2, Alan timing in a 4yo Cheq hen bred by Alan Brassington.

Around the clubs,

At Stretton, 6 sent 92 and Jim Parker finished the old bird season in his rightful spot, taking 1st & 3rd club on 1694; 1635; both Leo Hereman cocks.                                               

Phil Bourke was runner up on 1664 with a 2yo hen; a D & G Wright Soontjen x Verbree “Super 33” lines; off Alan Brassington.                                                                                    

Alan Brassington was 4th club on 1628 with “t3” his good 5yo Soontjen x de Meyer cock.

Over at Hill Ridware, 6 sent 71 and Mr & Mrs Jim Whitehouse & Sons took top spot on 1673 with a 3yo Van Reet hen off Jim’s “Fed Hen”; which came off John Sheasby stock.                                                                                                             

Rich & Gordie Jones were 2nd & 3rd on 1665; 1662; both off Steve Price of Stourport.

“Ringo” Elstone was 4th on 1661 with a yearling Van Reet cock.

At Swadlincote Town, 8 sent 139 and Davis, Wright & Sons took the top two on 1693; 1689; details above in fed result.

MALC WRIGHT 13 07 21
Malc Wright

Mick Harvey & Son were 3rd on 1665; mick timing in a 3yo cock off “Corky” and James Parkers “National Beauty” lines.                                                   

Mr & Mrs Alan Stretton were 4th on 1664 with a 3yo Cheq pied cock.

At Etwall, 7 sent 77 and Kev Southall won a photo finish on 1672 with a yearling dark Cheq hen bred by the Cooper Bros of Kidderminster off their Platteeuw Bros stock.                                                                                                   

Alan Peach was runner up on 1671 with a 4yo hen he purchased at a breeder buyer sale; she was bred by Alan Brassington.

Steve Billings was 3rd on 1643 with a yearling hen and Kev Southall was back again, taking 4th club on 1629 with a yearling Vandenabeele hen.

At Osmaston Park, 7 sent 77 and Dave Waddington took the top three spots on 1597; 1592; 1591; his winner a 2yo cock off Alan Brassington; he was followed by a 5yo son of “The Bat” bred by Mick Willis; and a yearling grandson off “The Bat” x Jansenne.                                                      

Mr & Mrs Paul Todd were 4th on 1582 with a 2yo Jansenne cock.

At The Nelson, 4 sent 70 and Purchase & Walker took the first seven of which the top four appear in the fed top 10 details above.

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