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by Neil Crean


The Cork Federation Talbenny race again prooved to be an extremely hard one with arrivals scarce. Last year's IHUNFC winners the Mulcahy Bros again proved their worth by timing the first three arrivals into the rebel county, their first a Flor Engles Chequer hen with the parents purchased from Louella. Their second arrival a Red Cheq Cock was from Tumley Lofts stock whilst their third was a Chris Gordon x Jan Aarden Blue Pied cock. The two lads have again had a great season timing from all events and topping two federations. Tey also timed their Blue W/F cock from St Malo this year.

The fourth pigeon home from Talbenny was also a great story to tell. Novice Keith Ryan from Banduff and racing in the Northern Flying Club Blackpool timed his chequer hen at 18:28 to take fourth open and fourth north section. Keith is proving very keen and has won two races this year and timed from the channel - a great achievement by anyone's standards. I hope he has a great future in the sport.

The fifth and final bird home in race time was a very gallant one timed by Billy Downey from Ballyphehane Pigeon Club which returned the second day at 14:08. This is a great feat as Billy only recently retired from taxi driving after many years. Billy was a great flier in his day winning the Perth federation race from Scotland two years running so with plenty of free time now we will hear a lot more from him in the future. He and his son Jim purchase stock together and along with his wife's support it will prove to be a great partnership.

Mulcahy family

Keith Ryan

Billy Downey