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Cork Area- St. Malo Report


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Neil Crean


Of the racing calander the most coveted races are always the channel races.Despite the distance involved the amount of open sea a bird must encounter puts an entirely different view on this type of racing.

It must be said that on this island one of the most coveted cups must be that of the Millar Gold Cup flown from St Malo in France.

This cup is held by the Ulster Federation and is awarded to the highest velocity pigeon recorded by an IHU member from a mass liberation of all IHU federations at the chosen racepoint at the same time.

This is not an easy award to win as you can imagine.

The eventual winners of the 2015 cup went to G O Reilly & Sons of Malahide and the award takes pride of place next to their Kings Award in a heavily decorated trophy cabinet.

The Cork Federation was to have a tough race this year with only three birds being recorded in race time the first at 4 o clock to Liam O Sullivan of Cork North West

this bird was originally destined for the Kings cup but Liam Changed his mind and sent her to St Malo where his judgement paid off

taking 1st club 1st Section and 1st Open.Her breeding is from Gary Inkley from Wall Bros and Liams own Breeding from his national winner.

Liam O Sullivan of Cork North West

The second arrival was again to Cork North West when at 7pm Neil Crean & Son timed their Blue Pied Cock to take 2nd club 2nd Section and 2nd Open

this pigeon is from Ayton Marshall and Eddie Wright Janssen bloodlines and had previously been in Mauchaline Scotland and Penzance in 2014.

Only two day birds were recorded.

Neil Crean & Son

The third arrival came at 11am when Neil Crean & Son timed their second entry to take 3rd club 3rd Section and 3rd Open this chequer cock has always proved to be a game pigeon

having been badly injured in 2014 from Cookstown making it home on the 3rd day with two broken legs and an injured wing.

It was indeed rare to get 100% return from France.What was more special was that both cocks were half brothers sharing the same dam.