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Cork Area News Dundalk




by Neil Crean

Cork Area News


After what could only be described as a disastrous young bird season we finally got to Dundalk for a federation race. It was previously agreed by the members to suspend racing to eliminate any connection with sickness or to give anything in the atmosphere a chance to clear unfortunately by this time the damage was already done with most lofts incurring huge losses. As these losses were not only within the Cork Area but all over Europe the federation committee decided to carry on as best it could and hope the fanciers would manage their teams as best they could so they would have yearlings for the following year.

Dundalk has always been a testing race for the Cork Pigeons and is approx 170 miles to the average loft. With the start stop season it was unsure of the result especially as the birdage was down.

The first loft off the mark at 14:56 with their Blue Pied hen was a very consistent loft over the last few seasons and is that of James O Donovan & Son Jonathon. The pair race the darkness system very successfully and again this paid dividend in such a testing season.

Their result is 1st Cork Northern 1st Sect and 1st open Cork Federation.

James O Donovan & Son Jonathon Fed winners


In 2nd open was the loft of Billy McCarthy one of the city’s top performers recently racking up many federation wins and especially his first open INFC young bird national last season. His black hen also a darkened youngster timed in at 15:18 to win 2nd club 2nd section and 2nd open Cork Federation.


Billy Mc Carthy & Thomas Horgan

3rd position went across the river to the south section to Billy Wallace. Billy is a house hold name not only within the cork region but also abroad his pigeon a blue cheq hen arrived at 15:48 and wins 1st Cork Southern 1st south section and third open.

Billy Wallace

4th open returns northside with the Mulcahy Bros timing their Blue hen at 15:45 to win the northwest club race. This entry wins 1st northwest 3rd section and 4th open.

Mulcahy Bros


Dylan Murphy one of the northwest pigeon clubs youngest members timed at 15:51 to take the federations 5th open position with a blue hen he was narrowly beaten by the Mulcahy Bros for the club top spot.


6th open was won by Thomas Horgan of Cork Northern who also wins 3rd club.


7th & 8th open was won by John Twomey of Ballyphehane who timed both close together just after 17:00.


9th open 2nd Cork Southern went to Brian McCarthy. Brian has put a lot of training into his pigeons this season and is never one to rule out well done to him.


Brian McCarthy & Anthony Bullman

10th open returned to Billy McCarthy of Cork Northern who also wins 4th club


11th open 3rd Cork Southern went to the loft of Anthony Bullman from Togher.


Around the clubs:


Cork Northern.

1 James O Donovan & Son

2 Billy Mc Carthy

3 Thomas Horgan

4 Billy Mc Carthy

5 James O Donovan & Son


Cork Southern.

1 Billy Wallace

2 Brian Mc Carthy

3 Anthony Bullman

4 Leszek Dzwiet

5 Billy Wallace

6  Billy Wallace


North West.

1 Mulcahy Bros

2 Dylan Murphy

3 Dylan Murphy

4 Tim Hennessey


Tim Hennessey


1 John Twomey

2 John Twomey

3 John Oldham

John Oldham



Neil Crean.