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Distribution of The 2013 Rings



by Neil Crean

The 2013 season has now started with the distribution of the 2013 rings. As the years have gone by breeding has become earlier and earlier. Now some fanciers start in late November or early December. The annual trip to Blackpool has come and gone so now it's full steam ahead for the breeding and racing seasons. It was nice to talk to Frank Beck again from the Royal Oak Stud. He has always been a gentleman to me over the years and I enjoy our annual chat.

The Cork Federation held its AGM lately and it was decided a few changes were on the cards. In previous years the Cork Federation members were renowned for their North Road performances, especially from the Scottish racepoints. Fantastic performances were recorded from racepoints such as Perth and Thurso. These racepoints are a respectable 375 miles to Perth and 500 miles to Thurso the records for these are held by Michael Crean for Perth and by George Busteed for Thurso flying into Cork City. Jimmy Willis' red hen Gentle Nora broke records from Thurso to Mallow, a distance of 490 miles to also take 1st Eire national but as in every organisation the decline in membership has paid a heavy toll on the birds that were sent to these races. As some of the members decided to try the southerly route, it was Tom Cahill's performance in lifting the coveted Millar Gold Cup that nailed the decision for the majority of members. Today we have a number of national winners living in the town and these members dedicate themselves to achieving the ultimate result. The Wall Bros came close to lifting the King's Cup this year finishing a respectable 11th open. In a very stiff race again, Tom Cahill had his first entry return on the 3rd day to take 2nd open federation. He is a remarkable bird being also timed from St Malo the week before.

The Federation Commitee now conststs of Neil Crean Chairman, Alan O Connell Secretary and Noel Hegerty Treasurer. Our outlook on the 2013 season is easy and it's to try to give everyone something to aim for and to keep it as simple as we can. We now wait to get as much information as we can so we can put as good a race programme as we can on the table so time will tell.

Wishing you all the best for the season

Neil Crean

M. Crean's Penzance federation winner 2012

Mulcahy Bros' 1st IHUNFC Talbenny winner 2011

Wall Bros' 1st federation 11th open INFC Plaudren King's Cup 2012