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Cork Area News




by Neil Crean

Cork Area News



The Cork Federations Penzance race was flown on the 20th of June and was transported by the Irish South Road Federation. The Penzance race provides good preparation for birds intending to be sent to the French race points and it also has proved to be a difficult race point if all the conditions are not favourable.

The 2015 convoy were liberated at 9am and the conditions were not 100% for the cork pigeons the expected arrival time came and went and a difficult race was now expected.

The first arrival was to the loft of Michael Crean of Cork North West this pigeon a 5 year old chequer cock had flown this route many times before and was the fanciers single bird challenge nomination for the INFC kings cup race now named 'Old Nick' he recorded a velocity of 835 to win 1st club 1st section and first open Cork Federation. The sire was a gift to Michaels Son Neil from M&E Fitzgerald in Limerick and the Dam was purchased by Michael at a federation auction and was bred by Bev Curtis of Swansea she had previously flown Bonn.

Michael Crean

Michael Crean's 1st Open winner

The second arrival was to the Cork Southern lofts of Billy Wallace & Son and recorded a velocity of 820. Billy’s 2 year old chequer hen is housed in his natural loft committed to the channel races. Although Billy’s lofts have put up some outstanding over the years on the widowhood system he keeps a few on the natural system as he now gets help when needed from future Son In Law Ben Hamill. This season has been exceptional for the lofts winning two federations and now a second open. Positions won for Penzance were 1st club 1st section and second open Cork Federation.

Billy Wallace of Wallace & Son 1st Cork Southern 2nd Open

The third arrival was to the Ballyphehane loft of Gerry Morgan and Robert O Neill they timed the first yearling of the day on a velocity of 731 to win 1st club 2nd section and 3rd open Cork Federation. Gerry and Morgan have both not been well lately and the result of the race will certainly be a pick up for them as its well deserved.

Gerry O'Neil with Grandson Robert

Fourth past the post went to the Cork Southern with Leszek Dziewit on 708 with a Blue yearling cock. Leszek wins 2nd club 3rd section and fourth open.

Fifth in the result are the lofts of Denis and Anthony Wall of Cork North West always names to look for on the result their two year old chequer cock gifted by Tony Ferran took 2nd club 2nd section and 5th open.

Sixth open went to the Sennen Cove Federation winner David Nagle of Cork Southern. Daves record is now second to none in these race points. The timing of his red yearling cock earned the position of 3rd club and 6th open.

Seventh open went to Barry and John Morey on 508 who took 4th club 7th federation.

Eighth open on 449 went to John Twomey of Ballyphehane RPC. on 449 this won 2nd club 8th federation.

Ninth went to N Crean & Son Timing a chequer late bred hen still holding nest flights she won 3rd club 9th open.

Tenth went back to Cork Southern’s Leszek Dziewit. 5th Club 10th Federation

Eleventh went to the Cork Northern Loft of Thomas Horgan who won 1st club 11th open.

Twelfth went to Tom Cahill who won second Cork Northern and 12th open Cork Federation. Thirteenth went back to Cork North West and Neil Crean & Son with a 4th Club 13th open Federation position.

Thomas Horgan 1st Cork Northern


Club Results


   Cork North West

       1 Michael Crean

2 Wall Bros

        3 N Crean & Son

        4 N Crean & Son


   Cork Southern

                1 Billy Wallace & Son

       2 Leszek Dziewit

   3 David Nagle

   4 Morey Bros

       5 Leszek Dziewit


               1 G O’Neill & Family

       2 John Twomey


          Cork Northern

       1 Tom Horgan

     2 Tom Cahill



       Report by


        Neil Crean